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The Yes Method Mastermind Recordings!

Let’s dive in….

Until I moved to Australia in 2010, every year for SEVEN years, David M. used to rent me for the weekend – where ever I was in the USA –  and sometimes he would rent me for a week. (I’m not cheap…. but it’s good fun, and well worth it according to David.)

Now, David doesn’t let me fly into the USA…

…without grabbing me at the airport in Los Angeles, treating me to a lovely dinner, and giving me a stack of $50 banknotes for my journey ahead.

Because he LOVES sitting with me on a park bench, feeding the birds crusty bread, while I smoke a cigar. Sometimes – we even go to the mall and go shopping.


“I don’t share my secrets with him, I share my SOUL.”

(If you have the CANDID CREATION RECORDINGS, you have a glimpse into ONE WAY I do that. Today, you are going to have another.)

Today, you are getting TWO ROCK SOLID HOURS of NO FLUFF – NO FILLER RECORDINGS, where I share MY WORLD WITH YOU – uncut – unedited – raw and REAL.


This is where I ask for your undivided attention….

Because if you have all the basics, and if you want to DIVE DEEPER and PEEK UNDER MY HOOD….

While I tell you what to look for, notice and DO, then these MASTERMIND RECORDINGS are EXACTLY WHAT YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR.

I’m not gonna tell you how to “Feel It Real” in this course, the Feel It Real Power Pack does that, and it does a SPLENDID job.

And I’m not gonna give you something TEENY TINY SEEMING to do every day – in a very systematic way – to Master Manifesting – Manifesting Mastery does an AMAZING JOB of doing that, in just 90 days.


I’m gonna give you – the best of the best – that you would GET TODAY, if you were renting me for the weekend – when you GET THE YES METHOD MASTERMIND RECORDINGS.


You are gonna see EXACTLY how I live life – what it’s like to GO SHOPPING with me, what we would talk about while drinking coffee or scotch…..

You are gonna hear – what you would hear – if we were smoking GOOD CIGARS on a park bench or our verandah watching the kangaroos hop by….

You are gonna FEEL, something magical – while you get what most people never share – because I am sharing MY SOUL – my life – my daily way of being – in detail – with you.

And you get the LIVE CALL recording – we did – to PUT HEAPS of yummy icing on the cake!


I certainly hope so…

Because unless you hop on a 747 and fly into Melbourne, Australia and stay in our lovely little cottage out back – and give me a stack of $50 bank notes – this is THE ONLY CHANCE you have to GET THESE RECORDINGS TODAY.

A word of warning…

For the fence sitters…..

You aren’t gonna get ANYWHERE in life – sitting on the fence – trying to figure this all out – on your own.

And you aren’t gonna get what you want in life – if you aren’t diving deeper all the time.

And if you’ve been watching recent episodes of THE SHOW you know this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

You Get ALL THIS for just $47 bucks – TODAY.

Today, you are getting TWO ROCK SOLID HOURS of NO FLUFF – NO FILLER RECORDINGS, where I share MY WORLD WITH YOU – uncut – unedited – raw and REAL

We want YOU, after you invest in yourself by investing in this program – to SEND US your questions – your requests – your aha moments – that you get from DIVING INTO the YES METHOD MASTERMIND….

WE DRILLED THIS DOWN – TWO SOLID HOURS – SIMPLE SPEEDY RECORDINGS – full of PURE TRUTH – real world experience – that you cant help but FEEL in your bones.

We want to know – how the YOU VERSION 2.0 RECORDING changes your world….

And we want to know – how the Bracing or Breathing – FREEDOM 2.0 RECORDING that we just added – gives to you….

Because we are gonna rock your world….


So DIVE IN today!

November 1, 2019

I’m already getting gold from this!
My best bits so far:
– The negativity hidden in positive thinking, and complicated scenes.
– The sheer speed and simplicity of saying YES to something.
– Unframing (I did tons of reframing up until ~1 yr ago), this is so much lighter and more powerful.
I also uncovered a fear of losing control (after dropping the mind as a gatekeeper).
In addition, I found that the YES approach gets rid of some issues of having the thing vs thinking from the state that I had with some big financial and girls goals.
I’m going out tonight to talk to girls for the first time in a few weeks. I’m really excited to see the changes from all my recent shifts!

August 20, 2017

Hey Twenty, V and Pups,

Twenty, this has to be your best work yet. I love it I completely adore it. I am sooo happy I said YES to purchasing this. This is such a goodie, I am going to dive in so much deeper each and everytime I listen to it again and again.

It was funny to hear you discuss about positive thinking/speaking because earlier today I was feeling the same thing, being positive is not me (or negative), Being me is me.

Then a few hours later I was thinking about it has been a year since you did something like this haha!

Lastly a few days ago I posted on FB about wanting to watch an Indiana Jones movie ….that movie was such a goodie to watch when I was a kid, that was one of the cool things to do with my dad when I was younger.

My YES is to Financial Freedom, I see my grandkids as my financial freedom being able to fly to see them and see them as long as I want and doung it first class.

Twenty, V (and of course the pups) it is so cool to have playmates as you and others who enjoy playing. Me and My man who married me thought was so much fun visiting you guys at your home and seeing the best of Australia and going First Class, I wouldn’t have it any other way

Now I’m off to lesson 9 on MM

Big Love to Y’all

Tameka – Enjoying Manifesting Mastery for the 5TH TIME!

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