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The Wisest Investment – The Biggest Expense

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Welcome to another amazing week in our Neville Goddard Community.  Today, Neville shares with us how to INVEST the power of the mind – instead making expensive mistakes with it.

Let’s dive in!

Step 1:  How You Can Invest Wisely

“Every moment must be invested, and our inner talking reveals whether we are spending or investing. Be more interested in what you are inwardly saying now than what you have said (in the past) by choosing wisely what you think and what you feel now.” – Neville Goddard

Neville shares with us a very simple way to use THE POWER OF NOW.   Notice your current feelings – and use your Inner Conversations to align them to your optimal state – the state of the wish fulfilled.   We do that by constructing an imaginal conversation that congratulates us – or one that shares us sharing the joy of our experience or achievement as having already happened.   Like when I imagined my father congratulating me on taking first place in the Karate Championships – which were still 6 weeks away.

STEP 2:  How you can Eliminate Expensive Thought Habits

“Any time we feel misunderstood, misused, neglected, suspicious, afraid, we are spending our thoughts and wasting our time.  Whenever we assume the feeling of being what we want to be, we are investing. We cannot abandon the moment to negative inner talking and expect to retain command of life. Before us go the results of all that seemingly is behind. Not gone is the last moment — but oncoming.” – Neville Goddard

Notice how Neville says, “we can not abandon the moment to negative inner talking”.  If you are truly present to the moment – you will feel alive – and your Inner Conversations will help you create and construct the world you choose.   If you abandon the moment – the Inner Conversations will be driven by the mass consciousness – the media – the gloom and doomers.  So minimize your expenses – eliminate them – by developing the habit of being present.

Become present, by deciding to notice your Inner Conversations – and then stop and redirect them when necessary.  Do this, and you will be more alive, see more beauty in the moment and create more quickly the world you have desired.

Step 3:   Embody the End

“The circumstances of life are the muffled utterances of the inner talking that made them — the word made visible.” – Neville Goddard

The word was made flesh.  Your inner conversations become your reality.   Remember, this is EXACTLY how I healed myself of Post Traumatic Stress disorder.  I developed a set of six kinds of inner conversations – that all implied that, “I was healed, normal, powerful and at peace”.

  • TAKE AWAY #1:  You can use this technology anytime – anywhere you notice you have abandoned your mind to the mass consciousness.   Anytime you notice crappy conversations inside your mind – wrestle with your angel (your imagination) and take control.
  • TAKE AWAY #2:  You need to take a few minutes daily, like we suggest in PTSD Free, and relax into the state akin to sleep – and have DELIBERATE creative conversations inside your mind.   Use  one of the six kinds you learn in the book – and TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to know who is in charge.

And remember, you are the operant power.  Feel your ideal as real.  Take control of your mind using these methods today, and use it to bless all that is.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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My word shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. Isaiah 55:11

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