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UPDATED: The Magic Moment of Satisfaction – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Do you know how to tell….

How many sessions do you REALLY need to do?

  • Hi Mr. Twenty Twenty & V, Thanks again for your amazing work. I have 2 questions. Walking in the wish fulfilled: Once I feel it real a few times – do I need to continue Feeling It Real everyday? Or just forget about it and let go, once I feel it real.

POWERPOINT:  You know when your sessions have been effective…

…because you won’t be DESIRING what you want any more, because you will be living from the state of KNOWING your wish has been fulfilled.

Desire will have faded away.  Neville compares this feeling to what happens after the sex act, and it is very very similar.

You will know that you don’t need to invest another moment of time in your Feel It Real session about this for now, because you know it is done.

You will know that what you have wanted is planted in your life – and it will grow, blossom and bloom in perfect timing.

neville_goddard_prayer_feel_it_real_quotes“When you pray believe that you have received, and you shall receive. When the physical creative act is completed, the sinew which is upon the hollow of man’s thigh shrinks, and man finds himself impotent or is halted.”

“In like manner when a man prays successfully he believes that he is already that which he desired to be, therefore he cannot continue desiring to be that which he is already conscious of being.”

“At the moment of satisfaction, physical and psychological, something goes out which in time bears witness to man’s creative power.”

So you do your sessions until the desire for what you want is replaced…

...with the knowing it is done.   This happens at that sacred moment, the moment of satisfaction.

  • My second question is about sleeping in the state: Do I need to continue sleeping in the state of wish fulfilled everyday or do it a few times, feel it really really real and then don’t do it again till it manifests? 

Let’s look at what Neville says in this next quote…

…,and then peek under the hood a tiny bit for today’s next Solid Gold Nugget.

“But I did my best, and I slept mentally in Barbados in my mother’s home. I looked at the world, and saw it from Barbados. I looked at the world, and saw it from Barbados. I saw New York City two thousand miles to the north of me – northwest, for we are at a certain Latitude 13 North; New York is 42 North. We are the 59th Longitude; New York is the 74th; so I saw it northwest, as I could imagine it.” – Neville Goddard

learn_how_to_feel_it_realWhen we listen to Neville, we notice that it sounds like he…

…really and truly enjoys his Feel It Real experiences.

It sounds like when he slept mentally in Barbados, he enjoyed the experience.

That it gave to him, that it contributed to his day.  That’s how it is for us too.   It’s like when you go to a nice restaurant and you order a meal.   While waiting for it, you can enjoy smelling it and the other meals cooking in the kitchen.

The kitchen in your life is your imagination.  

That’s where the goodies come from.   And anytime you take a break from the enslaving world of the senses, and turn your attention to “the smells coming from the kitchen”, you can enjoy your meal – again and again before it arrives.   (And in some wonderful way, this feeds you and it feeds your vision.)

The Smell and Sample Secret

Hope that helps you a bit Jamie.  To us, it’s not about how many sessions we need to do, or how long we have to walk or sleep in the state – it’s how often do we get to – enjoyably smell and sample – what we have decided to Feel As Real.

Because living from that state makes every day that much more special.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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“At the moment of satisfaction, physical and psychological, something goes out which in time bears witness to man’s creative power.” – Neville Goddard quote.




Good morning TT & V from Michigan!!

Sometimes it feels like little things showing up and I question it!

Like…I imagined wedding rings.  Two diamond bands.  One was skinnier than the other.  

I saw them on tv yesterday and it kinda shocked me.  It was soon too, like the same day!  So many times I could have seen things, but it was the way I saw it and “recognized” it!!

I’ve had thoughts about reaching out to others to help me reach into my creativity…and then suddenly it comes to me from within…these great ideas that feel right!!

I was imagining what brings me joy and that is connections.  I imagined calling my friends.  

I got the impulse to call a friend that I haven’t spoken to in years and it blew her away that I had called her at a moment that she was actually writing down a list of things that brought her joy in her life and she was struggling with things. Ok!  With all this I feel a lot of disturbance in me.  

Like I am stepping out of my old self into something new.  

I just can’t put up with the way I used to do things and think, but part of me wants to hang on to feel that false sense of security!  

This is why I LOVE my little emails of Manifesting Mastery every day.  

It’s a wonderful reminder of how I can relax and prune away at those unnecessary branches that are sucking life from the rest of the tree!!


~Embracing~ Jane:)

Day 35 in Manifesting Mastery

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  1. LM says:

    This is a fantastic response to a great question, one I bet we all have. Thanks! I too am enjoying walking, living, sleeping – sniffing! – more and more. It is as though I am remembering to remember…and I have added the component of a deep, deep long slow breath too – coupled with the remembering in my day. Feeling it real, and it has created something like an anchor point. AND… lately, the new thing is I can shiver, feeling it sensually in my awareness.
    Who wants to stop that?
    Thanks TT and V

  2. hazel says:

    Twenty twenty & V

    Thank you so much for sharing – I’ve been waiting for this..

  3. Hazel says:

    Yup LOVE this one?,, A big smile on my face ??

  4. Matt says:

    Hi Tt and V

    Love the site. The question that I have is, if the desire fades just like desire for sex fades after the sex act (which is a physical act). How does my desire fade for what is hoped for if I am not physically walking in what is hoped for? Hope that makes sense.


  5. Mike says:

    Awesome! Lots of take home rock solid nuggets here . Thank you Twenty Twenty

  6. It is sometimes difficult for many of us (especially we, raised in the standard Christian framework of beliefs), that ‘living from the wish fulfilled’ can be a loving, moral, yet more empowering way to see the world, and manifest. A beloved friend of ours prays every morning and evening. She lives a devoted, kindly, service-ful life. But, like many Christians who came up in her particular tradition, she thinks of herself as a’conduit for God above”.. and ‘waits for HIS blessings to descend..” implying as she says, that “I myself, have no personal power all. I am merely His servant..”So, she prays for things, and then waits to be blessed by an outside Power, which will determine her value/worthiness, and maybe…give her what she asks. (Implying she does not have, or may not get it, unless she ‘pleases Him.”) I love this woman like a sister, and she is a wonderful person: but have ceased trying to arm wrestle, or even gently suggest that she might consider other points of view. I imagine lovingly for her, and let it go at that. But I think these kinds of concepts do hold people back, keeping them from achieving/manifesting their desires and goals and dreams. Hmm…