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Neville Puts Your Manifesting into Overdrive! Dive in!

“Are you thinking from the state you desire? Or is your dream just a passing fancy, a daydream you enjoyed for the moment and then dropped?”

“You can tell if you abide in your house of desire by watching your thoughts, for the state in which you most constantly return constitutes your dwelling place.” – Neville Goddard


Hey mate,

Imagine – you just got an email from a great friend..

… a friend you love to be with, inviting you TODAY to go on a FIVE WEEK road trip that you would have to PAY FOR this week.

“What was your FIRST reaction? 

How did you just imagine – answering that email? 

Years ago, I began using Feel It Real to be a writer, speaker and trainer – who’s work and life helped people make huge changes in their life.  I took the time to create the state of WRITER – SPEAKER – TRAIN – to feel it real – to fully give it life.

Then I chose to walk in that state, as that man I chose to be.  Everything I did, began to come from that state, all the time.”

That’s walking from the state of the wish fulfilled.

“When you walk from the state of the wish fulfilled as Neville teaches, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it – changes.    And walking from that state even more importantly changes YOU.”


I was the guy who got that email above, “Hey TT, we are taking a five week trip to Mexico, want to come?”

I had to turn them down…

Not just because i didn’t have the money…

I turned down a 5 week trip because my state had me LOVING LIVING FULL OUT – amping up my life BIG TIME – as a teacher and trainer.

That was back in 2002, and since then – everything I have imagined – has come true. (So much more, than a “once in a lifetime” road trip.

learn_how_to_feel_it_realNow, take a moment and ask yourself…

“What kind of man / woman do I choose to Feel I am Now?”


Do your sessions, embody the feelings, and let your reactions to the world come from that state.

Your reactions – reveal the state you TRULY are feeling real.   And if your reactions don’t give to you – dive deeper – really nail this – and totally transform your world.

Do this, and you get to live the adventure of a lifetime!

Feeling It Real for YOU,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Very inspiring, great, thank you! 🙂