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That 2017 Range Rover is now MINE! – Thanks to the Feel It Real Power Pack!

how to manifest a new carHey TT and V,

My life has gotten progressively greater since picking up your Feel It Real Power Pack late last week.

The part about seriously doing the Feel It Real sessions really hit home for me and is already producing desired results.

Way back in around 2008 I started getting curious in LOA and thought that I discovered the ‘secret’ to getting whatever I wanted from life. Approximately nine years ago I decided that I wanted a Range Rover Sport Supercharged.

TT and V note: J has been manifesting THIS for NINE YEARS, doing what doesn’t work…. as you are about to read….

I posted pictures of one at my cubicle at work, wrote about it and would half-heartedly visualize seeing one (a big distinction you discuss in this program) once in a while. I went as far as test driving an old one and after trying to frustratingly force to manifest it I threw in the towel after a few months.

TT and V note: Notice what happens – when J throws in the garbage what doesn’t work – and FOLLOWS THE FORMULA instead.

After reviewing the Feel It Real Power Pack just once…

I realized all my mistakes from the near decade old manifestation attempt and gave it another go.

This morning, just a few short days after receiving your course…

I picked up my 2017 Range Rover Sport Supercharged from the dealership with approximately 200 original miles! (See photos)

To continually imagining better than the best we know.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Thank you.
J. S. – FINALLY a Super Happy Happy Range Rover Owner!

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