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Thank You TT and V! – Enjoy My Latest Success Story

“When I speak of feeling I do not mean emotion, but acceptance of the fact that the desire is fulfilled. Feeling grateful, fulfilled, or thankful, it is easy to say, “Thank You,” “Isn’t it wonderful!” or “It is finished.” When you get into the state of thankfulness, you can either awaken knowing it is done, or fall asleep in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” – Neville Goddard

neville_goddard_isnt_it_wonderfulMr Twenty Twenty and Victoria,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for leading me to The Core Lectures 1948 Q & A by Neville Goddard.

Not only is this lecture choc full of awesome information in led me to a particular lecture which has skyrocketed my current and continuing success, specifically the phrase ‘Isn’t it wonderful.’

While falling into sleep and throughout the day I just persistently say ‘Isn’t it wonderful to myself while mentally thinking about the desired end results.

Today I was blindsided by a promotion and an tremendous increase in income.

Long story short the Chief Operations Officer was visiting my branch from the home office and him and my current manager pulled me into an office to asked if I wanted to take a new role in the company that was in direct alignment with my skill set. WITHOUT AN INTERVIEW!!!!!

Now I am not sharing this story to be a braggart but to let folks know what is possible with the study of Neville thorough your marvelous products and how things just keep getting better and better in this unexpected sea of wonderfulness.

To continually imagining better than the best you know,

Sterling – Manifesting Mastery Graduate – October 26, 2016

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