Success Story and Week In Review – Sunshine Edition

Hey mate,

Today’s Free Neville Goddard reader success story and Week In Review begins with another reader dream come true.   Notice how Cosmo IGNORED the stones – the facts of life, and how after just a few short months of working with Feel It Real – he made it real.   Good job mate!

Dear Mr. Twenty Twenty,  I have a summer music festival in New York City, The Alexander & Buono Festival, for classical musicians.  I have always wanted to include an orchestra to give younger students a chance to learn to work with conductor and orchestra.  I have been told that this is impossible, too costly, too large a project, etc.  Well this August we will have our first orchestra component to the Festival, and it is all due to the teaching of Neville and your wonderful explanations.  It has not only come together, but with musicians that share our vision of the project.  It is very exciting.  Once again thank you for all that you do.  Sincerely,  Cosmo Buono

Thank you Cosmo.  It’s true, it works, all you have to do is do your Feel It Real sessions properly, and keep the faith.

Let’s dive into the week in review:

We started out the week with How to Eliminate Fear from your life.   If you are reacting to fear in your sessions, you are watering down the feelings you need – and the energy available – to feed the seeds you are planting.

Then we explored a simple yet fundamental choice you have to make when Feeling It Real.  Will I use Force Or Power – Influence or Love.   How you hold your sessions in mind, how you THINK that this all works, will often determine IF it actually will work for you.

Next, to help you do your sessions daily, we gave away the introduction to the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack  – Because if you aren’t doing your sessions daily, you are not feeding your seeds and weeding out your weeds.   And you need to do this if you want to succeed.

And finally, we dove into Eliminating Debt with Neville.   A real life example of how to eliminate debt from your life, what to do – and what to never ever do.    Good stuff.

Every article inspired by your comments and emails, thank you for sending them.  This is how our community grows.   May you be blessed today, by taking the time to feel it real, and by taking the time to walk in the state of your wishes fulfilled.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. MS says:

    Thanks, 20/20 and Victotia, for loving, sharing and caring! May all God’s blessings stored for you manifest smoothly in your lives.

    Much love,