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SOPHIA DAY 80 in Manifesting Mastery

neville goddard prosperity pack

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Hey TT and V,

This Manifesting Mastery Course is pure awesomeness.  Thank you.

I’m loving the Prosperity pack too.

The biggest takeaway from the Manifesting Mastery Course and the Prosperity pack is living in the state of the wish fullfilled and observing my reaction versus responses. When I react Im still in the old identity.. the discomfort sends me scurrying back the state of the wish fulfilled.

My Results:

  • Weight is down by 15 pounds
  • Kids are calmer n also using these tools.
  • Sleep is WAY MUCH better
  • New work opportunities in other parts of the world – Canada n the Uk.
  • Taking a trip in November to the US
  • Leaving in 2 weeks for a gathering on kindred spirits in Alburquerque New Mexico.


For me it’s my mental/emotional vitamin.
Thank you again!
Heartfelt gratitude!
Sophia from Manifesting Mastery

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