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Something Shifted – Every Day is a Winner – Prosperity Pack Success Stories!

Hey mate,

We just love sharing YOUR success stories.

We know this works – if you keep it PURE and if you let it be SIMPLE. All you have to do – is keep diving deeper – and keep Following The Formula.

Today we have a lovely letter from Lonoia.

She’s in Manifesting Mastery, and today she shares with us how her life has been – since joining us in MM and also playing with the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack.

Maybe you’ll notice – WHO SHE IS – HAS CHANGED.

She doesn’t have to WILL good things to happen, she – like us – simply accepts them now.

Let’s dive in with a Neville Goddard quote, and then imagine YOU doing – what Lonoia does. Isn’t this WONDERFUL?

“So, all of a sudden, things will happen based upon what you are. You don’t have to will it. No, people are always trying to will things into being. It is not done willfully…” – NEVILLE GODDARD

Good day, Twenty Twenty…

I certainly expect that all is well with you and Victoria. I must tell you both that I am very grateful for your programs and continued to work in sharing and teaching Neville Goddard’s lectures and instruction.

Last week, my husband, Lance, and I began reading and applying the lessons in the Prosperity Pack.

We had been (and are) walking in the feeling of financial security, and…

Saturday, we went out to dinner at a restaurant.

While there, we met a gentleman who was from out of town visiting Atlanta with his family. We talked for a little while and told him great places to go to while here. Before they left the restaurant, he paid for our dinner and drinks. We were SO surprised! How kind!

“He paid for dinner and drinks!”

Next, later during the week, we went to another restaurant for take-out. After we ordered at the cashier, Lance told him how much loved their broccoli casserole. The cashier asked Lance if he wanted some, and…  He fixed a container filled with the casserole—free. We were surprised! How kind!

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Then, today, I went through the drive-thru at my favorite coffee shop…

….to get a cup on my way to work, and… The person in the car in front of me bought my coffee!!! I was like, “Whoa!” This is so cool!!! I was surprised… How kind!

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit heavy, financially lacking again. Reason being, I was looking outside of myself and not within. For several days—before yesterday—I had been doing my FIR 3x per day (5 min. each) and meditation 1x per day (10 – 15 minutes).

Yesterday, I did not (do my sessions / lessons), and it made a HUGE difference in my state.

So, the cup o’ joe this morning was a reminder for me that the sessions are working, keep at it, be patient, and get back to it!!! ?


Lonoia in Manifesting Mastery

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