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Secret Stuff: Over 100 People who LOVE Vision Boards told me….

“Prayer is to be contrasted with an act of will.  Prayer is a surrender. It means abandoning oneself to the feeling of the wish fulfilled.  If prayer brings no response – there is something wrong with the prayer and the fault lies generally in too much effort.” – Neville Goddard quote…

neville goddard prayerHey mate,

Peek at this…. It will speed up your manifesting….. Big time…

So I asked…. well over 100 people who have emailed us about Vision Boards…. those who won’t give them up….. and they all tell me one thing….

“But, I have fun making vision boards.”

I want you to notice something….

  • They have fun, but they aren’t getting results…..

With incense…. and candles…

Those who won’t give them up tell me something similar too….

“I feel the sacred – when I light a candle / incense stick….”

They feel the sacred…. but again – aren’t getting fast – reproducible results….

Remember, these are people emailing me PRIVATELY, telling me they aren’t getting what they want….. and publicly often yacking about how much they love their DISTRACTIONS….

I want you to notice –




If you are making it HARD or making it feel like WORK, you are adding into it – what it was never meant to have added into it….

I also want you to notice – what you can only notice – by really FOLLOWING THE FORMULA.


There is NOTHING more sacred – than what you truly are….

  • And how you move from struggling with this….
  • And how you move from seeking the sacred…..
  • Is by PLAYING with this….

Play with all the tools….

Play with the ones in the toolbox…. the pinned post, the feel it real POWER PACK.

Play with what we taught in Manifesting to the Max, the 18 Inch adventure, Ignition, the Power of Purposes…

The more you play with them, the more fun you will have with this, the faster it will all work for you, and the more completely you are gonna get….

You are God Having The Adventure of A Lifetime.

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