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Secret Stuff: How Imaging Makes Me a Tai Ji Master

“The illusion of the free will to do is but ignorance of the law of assumption upon which all action is based. Everything happens automatically. All that befalls you, all that is done by you – happens.” – Neville Goddard

For a few decades now….. I’ve imagined being an old school tai ji master….

Which is a bit different than the typical tai chi teacher….

And I’ve taken the time to learn from some of the best I could find from around the world……

And yet, sometimes….

I skip practicing my forms for over a month at a time – sometimes….

While still living in the state….


Here’s what I’ve noticed is going on….

I do the form (the main practice method) daily, when I am drawn to do it daily. If I am not drawn to it – I don’t do it.

Even though I absolutely LOVE doing it, and love the discoveries I make every single time I do it.

But sometimes….. It seems as if an integration needs to happen…. So I feel like doing something else for a while…. maybe some basic wujifa practice, or just some exploring of my hip…..

But I always notice….

If I let the state lead….

I always do the practice / play that is most beneficial for me.

What if your primary state – was being a Master of Manifesting?

That could be good fun, while playing here as God Having The Adventure of a Lifetime….

You’d know….

Another personal bridge bit…..

Maybe this “insomnia thing” that Bobby was asking me about… that might be a bridge for him…. It might be what gives him heaps of time to play with this stuff – while in bed 8 hours a day….

I’m speaking from experience……

When I stopped feeling bad about not sleeping much – I got much better quality sleep – and found that not sleeping like most people actually was giving me heaps of play time…..

And time to explore “other realms” of me…..

So choose – what do choose to give life to- TODAY…..

My chosen states include Tai Ji Master and Master of Manifesting…..

You’ll know when YOU HAVE MOVED into those states….

Because they will determine YOUR MOVEMENTS and the movements of EVERYTHING in your world….

Because YOU ARE God Having The Adventure Of a Lifetime!

Neville Goddard Free Will Quotes

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