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Rework Your Life – Three Ways You Can Start Today – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Yesterday we introduced the Power of The Potter, – where you don’t discard ANYTHING that happened in your life, you simply rework it into what you find as good now.

Today, Neville shares with us 3 ways to use your Potter Power, to rework the vessel – the clay of life – starting right now.

First, use your Potter Power to envision good for other people in your life. Create a new state for them to step into. Often this is a great way to practice and play with the power of the human imagination, because you are less attached to results.  (When I spoke with an old friend recently, who had some health issues – I took the time to fully experience him inside my mind – sharing with me his new found health and energy, and not only did he shift into a healthier state, so did I.)

“When someone comes into your world, don’t discard him by turning your back because he is ill, financially troubled, or not successful in his own eyes. Rather, see his desire as clay in your imaginal hands. Take that same vessel (person) and rework him into another state as it seems good to you to do.” – Neville Goddard – The Lord Our Potter

Next, just create a small simple scene in your mind, that implies a TINY desire of yours has been fulfilled.    You can do this several times a day, just relax and play.  Explore the potter power that you are, by molding a tiny bit of clay – life – into something new.  You could imagine loving conversations with someone you recently felt minor tension with.  You could imagine the joy of having been given something small – like a cookie or a flower.

Just practice and play at being “the potter”.   (When I was taking pottery lessons years ago, we started making SMALL little bowls and buttons first, because experiencing small wins – completed projects – built our excitement – and our confidence.  And once you have a few tiny wins, you will know, that no power can stop what you fashion with the clay of your life from coming true in your life.)

“Start now to create the scene which, if true, would imply the fulfillment of your desire. If you will, there is no power that can stop its coming into being; because your Lord is your Father, who is your potter, and your desire is clay in His hand” – Neville Goddard – The Lord Our Potter  

Finally, use this lesson to remember what you truly are – and let go of what you have never been.

“When you hear the word Lord, don’t think of another. The word is Yod Hey Vav Hey and means I AM, as do the words Father and Potter. Your awareness of being is your I AM, your potter who molds your world. To him and him alone lies all of the responsibilities for what is done in your world. –  Neville Goddard – The Lord Our Potter 

What if you totally realized you are NOT your body – your history – your circumstance?  What if you realized completely that you are pure awareness, you are your imagination.  You are ONE with all that is.   Being one with all that is, allows you to be happy and fulfilled – completely – right now, in the moment.  And when you can fully be happy – present – in the moment – you can create change much more freely – knowing that it will become objectified in it’s own hour – and that nothing can block it.

 “Your imagination is very powerful. It never sleeps, and it is creating every instant. Once you have fully realized the power of your thought, when infused with emotion – when felt it as real, you can move and will remove mountains from your life. At first this is tempting to deny, because at first we are temporarily scared of the power that we are. For our limited thoughts have created our limited lives. Leave your fear behind and embrace the love that you truly are. Creating in love – removes all your limitations – and reveals the glory of God – that is you.” – Mr Twenty Twenty

Remember to feel your ideal as real, and no power in the world can stand in your way.  It’s time to remove mountains from your life – because you can.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Good lesson in the " Art of good health". You spoke to your friend inside your head..the result being that your friend got healed and even you got healed..Is this what is mentioned in the Bible as the Dew from heaven which is blessed twice..It blesseth the receiver and the sender.

  2. Have you posted "The End Game" yet?

  3. Have you posted "The End Game" yet?

  4. Dennis Cooper says:

    Thank you TT! I appreciate your personal insight along with it. You truly understand this and live it in your life.