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Neville’s Teacher Abdulah Asks – Are Quibbles Holding You Back? – Free Neville Goddard

“I keep trying to be a better and better person, and get closer and closer to God. But I still don’t understand, why doesn’t this always work for me? Why can’t I manifest the BIG things? I am thinking of joining your coaching program and need help.” J. G. New York

creativepowerflowerHey mate,

As you know from reading the articles here at it’s often correcting and exploring “the little things” that open the floodgates to huge life changing results.

One of the things that we just LOVE about Neville, is how he shares his life story, to help us learn the little things that matter.

When Neville was younger, he was on a quest to purify himself – and to get closer to God – just like many of us who show up here.

Neville didn’t drink, and was a vegetarian at one point – thinking that THAT would bring him closer to God – until one day his teacher Abdullah helped him get over a massive stumbling block.

Let’s dive into the words of Neville as he shares with us about Abdulah.

And of course he would sit down and he would have 2 or 3 big shots of rye. I mean big shots of rye. And then he would wash down his meal with a lot of Porta or if it wasn’t beer it was a ale. And then he would at the end, like Churchill, a huge big bowel of ice cream. I said, “Ab how can you do that?”, “Oh,” he said, “You couldn’t do it, it would poison you because you have quibbles.”   – Neville Goddard

This experience with Abdullah, set the stage for many turning points in Neville’s life, and taught him how to Feel It Real so much more effectively.  One of them being that you didn’t have to “avoid alcohol” or “eat pure” for this to work, or to “get closer to God”.

“So he said you have quibbles Neville, with any of your quibbles it will poison you. But he would sit down and polish off this enormous meal and wash it down with ale, precede it with 3 shots of rye, and here was a man truly of the spirit.” – Neville Goddard

You too are “a man of the spirit”.   You don’t have to eat only vegetables, you don’t have to avoid drinking alcohol.  All you need to do is remember the truth about you.   Your awareness of being – is God. And IMAGINATION IS GOD in action.

You can’t get any closer to what you are, all you can do is notice the truth more completely – and that truth shall set you free.

  • Today’s Take Away:  Any effort to get closer to God – the wisdom, power and LOVE  that you ARE – implies that you are separate from it.

If you behave as if you are separate from God, in effect – you stop yourself from easily accessing the power and wisdom that you ARE right now.  And you stop FEELING the love you are.

learn_how_to_feel_it_realGet this, and your manifesting will take off like lightning!

All you have to do is REMOVE what gets in the way – all that ancient, semi-hidden programming that you have bought into – and you can access the pure love and power that you are.

Use the time tested and proven Feel It Real Methods.    And get the garbage out of the way by joining us in Manifesting Mastery.

And buckle up, it’s gonna be an amazing adventure of a lifetime.

Many blessings and happy manifesting,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS:  Guilt often keeps creating circumstances like this.  You might want to watch this real quick too:  It’s a goodie!


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  1. First Native the four corners above n below Mother Earth grandmother moon and father sun. The elements of Earth, Air, Fire,Water. From the un spoken to the words of the spanards turning there guilt unto us with catholic schools and boundaries. Many of us changed for good. I recon guilt was comfortably uncomfortable. Something I wish to be rid of one day.. Thank you for this today,,, n ur messages everyday. I hope to meet u both :

  2. Jo Japa says:

    Absolutely fantastic observation, teaching, sharing – clear and simple. Thank you again and again 2020.

  3. Nat says:

    Love this line “You can’t get any closer, all you can do is notice the truth – and the truth shall set you free”

  4. David says:

    Thanks Mr. 2020 and Victoria for all this knowledge and this (love) energy that you are sharing with all of us. God bless and good luck!

  5. lm says:

    Excellent excellent excellent: we cannot attempt to be closer to God as we are right here re-minding ourselves we are that.
    Ah, be still and know.

    • Mr Twenty Twenty says:

      Thanks LM!

      We can’t get any closer to what we are one with.

      It’s like your body getting closer to your belly button.


      TT and V

  6. Cal Lundgren says:

    Good stuff. Neville always had amazing insights and advice. thanks TT

  7. Daisy Boo says:

    good one

  8. hi , thats me. i am tryn to know more about Neville teaching

  9. Dennis says:

    Hi TT & v . Thank u 4 continued posting.
    What is the title of the lecture by Naville in which you got this script. Thank you


  10. Lisa Marie says:

    That IS it…we ARE THAT…there is no bettering. Always a great re-mind. Thank you for all you are to me, to us. Twenty.

  11. Thanks twenty needed to here this. Staying in the moment of who we are.

  12. Thank you so much!!…Love this

  13. Katherine says:

    Okay, 20 20, so what is with all the rants about being anti fruits and grains ???
    Have a quibbleless croissant! 🙂

    • Mr Twenty Twenty says:

      Hi Katherine,

      My car runs well on petrol, but not all that well with sugar water.

      My body and brain run well on good fats, complex carbs, and goodie vegetables. It’ tends to run like crap, when I feed it what we call “fruits and grains” which are for the most part not natural and not natural foods for the human body.

      I don’t claim that eating well brings me closer to God, but it sure makes living life, being healthy, staying focused and being creative MUCH easier.

      Try it for 90 days, without eating modern day fruit and grain, and let me know what you notice.


      • Katherine says:

        But can’t your body run well on whatever you believe it can run well on ? Isn’t that the point of not having quibbles ?
        Abdullah was running well having loads of drinks at night because he didn’t have any quibbles. 🙂

        I have done all the diets and for long periods, and I have found my body runs the best when I eat reasonable well without quibbles, and I am really loving it and have a positive attitude about what I am eating.

        Your body runs better without sugar water because you got it in your head that is the case. Some people run their bodies well only on sunlight, because they believe they do.

        • Mr Twenty Twenty says:

          Hi Katherine,

          Short answer, no.

          I personally know people who have tried all those experiments. The sugar eaters who swear that tons of sugar is okay tend to have a very specific set of long term problems. So do people who do heroin and who smoke crack.

          Why not give your body what it needs?

          I’ll go back to the car example. If you honestly believe that something physical can run on what ever you imagine it will run on, then make your car run on orange juice, or milk.

          The body runs well, when it’s fed what it needs. Same with your car.

          On the other hand…. I enjoy a good cigar, good scotch, and good wine. Some people stop following us, because they assert if I were spiritual I wouldn’t be enjoying those things.

          And I notice – if I skip them for a few days – I am a “bit faster”. But enjoying them, isn’t making me less spiritual, or less effective manifesting.

          That’s where we explore and play.


  14. Bobbie says:

    Thank you, TT RIGHT ON! As long as we are searching, we have not moved into our creator within thus are still looking outside ourselves instead of BEING it. Love and Blessings, TT & V

  15. Llisa says:

    Everytime this comes up in my mail I again want to comment. We can’t get closer, we are it. Ahhh. Thanks Twenty!

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