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Neville’s Early Days… Free Neville Goddard

Dream Like GodHey mate,

Have you ever wondered how Neville got started in all this? Six years before Neville met Abdullah (his main teacher), he was traveling and met a man who gave him some extraordinary gifts of knowledge. Today, we are going to share with you what just might be “the thought” that started it all with Neville. And we invite you to do a simple little experiment with us over the next 24 hours with it. Let’s dive in.

“In 1925 while visiting London, I met an old Scottsman who told me that my attitude of mind determined my life. That I need not be enslaved by life but that I could control my future by my present thinking.” – Neville Goddard

That simple truth might not sound all that profound, but it truly can be life changing.  Just notice…

All too often, good people wake up in the morning, and the first thing they do – is start having negative mental conversations in their head – often inspired by the past.   These “inner conversations can be defending, attacking, complaining, or just being argumentative.   No matter what, they aren’t fun, they aren’t loving, and they don’t truly give to you or the world.

  • “It’s time to put an end to that – and change your life.”

Here is what we want you to do with us today. Just take 24 hours and forget about your past, and control your present thinking – by controlling your inner conversations.

“For your thinking always follows the tracks laid down in your inner conversations.” – Neville Goddard

TODAY’S TAKE AWAY:  Your imaginary conversations direct your present thinking, and your present thinking determines your future.

NOTE: Inner Conversations that you experience in The State Akin To Sleep are much more powerful in creating your world – because you are in that Alpha / Theta Creative state. That is why we not only control our minds during normal activities – but also why we do Feel It Real Sessions.

  • To help you with Conversation Control today, here is a gift download for you.

Gift Download – Neville Goddard’s Mental Diets – Click Here to go to the download page.   (This is one of our favorite Neville Goddard mp3 audios – Short. Sweet.)

May you have an amazing 24 hours.  Freely interrupt, stop and redirect your Inner Conversations if they aren’t loving, nice and productive and remember to always, Feel Your Ideal As Real

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. John says:

    This was a very powerful point put fourth by Charles Haanel in his book “The Master Key System” 1913. He stated that if we wish to know the cause of all circumstances, we need only look at the primary mental attitude held in ones mind.

    A man who said:

    “We must “be” before we can “do,” we can “do” only to the extent to which we “are,” and what we “are” depends upon what we “think.” Therefore the first step is simply to think.”

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi John,

    Great share mate.

    Here’s something to build on this with. Most people don’t THINK. They just want to be told what “thoughts” to repeat to themselves – or to have – so that their lives magically change.

    Neville (and those like him) didn’t just have thoughts that were different than most peoples, they actually THOUGHT differently than most people.

    I suspect this is one reason why we have so much success with Neville’s methods – we don’t just duplicate his thoughts – we duplicate his THINKING process – or at least get close to it.

    I’ve been teaching NLP based stuff on this for years and years, and I keep noticing that those who change BOTH their thinking process and their thoughts – create change. Those who just frantically grab at the thoughts – without changing / upgrading their thinking process – experience frustration.

    That’s why we still teach the NLP side of the coin as well.

    Good stuff, when approached comprehensively.


    PS: Anyone who wants more info on the NLP side – email me. I’ll be glad to point you in good directions.

  3. brian says:

    Stopping the stream of thinking that is not constructive to our desired state can be a real battle at times because of the habitual momentum that has accumulated over, sometimes, a long period of time. I have noticed that when trying to interupt it or replace it causes it to gets worse and becomes nearly impossible. However that is the key to making a lasting change in our experience. Any tips TT on how to handle this? I think you touched on a really important point with this post because this seems to be the point where people find the most difficulty in the process and causes alot of people to just give up. Mastering this is the key to living our dreams or just thinking about them. Great post TT, thanks for shining the light on one of the most important and overlooked pieces of the puzzle!

  4. Freya says:

    Hello Brian
    Just came across this post and felt inspired to share my experiences with this issue you describe. One thing that helps me break negative inner chatter when it loops around is to move my physical body – fast – for a few moments. For example, I might be sitting at home in a chair with unhelpful conversations going on in my head. I say to myself, sometimes out loud if I’m alone “Enough of that” and I jump up from the chair – go doing something – walk around the block, pick up the mail, do the dishes, go to the washroom, make a phone call. This distracts me enough to catch a better feeling thought and start a new conversation, concluding with something like ” This feels better. Isn’t it wonderful that I can change my thoughts so easily. I love this stuff!”