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Neville Goddard’s Lost and Found Technique – UPDATED

“Hey TT and V!  Thanks for all you do and for the Feel It Real Power Pack.  I was imagining growing tomatoes and happy to share them with my neighborhood to IMPLY that I had my own home, instead of the apartment I had lived in for years because of crappy credit.   I imagined touching those tomatoes and feeling the joy of giving them away and now I have my own home.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!’ – J. B. 

Hey mate,

This is one of the funnest ways, we have found to Nevillize more happiness in our lives.  Notice how Neville uses the POWER OF IMAGINAL TOUCH to find what what was lost.  Let’s dive in…

Neville Goddard’s Lost and Found Technique.

Prove that it isn’t lost. What is it that you have lost? Well, take it in your own mind’s eye and then mentally touch it and mentally appropriate it and feel that you have it, that it is yours now, and remain faithful to that assumption and see if the thing returns.”

“If the thing is recovered, you have proved that you have found Israel (a portion of him anyway) and you know how to take him and clothe him in such tones of reality that you can bring him to the Lord, for the Lord is your own wonderful consciousness.” – Neville Goddard

You could use this sense of SPIRITUAL TOUCH to find an apartment or ahome.

Touch the counters, feel the carpet under your feet, shake hands or give a high five to your neighbor -feel yourself HAPPY – already living for years in your chosen home.


You could use it to get “in touch” with an old friend…

…that you haven’t seen for years.  What would it FEEL LIKE to touch them – to give them a handshake, a high five or a hug? What would their hand FEEL LIKE when you touch it?

It is entirely up to you – to choose to find…

…what once was lost – and to discover that now it is found.

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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From Today’s Inbox:  Desmond is ROCKING!

Hey TT,

Hope this finds you both well. 

Week 2 almost 2 months later. 

I am learning so much in going through this process. 

Mostly allowing the feeling of the wish fulfilled to permeate my entire being.  That said this week’s lessons took me some time to clear away “thinking” patterns i’ve fallen into. 

When I released them things moved so much faster. 

I went from I am moving so slow doing this process because I am moving slow through this process to I am healthy because I am healthy.I adopted a wealth mindset because I adopted a wealth mindset. I am focused on my goals because I am focused on my goals.

I set a fitness goal, joined the gym, got with a trainer, augmented my diet and now I’m a regular there and and seeing results. 

My body has transformed in a short space of time. My gf loves my new body and so do I. I visualized it and after touring the gym I felt this is the  place this will happen and moved forward right to my vision. 

Because I am goal oriented I tend to complete my Today list (my version of a To Do) list. 

This helps move my week forward as each day I do the most I can do in a flow. It builds on each other so by the end of the week I look back with a feeling of accomplishment. 

Deciding to be wealthy has also opened a floodgate of opportunities that have seemingly come out of nowhere. It’s like they’re picking up on a signal. It’s amazing to see this. 

That loop you share of I do this because I do this is golden. There’s no room for anything but I am. Love it! This has helped me shut down chatter immensely!

Thanks for all the lessons. Please feel free to share this. 

Be well,

Desmond – Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Htweelr says:

    Awesome message! Always start small, build your confindence in the process and your faith.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Amen mate.

    And we never know, when a small miracle – is actually a big one in progress.

    Whoo yah!

    TT and V

  3. Reinis says:

    Perfect message for me to find today! 🙂 Thank!

    Would you please tell me from which Neville’s lecture or book this is taken from?

  4. Karen Herrold says:

    Thank you for this! I had thought I had lost a picture a few months back and it is very special to me. I tore my desk up looking for it since that was where I kept it, but could not find it. I read this and those words and within 5 mins found my picture in my desk. It had been stuck to the back of another picture. lol

    I love your work and teachings. I look forward to every email I get and even have them saved in a special folder. They are the only emails I look forward to. lol

    Love you both and don't stop doing what you do!

  5. Leah Morrison says:

    I read your story about finding your camera this morning. I had lost my prescription glasses about a week ago and have had to wear my contacts. It is very dry here so I wear my contacts half of the day and my glasses the other half as I drive for a living. I was going to order new glasses tomorrow. After reading your story, I saw my hands cleaning my glasses.
    Just as I was getting ready for bed, I dropped something and it went under my desk. As I reached for it, I noticed that a long lost and already replaced phone charger was plugged in the outlet. I thought, “that is so cool as chargers are expensive, now I have two”. I unplugged it and moved it to another outlet where my computer is plugged in. Guess what was hanging from the computer cord. My glasses. I am dumbfounded. I have plugged and unplugged my computer many times this past week. This is so bizarre, fantastic and mind boggling. I noticed some people want to know how long it takes for things to manifest. Apparently when you least expect them!

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    Good one Leah!

    Rock and roll!

    TT and V