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Neville Goddard – Week in Review – Martin Luther King Edition.

Hey mate,

Thank you for being a member and a reader, here in our Neville Goddard Community.  Here is your recap of the lessons and Neville Goddard quotes of the week.

Cancer.   Can you cure cancer or any other illness with Neville Goddard’s teachings?  Not only can you cure cancer, you can change just about anything in your personal health using the power of your imagination.   (Yesterday, I ate something that was a bit off, and in the middle of the night – I could tell.  I used the methods of Neville first – to not get any sicker, then I used them to set the stage – so that I would have an amazing day after.   Yes, the human imagination is powerful.   Enjoy this lesson, and read all the comments!  Wow!

Can you Cure Cancer with the Power of Your Human Imagination? – Click Here

Next, we explored how old programming can still be blocking you – not only blocking you from receiving your blessing – but also blocking you from the simple experience of JOY and peace in the present moment. Enjoy this amazing Neville Goddard quote and lesson:

Is Old Religions Programming Blocking Your Blessing?   Click Here

And finally, we explored how to control your inner talking – and what that was so important to Neville.  If you are taking the time each day to do a Feel It Real session, but not supporting it with your inner talk – you are leaking energy all over the place.  Here is how to fix that.   Remember, controlling my inner talk, was how I freed my mind from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety.   This works, and this will change your life in ways that most people refuse to even imagine.

Why Does Neville Say to Control Your Inner Talk – (And How to do that effectively) – Click Here

Enjoy the lessons, and enjoy the shifts you create within you and that you manifest in your life.  Thank you for your letters and testimonials – you’ll find more and more of them making them onto the site over the next few weeks.   It is a pleasure to serve you and to share the work of Neville.  Life is an adventure, waiting to be lived full out.  Thank you for joining Victoria and me on the adventure of a lifetime.

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS:   It all began with a dream.  Martin Luther King had a dream – a dream of equality and of freedom.   We had a dream, a dream of sharing what we know changes lives, a dream of building a worldwide family and circle of friends who live from this truth.   What is your dream?   Do you dare to fully assume the state of the wish fulfilled – and bring it into physicality?   We hope so.  Let us know!


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