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Neville Goddard asks, What are you Truly Expecting Today?

“No one can do anything to you unless you first do it to yourself by the use of Christ, God’s creative power, whose name is I am. Paul gave us the foundation from which everything is built and claimed that no other foundation can anyone lay other than Christ (defined as the creative power of you), the creative power of God.” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Today’s Neville Goddard Quote reminds us that we can not be cursed as victims – nor can we be blessed – unless we have cursed or blessed ourselves first.  We call this Expectation Theory, and Christine’s email below shares how powerful expectation theory and Neville Goddard’s methods can be in your life.

“This holiday season, I have had more loving – positive and productive conversations and experiences with my friends and relatives than ever before, thanks to you and Victoria and Neville Goddard.  I stopped expecting the holidays and life to be a struggle and they stopped being that way.” – Christine

To apply this wildly to your own life today- just notice:

  • What are you expecting today? (Watch your INNER CONVERSATIONS – they will tell you what you truly are expecting today – that is why we focus on controlling them – so that they do not limit or control us.)
  • What are you expecting from your friends and relatives – your spouse – your partner – your neighbor?  (Do you expect them to be positive and open – or negative and closed?)
  • How are you expecting the world to behave today?  (Do you expect it to support you – or be something to struggle against?)
  • Do you believe that a “big” miracle is harder than a “small” miracle?  (Hint:  All miracles are natural – because they are expressions of love.   And the true nature of love – knows no limits.)

Just notice what you expect today.  Use the Neville Goddard Christmas Challenge – to stay on track – and to be open to the blessings and miracles being given to you today.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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4 Comments on "Neville Goddard asks, What are you Truly Expecting Today?"

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  1. Swedaka John says:

    I really want to give this a shot, but don't know how to start manifesting anything! Please Help.

  2. tom says:

    You talk a lot about changing the past through this reshaping the clay stuff, but how much can it change? Say me or a close friend has beenborn with a debilitating illness that has effected everyday of life for me or them, could I, beinggod, use my imaginative powers and change it so that would never have happened? Change it so I or them could’ve grown up healthily? Thank youmuch for what you do

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Tom,

    We will write an article about this soon.

    There is a huge difference between creating and being delusional – which would be great to explore.

    Thank you for the request, which we are sure many people would be interested in.

    Have a great day!

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Tom,

    Working on a goodie article for this one mate. Look for it in the next 10 days. There is so much to write about this.

    Thank you,

    TT and V