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Neville Goddard and Affirmations – Free Neville Goddard

“So did Neville ever say anything about affirmations, and if so, what were his views on them? Do you have any opinions on using affirmations? Thanks” – Matt F.

Hi Matt,

Seems as if Neville mentions affirmations a bit more in his written books, but very rarely in his lectures.

That gave us a clue.  So we decided to deeply study and use only what Neville teaches most, and to stop checking out the next new trick out there. Once we did that, our lives transformed big time.

IMG_1738Here are our personal and professional observations about First Person Affirmations (I Am statements) – which is how most people teach and do them.

First Person Affirmations tend feel like a bad first date.  (And they tend to work for a very very small percentage of the people.)

I watched this just the other week when I went out for lunch. There was a young bloke sitting at a table, with a bored to tears young girl sitting across from him.   Let’s call him Boring Bobby.

Boring Bobby kept saying “I Am” and “I have” statements, to keep feeling good, and to keep puffing himself up – and she wasn’t responding – or impressed.

  • “I have a great car.”
  • “I am really great at football.”
  • “It’s so great to go to the beach with me and my friends.”

Boring Bobby’s “conversation” with his first date, wasn’t going anywhere.   And it really reminds us of how a lot of people do affirmations – and why they aren’t getting anywhere with them.

Take Away:  If she was bored, so was the rest of the universe.  Next….

Contrast this with these snips from a lovely couple conversation:

  • “I remember when we were in New Zealand and when got that camper van stuck on the rock ledge. What a scary time that was, and what a wonderful day that became for us.”
  • “We did it! We finished that garden bed!”

Free Nevile Goddard - Gardening HandsNotice this little statements, are just like what Neville teaches in the Toolbox.  Notice how natural they are.  And notice how much more ALIVE they are than the “I Am” statements delivered by Boring Bobby.

Why do “I Remember When” and why do “Congratulatory Conversations” work?

This could be the most valuable lesson you can learn today – when it comes to Feeling It Real.  You might want to write this down.  Here goes:

  • Your brain experiences life as a series of STORIES.
  • Your brain does not experience life as bunch of  STATEMENTS.

This is why you can entertain a group of kids, adults, friends or strangers with a good story. But if you start making isolated statements – assertions about you and the world – you’ll lose the crowd.

It’s time for you to Feel It Real.  It’s time for you to notice if you’ve been doing what works, or not.   And if not, dive in.   Do what it takes, and transform your world.

Big blessings to you!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


The Neville Goddard Toolbox – Click Here

The Feel It Real Power Pack – Click Here

“If your income had just been increased to say $30,000 a year from your present income of less than $10,000, how would you feel? How would your present circle of friends see you? Would they know it? Would they discuss it? Would they speak of the change in your life? Tell them, and then eavesdrop and hear your friends discuss you as one who is now making $30,000 a year.” – Neville Goddard

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  1. hazel says:

    Thank you Mr.2020 Although i use both and they work.
    But then the ” I remember when” is more of the “feel it real” as wish is already fulfilled and done. Thank you thank you thank you..
    Everytime i come to your website i feel overdose of so much love in life.

  2. Daisy Boo says:

    Allright. I understand, thank you

  3. V says:

    Theres a huge difference- affirmations cause a little tightness in my chest but the I remember when has my heart skipping a beat in joy of the “memory”

  4. Conni Lewis says:

    Hey Twenty, this was a good one. I felt the positive energy transformation when you switched from Boring Bobby to the lovely conversations. I really felt it real for myself. Good one.
    Using the power.
    Hail to the Truth
    Conni ~

  5. Mike says:

    I am having some difficulty making the coneection – to me I remember when seems t refer to the past (which is not prevailing at the moment), and I am trying to change the present. For example, I am broke now – I need to pay a bill now and I don’t have the money. I need to change a negative position ….. How do I remember when, then? How do I change the negative situation that I do not want that is prevailing at the moment? Maybe share more examples so that I can get it.

    Please help!

  6. Angel Light says:

    I was in exactly a smilier situation… “I remember when … I was broke and couldn’t pay the bills with no money coming any time soon in sight…”… really… Back then I had not heard of N of Neville in my life… I was SO desperate… I invented something out of despair… I started telling stories to myself about how money had come into my life… I did that TO GET RELIEF… with no other motive… I couldn’t even imagine that could have been a process. But telling a past story of success was like a soothing balm to my burning heart… It was like pain reliever… really… I did that so instinctively… just to soothe myself… and guess what?? You guessed it! Money came to pay all the bills… This was way back… And when I heard about Neville and his techniques… I clicked with them so instantly… because I had done some of his techniques in an instinctive way myself with amazing results…. NEVILLE IS THE REAL DEAL.

    And TT & V… Great article… Thanks!!!

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Angel!

    It’s true, this SIMPLE STUFF works.

    And it works because of the reason Neville says it works.

    It’s not a “secret law about the universe” that was locked away for years…

    It works because of the truth about you – the truth that everyone tries to deny – you are one with God.


    TT and V

  8. Harsha says:

    Exactly right. The Law of Attraction is just the absolute conclusion that you must experience who you fundamentally are at all times because there is only Self everywhere.

  9. valvacious says:

    Affirmations work for some and not for others. Why?

    Remember the definition of LOA…whatever you concentrate on you attract, whether you want it or not. You focus on things through your words, thoughts, and emotions. It is the emotion that anchors the thought to or deeply impresses the thought into your subconscious mind. Neville states: A word or thought without a feeling behind it produces nothing.

    What you feel passionately or feel deeply about impresses the subconscious mind and it will come to pass. It is very important to watch your words and thoughts, and observe your feelings. Catch the negative thoughts; then turn them around. Release them or let them go if they aren’t worthwhile. If you have a thought and do not speak it becomes stillborn. It can not take root until you passionately speak it. Passionate words give it the power.

    An Example of how words are the same but feel differently. Let’s look at the word want.

    Scenario # 1 – You notice something that you desire but in your head you catch yourself thinking, “I’ll never get one as it’s out of my reach.” Then you say, “I want one of those really, really bad. If I cannot have it, I will go insane. Everyone else has one. I hate it that they have one and I don’t” in a whiny voice. (What vibrations would you be sending here? A needy stalker like vibration. A person that has feelings of resentment and jealousy, A person who has a focus of not having or lack)

    Scenario # 2 – You desire something new and you see it. With your eyes wide open and acting like an excited kid you say, “I want one of those. I choose to save up my money and buy it!” pointing at the exact item that matches your desire. (What vibrations would you be sending here? A vibration of certainty and excited anticipation)

    So it all boils down to how that person feels about the affirmation or story.

  10. Joel says:

    TT & V, think you’ll get a kick out of this. A few weeks ago while I was in the silence it occurred to me to hold a baseball in my imaginary hand. Then I changed it to a tennis ball, then a golf ball. I could easily distiguish between them. Here comes the fun part. I just listened to Neville online – a talk I had not heard before entitled “I am Reality called imagination.” What does Neville do near the end of the talk? To my surprise and complete delite he used the exact same objects in his talk in the exact sequence that I had done in my imagination weeks ago. Tears of overwhelm streamed down my face as I listened. How incredible to have practiced this imaginal act and then weeks later be led to listen to a talk where Neville shares that which I had been compelled to do with no apparent reason or previous prompting with his audience in a talk I had not heard before. Now that is outstanding!
    Many blessings to you both,
    P.S. I have to say I am a little taken aback by this. Am I being guided by Neville himself? How cool would that be? What’s your take on this seemingly “random” event? Not that what you think or feel about this matters because Imwas hiven the experience and that won’t be diminished or exalted from your feedback, just curious what you feel from my report. I tell you want I’m going to,do the minute I post this…I am going to feel a baseball, tennis ball and golf ball!

  11. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi V!

    Your comments have many parts in them – that will give mixed results at best. It’s obvious that they come from many different teachers, and from people who are getting mixed results at best.

    Starting with the end of your comment, you mention several times about “sending vibrations”. We get heaps and heaps and heaps of emails – where people talk about the “vibrations they are sending” and how they “need to be in alignment” so that what you want “comes to you.

    Neville teaches to BE STILL. To assume the state of the wish fulfilled. Do that and you will cross bridges of incident – that the more dimensional you sets up / creates etc. Very different paths, very different becuase one of them is focused on stillness – changing the space – the state – you live FROM.

    Early on in your email you mention this point that keeps people stuck, “whatever you concentrate on you attract”. This has NOTHING to do with what you concentrate on. Neville’s teachings are all about “how you feel”. The state that you “feel from” determines your reactions – which create your reality.

    Side note: I’m not picking on you. I am picking apart stuff that will keep readers stuck for years and years. And I am sharing what Neville has proven works, and what we have proven works. With results that are highly duplicatable.

    Point #3: “If you have a thought and you don’t speak it it becomes stillborn.” That’s 100% hogwash. “Speaking”, isn’t the secret. Teaching stuff like that – again just gives people all kinds of mixed results, because they get caught up on not speaking – what they feel. Instead of changing their states and their feelings.

    If the physical act of speaking mattered – then “the physical world” (speaking) would be cause. And the physical world, can only be an effect. Study Neville.

    Dive into Neville, leave all that other stuff behind. And watch what happens in your world.


    TT and V

  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Joel,

    The problem I have saying anyone is guided by Neville himself, is that it instantly takes us into the world of “Neville is special” and “I am special”. Seems like Neville never really made himself or his teachers special, etc.

    I’d suggest you are more aware of truth, and experiencing more truth. We are guiding ourselves, and experience more truth, the more we live from truth.

    Have fun!

    TT and V

  13. Pooja says:

    Wowww TT & V
    You both explain so simply & clearly.Loved the way you have so easily explained Neville’s concept. No vibrations , no feeling special , no concentration…Just keeping it simple , feeling it real knowing the truth that we are one with God.
    Really cool!!

  14. valvacious says:

    I guess you decided not to print my reply about concentrating and focusing. Mnnnn…I wonder why???

  15. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Valacious,

    Your two comments were bigger than the original article, and full of stuff I would have to point out as not in alignment with what we do here. I can’t possibly approve “articles” like those, and then spend 45 minutes pointing out all the mistaken ideas.

    It would create more confusion, than clarity. More stress, than success.

    My suggestion is if you want to learn Neville, study more – speak less.


    TT and V too

  16. valvacious says:

    Dear MR.20/20, I hope you will post this short post. (If you do not, this speaks volumes on your character.)I am coming from a place of love and not ego. I throw no shade at you because you have a wonderful site and you love Neville as I do. I find delight in most of your teachings because you break it down in layman terms and I adsorbed your words like a dry sponge.

    I too have studied Neville intensely at my church and look forward to learning more. You suggest that I study more and speak less. Would it be correct my friend, to study more, speak less, and learn INCORRECTLY? (I ask you to exam your heart for this answer.)

    You state “This has NOTHING to do with what you concentrate on.” I shake my head in disbelief when I read this. Neville, in a lot of his teachings, begs to differ.
    Reread The Power of Awareness.These are direct quotes:
    1.Your attention must be developed, controlled, and concentrated in order to change your concept of your self.
    2.All fulfillment of desire depend upon control and concentration of attention. 3. Concentrate your attention upon the feeling that you are already that person. 4. He who practices these exercises will develop unusual powers of concentration and quiescence.

    1. From Be what you wish, Be what you Believe; Neville states: Earnest, concentrated thought focused on a particular direction shuts out other sensations. The habit of withdrawing attention from the sensation and concentrating it on the invisible develops our
    spiritual outlook.

    1. From his radio talk… We must concentrate on the idea to be realized.

    Dear kind sir, I could go on and on and on, because he uses this word concentration in so many of his teachings. In conclusion: whatever you concentrate on you will attract, whether you want it or not. Respectfully yours with the utmost sincerity, always in gratitude…Valvacious.

  17. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Blessings to you Valvacious,

    Let’s dive in. First, good on you for reaching out and sharing this point where people get commonly confused.

    It doesn’t matter what you concentrate on – it matters where you concentrate – feel – from.

    Many people concentrate on health – but remain sick – because they “fear sickness” and “feel that fear”.

    So while their thoughts concentrate on health, they have their feelings – coming from “fear of sick”, and
    since Feeling Is The Secret – the conclusion is pretty apparent.

    We really personally love the raw lectures of Neville best, those and the 1948 Core Lectures on the site.
    They seem to bring out of him what was missing in the books, and the books seem to be mostly written
    for people who are reading other New Thought and Positive Thinking authors, and his wording isn’t what
    it is in the lectures.

    So the key movements are:

    1. Remember FEELING is the secret. What you feel – determines “how” you think about what you think about.
    2. Remember it not “what you think about” (heaps of poor people think about money), but how you FEEL about it (do you feel yourself as a wealth / value creator.).

    Have a great day Valvacious!

    TT and V

  18. valvacious says:

    Yes I wholeheartedly agree.. very good key movements. I have copied these down with other notes from your site to share with my students at church class…it is not the words you use but how you FEEL about the words that you use.

    Your reactions (a feeling or emotion experienced in response to a situation or event) to what you are focusing on or concentrating on, will create your reality.

  19. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Goodie on you Valvacious!

    Big blessings to you and your class!

    Those tiny seeming distinctions are what move mountains.


    TT and V

  20. Anita says:

    Read this and loved it ,
    then scrolled down the comments to find
    Angel Lights story which synchronistically had been reposted earlier today on FB .
    It’s a wonderous world we live in .

    Thank you TT and Victoria

    ? ??

  21. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    Big love Anita!