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Mom’s Reader Success Story

freeneville_present_tenseThis Week’s Reader Success Story is a goodie. One that demonstrates the power of sticking with your wish fulfilled, and pruning the vine. Enjoy!

July, 2013 – Free Neville Goddard Success Story

Wow TT and Victoria, I am so overwhelmed with gratitude at the moment that I am about to jump to the moon and back. I am pure testimony that what you teach works. I have just accomplished what is considered the impossible and I so love Neville at the moment that I am sure he feels it fully. So let me back track…………….

Ten months ago, my beautiful 19 year old daughter was involved in an unprovoked assault in a night club. Due to the jealousy of her “friends” the police charged my daughter with perverting the cause of justice. Basically her friends told the police that she lied. This was a possibility of 5 years of jail for my girl. After dealing with the trauma of the assault, we had to deal with defending her as well. Things were not looking good, every option we tried, we hit a brick wall. But then I purchased the “Feel it real” pack and I was determined to see justice.

My feel it real session consisted of a phone call from or barrister telling me that the police had dropped all chargers against my daughter. (Note: Notice how she had a well defined session – that implied the wish fulfilled.) This was considered impossible since she had already been charged by the police, but I knew better. I had Neville on my side. I did not give up, my course was simple. I wanted the charges dropped before the “contested hearing”on the 14th of August. Our barrister had told me that this could not happen (obviously she did not know about your feel it real pack).

Well tonight the barrister called me to let me know that the police had dropped all charges against my daughter. She does not have to appear in court on the 14th of August. She is free of all charges. I cried and cried, the realization of what is possible really hit home for me. I now feel invincible.

I don’t know how to thank you. In my darkest hours I just waited for your emails, because I knew that they would relate to how I was feeling and every time, they did not let me down. Always a glimmer of hope, you kept me going when I felt that all was lost. Trying to feel strong for my daughter when I was falling apart was not easy in the beginning. (Note:  It’s often not easy when you start having Feel It Real sessions, but remember – that’s your job – feel it real and walk in the state of the wish fulfilled.)  My feel it real sessions, however, gave me strength and purpose. I came to the stage where they were real and nothing else was acceptable and this was the outcome.

How do I thank you? I don’t know, but please know this much, what you do I pure LOVE and I hope that you are rewarded with all the best life can offer. It is with the deepest of gratitude that I say THANK YOU!

You will be forever in my heart. God bless!

Melbourne Australia

Thank you Sue Marie for the amazing testimonial on what happens when you follow the Feel It Real program.  What a great opportunity you have experienced.  You have created wonderful circumstance in the life of you and your daughter, and you have powerful proof that it works – proof that will encourage you (and your family) to keep using this amazing power that we are for the rest of your lives.   Many blessings.

Let’s dive in to your Neville Goddard Week In Review.

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  • You are probably making this mistake too, if you have read Tony Robbins, or almost ANY of the self help books put out in the past 30 years.  For some reason they keep teaching people to do the opposite of what Neville teaches. Read How To Stop Pretending and Start Living Your Wish Fulfilled.
  • Are you using these  TWO SIMPLE WORDS to take charge of your health and wealth?   Here is a simple Feel It Real method that a 7 year old can use, and you can use it today to get healthy faster.  The faster you use it, the faster it will work for you.  And read how I used it to drop my blood pressure over 40 points in just a few short weeks using this Neville Goddard Method – Click Here

It was another great week here in the Neville Goddard Community.   We are growing by leaps and bounds, and sharing the best of Neville Goddard Simplified because you keep asking your questions, sharing your stories and taking action to change your lives.  Feel It Real Works, all you have to do is follow the formulas and stop doing new agey stuff that simply feels good (not real) and gets in the way.

That’s it for today, thank you for being a part of this wonderful movement, and thank you for being you.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Ken says:

    This is an awesome testimony. This is so wonderful. If makes me feel so good. Truly with God all things are possible. Thanks for sharing.