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How You Can Stop Mental Miscarriage – Free Neville Goddard

“This part of Neville Goddard’s teaching actually confuses me a bit. The idea of a “mental miscarriage” almost seems to suggest that you should only imagine what you want for a single session. Any further imagination sessions on the same topic could be construed as “digging up the seed.” How can I be sure that my daily imagination sessions aren’t “digging up the seed?”

Hey mate,

Eliminating what Neville calls Mental Miscarriage is vital – if you are going to create and manifest what you want in life – and to help you more fully enjoy the adventure of waking up to your real nature. Here is what Neville has to say about Mental Miscarriage – what it is and how to put an end to it – Courtesy of our book FREEDOM

Lesson 70: “You did the work, all you need do is simply leave it alone and don’t raise one finger to make it so and don’t discuss it with anyone else or with the one who asked it of you. If they keep on bothering you in saying about when, don’t answer them. You planted it, you did what they asked you to do and that’s all that you can do.”

“If they are anxious about it, then let them bring about their own mental miscarriage. What do you do after pregnancy, there’s no such thing as a little pregnancy. Pregnancy and then in the fullness of time the child is born. So in the fullness of time what you did in your imagination will be born. So leave it alone.” – Neville Goddard

Mental miscarriage is possible – if you feel anxiety.

Why would you feel anxiety?  Anxiety means that you haven’t fully felt it as real, and are not currently walking in the state of the wish fulfilled. Eliminate this with your sessions. Notice if you are reacting to the world FROM your ideal state – as the ideal you. If you are not, then stop, enter into that state so fully that YOUR IDEAL YOU is what reacts to the world. Embody the state of the wish fulfilled.

POWER POINT:   Don’t EVER be hopeful – hopeful is DOUBTFUL in disguise.   Don’t TALK hopefully either.  If we ever get asked about something that is “in the works”, that’s what we tell people – “It’s in the works, it’s a DONE DEAL.”    We live from that conviction and so can you.   Follow-The-Formula.

TODAY’S TAKE AWAY: Do daily Feel It Real sessions.   Every time you do a session right, you FEED the state.   You become STRONGER IN THE STATE and that eliminates DOUBT.   Take a few minutes, several times a day and Follow-The-Formula.  Construct a state that implies that you have mastered the methods we share here and in the Power Packs. Feeling yourself as having mastered the material here will amplify your results.

Remember, your Feel It Real sessions are like meals.   They give “the state of the wish fulfilled” the nutrition and the energy it needs – to live in you – to live in your life – so you can react to the world as that ideal man you have wished to be.

Have an amazing day, and remember to Feel Your Ideal as Real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria



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  1. Dawn says:

    I Love you, your website, your books and all your great work – but I don’t think that you really answered the question. There are numerous instances where Neville references individuals who repeated their imaginal activity for months before they got their results. Regarding your comment that Feel it Real sessions are like “meals” – you didn’t quite complete the idea that we require several meals a day to nourish the body – although that is likely to be what you meant. When I catch myself not living from my desired state – I know one thing. I need to go back into the silence and re position myself once more. The sooner the better. To me digging up the seed means that you are constantly looking over your shoulder, and/or trying to figure out what you can do to MAKE it happen, or to figure out how to manifest it through your own efforts – rather than reminding yourself that it already has formed itself energetically and you just have to wait and dream about how marvelous that state will be as it takes 3rd dimensional form. I love to playfully add to my imaginations walking around during the day . It helps keep me in that state. And, I have had amazing success for myself and my clients doing this. Keep up the good work TT. You are the best.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Dawn,

    We definitely notice multiple sessions are VERY beneficial.

    And agree with you, they are delightful. Just like eating “many meals”.

    Dig up less, eat more.

    Many blessings,

    TT and V

  3. Daisy Boo says:


  4. Lisa Marie says:

    AS evidenced over and over in my life, my living: I now have a television show about to be filmed, a talk show with high level guests from the self awareness industry, high level and powerful hosts, a smart and motivated team – all from ground zero. In 90 days. No
    money. I stood, asked and then expected. Miracle up Miracle has been heaped upon me as a fully self funded expert show is being filmed and already in distribution to the end product. The end state. Standing in my big dream of the wish fulfilled.
    And here it is, now evidenced, beyond anyone's doubt, on my way to LA next week.
    This is the power of living this way. Joyful expression of our states. Thank you TT and V – and neville!

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    Good on you!

    Looking forward to heaps of fun!

    TT and V