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How To Feel It Real For Money – Part 4 – Who is Jimmie Fuller?

How to Speed Up Your Money Manifesting

Lessons from the Jimmie Fuller Story.

Hey mate,

Welcome to How To Feel It Real For Money – The Jimmie Fuller lessons.

One thing we have noticed over the years…

Neville’s methods ALWAYS work, when you are manifesting what REALLY matters to you.   Buckle up, and enjoy how Neville helps us speed up our successes, starting right now.

Todays lesson was inspired by LESSON 46 (of 59) from the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack, where Neville was working with a man who wanted to change his skin color, so he could be more successful.    This is the story of a man called Jimmie Fuller.


“You can start now from scratch and choose the being you want to be. You aren’t going to change the pigment of your skin but you will find your accent or the pigment of skin or your so-called racial background will not be a hindrance.”

“For if a man is ever hindered it can only be the state of consciousness in which he abides that hinders him. Man is freed or constrained by reason of the state of mind in which he persists.” – Neville Goddard

creativepowerflowerJimmie Fuller thought that something in the physical world was holding him back – he thought it was the color of his skin.

Neville, instead of encouraging him to change what really didn’t matter…

Neville got Jimmie to notice what he REALLY wanted and to start imagining THAT – which was true FINANCIAL success – from the inside out.

Remember – Neville’s main teacher was a black man, who knew no limits.  

Neville said his teacher Abdullah went first class all the way, and proved that being black didn’t matter.  What mattered was what he was IMAGINING.

Neville knew changing skin color wasn’t going to happen…

because that wasn’t what really mattered to Jimmy.  And even if it did – the man would still find some reason to remain stuck – until he followed the words of Neville – and simply imagined himself successful – by Following The Formula.

Remember, your skin color, your age, your sex, your education, can NEVER hold you back.   On the other hand, your state of consciousness – how you feel about your skin color, your age, your sex, your education can hold you back – if you choose to use it as an excuse – to stay stuck.

Here’s how to SPEED UP your success!

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FROM THE INTRODUCTION: The Simple 2 Step Solution…

…from Neville Goddard’s Prosperity Pack

  • First, stop blaming ANYTHING physical in the world for your circumstances. Cause is ALWAYS in the imagination. Shift your state of consciousness and your whole world changes. But if you blame the physical for the state you are in – you will stay stuck or change slowly.
  • Next, “Choose the being you want to be.” There is more to this than just saying – I want to be a millionaire, or I want to be rich. When I chose to be a trainer – I naturally started doing what trainers do. When I chose to be a wealthy trainer, I started doing what wealthy trainers do.  (No more needing to hide in my old comfort zone, while having tons more success and joy helping people change their lives BIG TIME.


Remember, Neville says to always be investing.

  • Invest your time.
  • Invest your money.
  • Invest your imaginal acts.

Don’t let anyone or anything distract you.   DIVE DEEPER!  Do what it takes everyday – to change your world – from the inside out.

“Perchance there is someone here who did not hear it – the man is a negro, and his problem was that because he was a negro, all the marks and stripes of the world were against him.”

“I tried to convince him it was only in his own mind that these stripes were placed; his acceptance of that as restriction made it restriction, but if he could only drop it by non-acceptance, by complete indifference, to the pigment of skin he could accomplish his every dream by acceptance of it now.”

“Well, in the last year, Jimmie Fuller by complete acceptance, investing his moment, his now, has turned the year into a net profit of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. He did not have one penny when he started; he did not raise large capital; he didn’t have it. He only invested God’s coin. God gave it to him. He gave him the moment, which is time. So instead of spending his thought, which everyone has, and spending his time.” – Neville Goddard

how_to_feel_it_real_for_money_skin_neville_goddardI (TT) used to blame my lack of success on being WHITE…

…on being to young, on being hurt at work, on being married to the wrong woman.   I blamed everything and everyone.   And I tried changing everything I thought I could.

But it wasn’t until I Imagined – until I began to Follow The Formula and Feel It Real that life changed for me – big time.

Ready for Rock Solid Results too?  

Then dive in, dive DEEPER and totally transform your life.

You and your dreams are so worth it!  Inspired by lesson 46 (of 59) from the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack and your emails.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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I found it so beneficial that when I finished the course I didn’t want it to end so I go back and randomly open a page to a lesson and keep the momentum up and the abundance energy it creates for me.

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Kim Phillips – Director KPC Consulting.

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  1. Jose Salvador Palomeke Moreno says:

    He logrado leer estos magníficos artículos a través del traductor de google, me he podido dar cuenta de esos paquetes que están promoviendo que serían maravillosos para mucha gente si los dieran a conocer en español bien traducidos pues con el traductor de google, aunque sirve de algo deja mucho que desear. Ojala nos hagan el favor. Hay mucha gente queriéndolos comprar en español. Muchas gracias.

  2. JOAN says:

    ;;;$200.00 JUST SHOWED UP ,,,,YEAAAA

  3. Harsha says:

    The key is the state of consciousness NOT the action or doing “what it takes”. Entering into strenuous action (i.e. acts without adequate conviction backing them) usually causes failure or backlash. It is vital to expand one’s comfort zone within and this, when accurately done, will lead to the requisite action quite “effortlessly” (i.e. without strain). I have engaged in such strenuous or even hopeful action but with very little success: it was only when my belief backed up the action to dominant (let’s say more than 50% positive)

  4. Harsha says:

    Sorry, I didn’t finish that last comment. So taking off from the last section:
    It was only when my belief adequately backed up my action (let’s say it was at least 51% positive) that I made the sustained progress.

  5. Harsha says:

    In short: always stay within your comfort zone when it comes to acting. Any expansion or pushing the boundaries should be done in the imagination.

  6. Juan Hernandez says:

    Hola José, tal vez ya conoces éste sitio, pero si no, te lo recomiendo…

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Harsha,

    Personally, I’m almost always never in what most people would call “the comfort zone”. As long as we imagine a comfort zone – and something outside of it – that model will influence behavior.

    I’m almost always in the zone of “stepping out” and “stepping up” even more.

    Have fun with that one mate!

    TT and V too

  8. Harsha Paulraj says:

    Hi 20-20,
    Thanks for the great site and articles.
    When I say comfort zone, I don’t mean do the same things you’ve done before, but do things when you have a generally positive mindset with regards to the objective or at least, in general. If we followed Neville’s “assuming the state of the wish fulfilled” fully, then we should we feel perfectly comfortable acting towards our goal. My personal experience is that everything in our world is a perfect reflection of who we are (which is the result of our persistent imagination) so we don’t really need to “try” to do anything to make the world reflect who we are: we can ONLY do that which we are and the world can only reflect that which we are. The only way round this is to hold a strong belief that the world will reflect things in a different way, but that is still the result of who we are within. I hope this is making sense. 🙂
    Best, Harsha.

  9. Dale Griffin says:

    I was so "STUCK" blaming what happened five years ago that I really could not get anywhere, no matter how hard or what i tried. I did not even realize that this was where the problem was. Thank you Mr. TwentyTwenty for the products you have developed to help people like myself clear our minds up….I just purchased the Prosperity Pack and boy is it GREAT!!!! I AM excited about the opportunities that will now open up as i put this information to use!!!! Thank you again!!!!

  10. Beth Smith says:

    this made me go back, to what I said to my step-mom, I was in high school, and I told her I wanted to be a 1st grade teacher, had my mind set on it, and then she said, there are too many, so as a young kid, I believed her………

  11. lisa says:

    My Life – My Income – has increased exponentially, and easily… and there is nothing to “point” to. I accept it all, it is as though when I hear someone around me say something is hard, times are tough, things can’t happen that easily… I just choose to not participate. It throws people off… and yet my evidence HAS shown up, continues to – so I am at a place to (begin) to truly stand in evidence that helps people around me consider.
    To choose the state I want to live in and offer from.
    Yes, thank you TT and V. I especially love the part about thinking when I was younger that I (too) wanted be older etc…
    Cool stuff.

  12. lisa says:

    WHAT A GREAT STATEMENT, YES! Thanks for that sounds byte TT.

  13. jwinnovation says:

    this made me go back, to what I said to my step-mom, I was in high school, and I told her I wanted to be a 1st grade teacher, had my mind set on it, and then she said, there are too many, so as a young kid, I believed her………

  14. lisa says:

    I love the comment about the Comfort Zone.
    Very cool – I had not thought about that…. love it.
    Another mind opening, thanks so much.

  15. Hello Mr Twenty Twenty!
    I was following Neville's teachings when i stumbled on your videos.
    I now follow you and just bought the prosperity pack.
    But for a reason that i don't know, i'm not taking the time to do my sessions.
    Any how, i imagine my desires trough the day.
    I'm building a sale organisation and I have to recruit a lot of people to build a team in the financial services.
    The company gives recognitions to the top leaders for theirs acomplishements, which lead to a great income.
    My question is do i have to imagine every person that i want to rercruit, or do i have to imagine my self receiving recognitions for my acomplishments, which would be the state of the wish fufilled.
    Thank you.
    Stephan L.

  16. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hey Stephan,

    Go into the space where – it’s all done. (Notice if that energizes you.)

    No need to imagine every person, just imagine the true end you want.


    TT and V

  17. Wolfgang says:

    Thank you so very much for this inspiring clip! I follow you everyday and I AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR WONDERFUL WORK.

  18. Bobbie Tunnicliff says:

    Thank you, TT and V: Very inspirational to help me stay on track. Love and Blessings, Bobbie

  19. Momo says:

    Isn’it great when you get some reminders day after day about how we should manifest what we want?

    Your emails are there for that. Thank you TT and V.