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BONUS #2 How To Feel It Real For Money – Part 14 – The Tale Of Two Ladies – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,


What if…

“YOUR  life was never meant to be a struggle!”

And today’s How To Feel It Real For Money lesson, PROVED that to you.

Because when you slowly take apart the lectures like we do in the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack – you can’t help but manifest more money, freedom and security in your life.

(If you took just 5 MINUTES a day and applied 1 of the 59 lessons from the Prosperity Pack to your life – imagine how wonderful your life would become – how many different ways – it will have changed with it.)

Let’s take this from lesson 27 of 59 – and explore some of it’s finer points today so you can manifest the wealth you want.


“Let me tell you of two ladies who came to my meetings, one here on the West Coast and the other in New York City. Both ladies were financially embarrassed. They had no money and no one to turn to. All I asked them to do was assume the feeling of financial security.”

“One lady immediately began to search for the feeling of security. Every day she imagined having all the money she needed to take care of her desires. Then one day she visited a friend, where she met a man she had known intimately 30-odd years ago. When he learned she was penniless, he set up a trust fund for her, providing her with more than she needed to live graciously.”

“When the other lady heard the story she, too, began to assume she had plenty. She told me that in the matter of one week, money began coming in. What did they do? They used their human imagination.”  – Neville Goddard – Lesson 27 of 59 – Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack


In this lesson, Neville teaches us that all you have to do is assume the feeling – of financial security – to let the fun begin.

If you use the lessons today and assume the feeling of financial security, you might set the stage to manifest a building to build a business in like Victor did (Lessons 3 and 29).

  • You might meet an old friend, who gives to you greatly, like the lady above. (Lesson 27)
  • You might take a slow cash flow and turn it into something BIG TIME AGAIN (Lesson 10).
  • You WILL discover that money really is like an endless number of leaves in a boundless forest (Lesson 12.)

Here’s why!

Once you learn these lessons AND choose to live by them,  you get to choose “the level” you wish to live at.

Choose the level of financial security and abundance you want, so the world and all those in it can react to that and live up to your new expectations. 

EXACTLY how your financial freedom happens…

…will be unique to you. Use your wonderful human imagination, and enjoy becoming the new you, and enjoy living in your new world.

Life wasn’t meant to be a struggle, it’s just that you were taught it had to be that way.


It’s time to learn what life is really all about and live the life of your dreams.  Go for it, you deserve it too!   Many blessings to you!

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Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Brian Watosn says:

    Dear Twenty and Victoria, I have been following you for some time, and have been studying Neville intensively. I do believe you are a credible authority on Neville and appreciate all you teach. I accept everything Neville teaches but have a problem with one major point. Why is it so important that we do not believe that Jesus lived as a historical person to follow Neville’s teachings? I get all his philosophy that the Bible is only spiritual phsychology. But Neville’s claim that there is no “historicity” of Jesus is currently challenged on many historical fronts, not just religious fronts? I am finding a hard time merging my belief in what Neville teaches and in the reality of Jesus as a historical person/spiritual guide/divine leader. Please share your thoughts on this. Thank you, Brian

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Brian,

    You don’t need to believe that Jesus never walked the face of the earth for this to work for you mate.

    On the other hand, life seems to be much easier and this stuff much funner, when you don’t make Jesus’s divinity 2000 years ago – more important than your oneness with God now.

    Whether or not one believes Jesus was here, doesn’t seem to matter much.

    Blessings Brian!

    TT and V

  3. Brian Watosn says:

    Thank you Mr. Twenty Twenty. Your response was very helpful to me. Thank you for your teachings.

    Your pal, Brian

  4. Brian says:

    Dear Mr. Twenty Twenty, On second thought, I think this was kind of a light weight answer to a very important question. I am not some Christian evangelist trying to nail you. I really do resonate with much of Neville’s and your teachings. But I also was raised to believe Jesus existed as a spiritual leader, if not “lord and savior” and find most respected historians currently support that view. I am sure you at one time explored this juxtaposition in your own faith as you learned of and studied Neville? Can you please expand on this subject further? I am sure I am not the only person who follows your teachings who is faced with this important question. Perhaps you can expand on this in one of your posts? I am only asking this because I respect your point of view and am trying to learn, explore and expand myself! Neville seems to teach that his exploration of “The Promise” was as important as his teaching of “the Law.”

    Thank you, Brian

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Brian,

    People tend to create or adopt concepts of God. And they tend to create or adopt concepts about “themselves” and others too.

    Those concepts will always get in the way of direct discovery and easy happiness.

    Abandoning your concept of you – will allow you to move beyond your current limitations.

    Abandoning your concept of God – will allow you to move beyond all kinds of limitations too.

    To me, it’s not all that important if Jesus lived historically or didn’t. I personally assume he did, based on all the “ripples”. Same with Abraham Lincoln.

    But it’s not all that important. What is important to me, are the principles Jesus represents.

    Hope that helps mate.



  6. Brian says:

    Thank you TT for responding to me. I really value this exchange. I have decided that Jesus’s spirit is my divine guide to consult with and guide me while making conscious decisions, and God is my Father/co-creator in whom I put my faith to express these choices through Universal mind, imagination and affirmative prayer.

    Feels good to me 🙂 Brian

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks for reaching our Brian!

    Big blessings to you!

    TT and V too

  8. Christine says:

    God the Father, Mary, Jesus, and the other characters in the bible stories are all potential psychological characteristics that we can identify with as experiences that are happening within ourselves. From this perspective we are all Jesus on the same journey to Enlightenment, or Christ Consciousness, which means that Jesus is living NOW, and continues to live out this journey in each and every one of us. We all have the choice of whether or not to give birth (life) to a Living Jesus within, which will lead us to the realisation that we too are one with the Father, always have been, and always will be, or to continue life as if we were on our own, cut off from our inheritance because of our lack of understanding about ourselves and our true purpose in life.

    The material world is but a manifestation of our collective thoughts and as such continues to reveal what we think about with passion. If I wish to find evidence about an historical Jesus I only have to devote myself to the task and evidence will most certainly appear. But as Mr Twenty Twenty says, it doesn’t matter if Jesus did or did not live more than 2000 years ago because the real work is taking place within us now and this work will lead us to the realisation that we are always one with God the Father, or our Divine Self, which is also within.

    As Jesus reputedly said, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within’ so in other words, not to bother looking for it in the past, the future, or in the outer world, and this is what Neville teaches.

    Thanks to Neville, Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria for continuing to reveal the Truth.

  9. Mario says:

    Hi mr. TT, thank you for sharing this. I would appreciate if you can give us a hint how to assume the feeling if financial security. Thanks!

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Mario!

    How would you feel, and how would your life be different if you doubled your income – then doubled it again?

    Begin there.


  11. lisa says:

    Wow, this to me was an interesting thread. A question so directly put and so directly answered. Unwavering you are, Twenty, in your response(s) always. Clarity makes that choice for me – to be or not to be 🙂 – so immediate.
    I love this thread today between you and Brian.

  12. yulanda says:


    What would I do to assume the feeling of wealth? i want more than enough money to cover my needs? It’s hard to assume a sense of security.

  13. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Yulanda,

    In the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack we’ve got heaps of tiny bits that explore this. Here’s one.

    “How would you feel, if your income DOUBLED?” What would your life be like, if you made twice as much money each month?

    How would you feel, how would your life actually change – if you doubled that AGAIN?

    Taking this on with bite size chunks – makes it much more easy to experience and explore.

    Begin there, and keep diving in.


    TT and V

    PS: “feeling of wealth” doesn’t work for many people – because “wealth” is just a concept to them. You can’t feel concepts. But you can feel DOUBLE your income. That’s why we’ve got all these yummy success stories. We keep teaching and exploring TINY SHIFTS like this that create massive change. Have a great day!

  14. MaryAnne P says:

    I’m so glad Brian asked this question because it is something I struggle with also. I have no problem learning that all the biblical characters such as Abraham and Moses etc. are states of consciousness that we all passed through but as a recovering Catholic, I struggle with the character of Jesus! Neville as far as I can tell is the only teacher out there that spoke to the true reason for the Buble and he has taught me so much about this unbelievably difficult set of books!!
    So TT – just curious-it sounds like you personally do feel there was a human being call Jesus that walked the earth? And did the things he did? I truly know it makes no difference at all at this point in my Neville learnings but it is interesting to think about it.

  15. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi MaryAnne!

    I personally don’t know if there was – or not.

    It really doesn’t matter to me. Jesus DEFINITELY is as Neville describes….

    And if “Jesus” walked the earth – or not – I don’t have any first hand data.

    Here’s what’s cool, it really doesn’t matter…..

    From what I can tell.

    How’s that?


  16. Mario says:

    How do we really feel financially secured? How do we do it? How do we imagine it? Any advise? Thanks!

  17. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Mario!

    There are quite a few ways you could do this mate. I’d suggest playing with the three main tools we share in this little free program here: Go have fun!