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BONUS #1: How To Feel It Real for Money – Free Neville Goddard

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“My income was great for the first 7 months of last year, and then suddenly it stopped. I am wondering if it was due to my fear of “Oh I hope this doesn’t stop” slowed down the income. It’s a cycle I have been going through for many years now, some months are good, some are really good and then the same difficulty and challenges for months at a time. I have been trying really hard since January this year and it seems the more I am trying the slower things are becoming.” – James

Neville Goddard QuotesHey mate,

Today as we continue to dive in to How To Feel It Real for Money, sit back, take notes, apply wildly. Because when you slowly take apart the lectures like we do in the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack – you can’t help but manifest more money and security in your life.

(If you took just 5 minutes a day and applied 1 of the 59 lessons from the Prosperity Pack to your life – imagine how wonderful your life would become.)

Let’s take this from lesson 10 of 59 – and explore some of it’s finer points today so you can manifest as you wish.


A friend recently told me that he started his little restaurant in Oahu with only $180 in the bank and many debtors. This was just a few years ago. Tonight the estimated value of his business is over $100,000…

He started his business in a very small manner, maintaining his conviction that it was a success, and things happened to make it so; but they were not the cause. His success was caused by his imagination.

When things were beginning to go slow he would remember the law. He remembered that the negative things which were happening were caused by his thoughts so he changed them, and now has this wonderful opportunity for expansion. THE CREATOR – Neville Goddard


What do you do in your life when things slow down?

  • Do you panic?
  • Do you start pushing and shoving – trying to force a change?
  • Do you just blame who is on political office or the time of year?
  • Or do you Remember The Law.

“When things would start to go slow, he would remember the law.”

I used to get a bit worked up when I got hate mail. Believe it or not, there are people out there who write nasty emails, when they disagree with what you write, or what you do. When I would get worked up about stuff like that, I noticed that business would slow down for a bit.

how_to_feel_it_real_for_money_6PERSONAL POWER POINT:  My upset state, slowed things down.

Because I wasn’t focused from creating prosperity in my life and in the lives of others – so things slowed down. Today, when I experience an upset, I stop, rest, and start to make changes in my wonderful human imagination. Then the fun begins again.

“I REMEMBERED THE LAW – Then I Followed The Formula!”


When things slow down, take some time and notice if you have any upsets inside your mind.


Notice if you are expecting things to slow down, because you REALLY DO think “this is when they do”.

This might not be obvious at fist, but seek out and negative expectation in your mind and and REVISE. This works wonders as well, if you have been experiencing cycles of prosperity and lack. REVISE them, so that the cycles stop repeating in your life.


Replace any upset or negative cycle in your life with your IDEAL.

I would take an old hate mail…

…and REVISE  it into a powerful productive email, one that praised my work, and offered pointers for taking it up to an even higher level. This is easy to do and great fun. We’ve even had a few people write us back months later after sending us emails like that, who have become good friends.

POWERPOINT: Remember the Law. When things slow down, and when things speed back up – and when things reach new heights in your life – it’s all because of one reason. That reason is the state you live in – what you are imagining about life. Remember the Law – What you Feel As Real Manifests in your world. And if things slow down, don’t beat yourself up, not for one second.

Just dive back in, Feel As Real what you choose to have and be in the world. Feel As Real right now the level of success, wealth and happiness you want, and enjoy the adventure. Increasing wealth can be yours, just KEEP DIVING DEEPER and Follow-The-Formula.

Today’s lesson was inspired by Lesson 10 of the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack.  

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Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Sharon Brown says:

    Hello i thank you for all the wonderful teachings and helpfullness. I am new to this new way of thinking. I have always known what i want out of life and how i want my life to be, what i never had was the support or home lesson of having the kind of faith that moves mountains and changes life i grew up thinking that if you dream then you are living in LaLa land. But now i know the truth and have been searching and studing all the teachings i could find on living the life i was born to live, and the secret to aboundance. I would love to learn more about manifesting my dreams and money so that i can provide for myself and family. And finally live the way the creator created me to live and have all the experiences of wealth and aboundances. I also have a small resturant in Stmaarten Netherlands Antilles it a island in the carribean. Right now business is slow but now i know why its all because how i feel and think. I am removing all feeling that ate affecting my progress and wealth. Thank you for the lessons needed☺. I am also going to sign up for the proserity lessons that you have just as soon as i can fine the extra money to pay for it the end of Febuary month.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good on you Sharon!

    Great to have you here.

    Many blessings!

    TT and V

    PS: Send us photos of your resturant!

  3. lisa says:

    Twenty, this is a lovely lesson. Just tonight I found I needed some RE-minding. Thank you.
    Erase and Replace.
    Love you

  4. Cindy in NYC says:

    I decided, after revising several past conversations I was not pleased about, to do my feel it real. And then, out of the blue, as so often happens with me – I received a textmail from my sister, about to begin teaching a class in phys ed, using some untried techniques she had never used before. A capable, experienced, much in demand teacher, for some reason Val was gripped by major doubts and anxiety. Her text said, “Pray for me tomorrow morning”. Instead of praying, I did a feel it real session focusing on HER upcoming class. (I did not tell Val, I merely did this in my session) I imagined her flawlessly going through all the moves, the music and the students as one, Val’s face smiling, as she went through the entire routine with this energized, happy group. And at the end of the class, several of them coming up to tell her, “That was a blast! Phys ed classes are sometimes a drag – but you made things rock, Val!!” I continued sending out that vibe, seeing her grinning at the students who had now become fans of a new class she had just taught for the first time. About an hour ago I got a text from her, “Can you believe it? THEY LOVED MY CLASS!! The Administrator heard about it and wants me to include it in the weekly schedule!” Yes, sis…I can believe it.

  5. Francis says:

    Great 🙂 Thanks TT this is really rock solid Gold.

  6. Ken says:

    Once again. Perfect timing 20!!
    Thank You for your dedication….

  7. Ken in St Louis says:

    By the way NYC Cindy.. Excellent post!! Almost seemed as if Neville himself was telling your story!! So uplifting to read articles or testimonys regards this great universal truth. Always Great to hear feedback from a “Doer of the Word and Not a Hearer Only” Rock Solid!!

    And Blessings Sharon!! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your restaurant

  8. Marilyn Rippee says:

    Loved Cindy’s story and the detail. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. lisa marie says:

    AH, I see my comment up there from July last year… and I am again, just today, in the cycle-end of this very thing. Today. Quick turn out of it. PRACTICED not beating myself up for knowing better on absolutely every level of my sadness and disappointment…

    “The universe responded to my upset state. And because I wasn’t focused on creating prosperity in my life and in the lives of others – so things slowed down. Today, when I experience an upset, I stop, rest, and start to make changes in my wonderful human imagination. Then the fun begins again.”

    Yes, as I write… I am now in this part of the energy cycle of my life.
    The fun is beginning again.
    All in less than a day -instead of months…. THAT is a successful new life pattern, right there! Thank you TT and V