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FINAL – How To Feel It Real For Money – Part 12 – Free Neville Goddard

neville_goddard_quote_secret_of_prayerHey mate,

Did you know – THE ATTITUDE that you have…

when you have to SPEND money – just might determine how much money you MAKE too?

Let’s take a peek into another lesson from the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack, so you  manifest more money in your life.

(Imagine, if you took just 5 minutes a day and applied 1 of the 59 lessons from the Prosperity Pack to your life – how much more wonderful your life would become.)

Today we are exploring lesson 34 of 59 – so you can manifest as you wish. In today’s lesson, you will hear Neville sharing with you one of his core beliefs about money and about prayer. Let’s dive in.


“One day a friend told me that when she was a child, her father would say: “If you have but a dollar and it was necessary for you to spend it, do so as if it were a dry leaf, and you the owner of a boundless forest.” If one really knows how to pray, he could spend his dollar and then reproduce it again. You see, this world is brought into being by man’s imagination, so it is very important to learn the secret of prayer.” – Neville Goddard


Every now and then we get emails from well intending people that say,

“I’d rather give my services away, instead of asking people for their hard earned money for them.”

Think about what their world must be like.


That’s a thought well worth TOTALLY ERASING…

…from your mind, driven by a FEELING it’s time to grow WAY BEYOND – if you want even more prosperity in your life.

Here is why we bring that up.


“If you ASSUME that you are taking other people’s hard earned money to get yours, then guess what.   Money will be hard for you to earn, keep and enjoy, because you have assumed “money is hard”.

Welcome to the world of Neville Goddard.

heartwood_flower_2In our world, money flows freely. The more it flows, the more it grows.  When a bill shows up, we pay it.  We don’t let it sit there, reminding us that “we owe money” to someone. We do as Nevile shared above.

“We spend it as if it were a dry leaf, and you the owner of a boundless forest.”

Get how cool diving into this way of life is?

You get the bill out of your consciousness, you pay it.   You apply the Prosperity Lessons and  imagine and live from “wise productive use of money” money because you believe and you notice how more and more money shows up in your life.

POWER POINT:  Your focus shifts from “owing money”, to you  OWNING MONEY.

Because MONEY IS EASY and it effortlessly abundant in when you live like this.

It’s that simple. So to help you move more fully into this lovely world where money flows.   Ask yourself, “What do I imagine is true – about money?” 

Do you imagine that it is hard earned?  Do you imagine that it is scarce?   Or do you pay the bills, enjoy your life and invest it freely?

That’s why we developed The Prosperity Pack.

To help you make the changes that you’ve noticed you need.  So dive deeper into it!

Get the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack – Change Your Life Now – Click here

Next… Let’s keep going!

How many ways do you let yourself get paid and blessed?

In our lives, I notice that Victoria and I get the most amazing deals on eBay, incredible bargains on our favorite foods, and we get given the coolest gifts by people we meet along the way.

Those are just a few of the hundreds of ways that we get given to financially – for fun – besides earning money. We just picked up two beautiful pieces of furniture for our home, lovely pieces of furniture, for about 10 cents on the dollar.

Update:  We just bought a lovely stained glass window for our cottage out back, for just $100 bucks.  It was in a home that was being demolished that DAY, and worth well over $1,000 bucks in ANY shop. – THIS IS HOW WE DO IT!

We don’t look hard for them.

We never sweat it out. We simply KNOW that “I Am What Creates Wealth.   That makes it easy for “ALL THAT IS – all that we are – for everyone” to give to us, generously.  We simply HAVE FUN finding great deals, lovely stuff that other people want to make sure gets a good home – and we provide it.

Power Point #2:  Use what we are teaching to let go of beliefs like “hard earned money”.  


Adopt in their place simple, fun, profitable and pleasing money beliefs AND behaviors, like what we teach.

And allow yourself to have a loving and lovely relationship with money, with wealth and with all that is pleasing in your life.

It’s time to rewrite your core money beliefs!

It’s time to rewire the inner most portions of your mind and being – so you can live in the natural world of abundance that is your birthright.

It’s been a pleasure for us sharing this special series with you.

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Today’s lesson was inspired by Lesson 34 of the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack.   You can get all 59 lessons, the bonus audio recordings and the rest of the massive handbook and amazing package below.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Get the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack – Change Your Life Now – Click here

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  1. ify says:

    I can not loan and listen to any message is it because I am in Nigeria Africa?

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    No clue Ify.

    Can you get youtube there? (That’s where our videos are hosted.)

    TT and V

  3. Today I learned that "Nothing is for free, and you pay for what you get with what you loose." That is from "Hermes Teachings". Giving a service and getting paid for it is the natural way of life. Those who expect things for free are only limiting themselves.I used to think that people should give away their teachings for free until I learned better. Now I get so much free stuff that I don't have the time nor the desire to look into them. I have grown up. And you do give away your lessons for free Mr. Twenty Twenty. Like the one above. Thank you so much. 🙂

  4. Greg Greene says:

    I can't quote the law. But it goes to value. The more valuable you make yourself. The more consciousness sends your way. I had someone who was extremely wealthy financially tell me once. That he had a huge trust fund. The trust fund was all of the people he had met in his life. If he ever needed anything he could go to any one of them and it would be so!! And they knew that they could do the same with him. Because of Value! It had nothing to do with cash. But the value of those relationships!!

  5. Greg Greene says:

    Here is another one! I once had a judge tell me "You have an obligation to make a profit" It's irresponsible to not make a profit. Because you are not serving the community in which you live. You need to be able to stay in business, employ people and offer your products and services. That way you are a benefit to your community and not a drain on it.

    The wise productive use of money benefits everyone! I think that's what his message was!! Be well, Make a profit, or you are doing those that rely on you a disservice!!!!

  6. Marilyn Rippee says:

    Love Greg’s posting! Hits home for me! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Dears TT and V, you appeared in my life recently, after having followed a Deepak Chopra’s 21 days seminar to reach the abundance, by following his teachings about the 7 laws for success, very good all. Now I am reading yours and I’d like to add this comment. since a couple of years I am experiencing something never before happened to me or perhaps I wasn’t aware of it: money flows daily to me at the very last minute, unpredictably and in the exact amount that I need, always for urgent matters. Realizing this brought down my usual anxiety regarding having to make money for… and that’s fine because I have learnt to live in the present time, very good. However I have some pending debts (with the banks and credit cards) which I having been capable to cancel no matter how much I will paying these or my efforts working hard to earn more to be able to pay it. may I ask you why is it my positiviness not being enough? what is it that I need to learn now? thanks both in advance and very best wishes to everybody this Easter. Regards from Mar del Plata, Argentina. Roberto Verri.

  8. lisa says:

    I love this particular lesson/training… and I decided it was worth a reply to you here, my new friend in the thread… that yes, Twenty – you give away so much. I receive a lesson, intimate and refined at the same time – every single day – as you fulfill your desire.
    Ah, I think you are truly living the way you are decided to be. A role model from inside out.

  9. Dennis says:

    Great lesson TT&V and thanks for the sneak previews of the work you do! I had been totally guilty of viewing bills as a stressful thing, from the mindset of lack. As a result of that I had trouble paying all my bills every month, the crazy part? I make more than enough to pay them all with a lot left over! It was my mindset that created the shortage and not my income. I dove into that after reading one of Nevilles lessons on it and discovered it was a leftover limitation from a time when I didn’t make enough. Funny how those things can hang on! This was a great reinforcement.

  10. Zarah says:

    Hi TT and V,

    I’d also welcome a further response to Roberto’s question since I have what seems to be a very similar issue…i’m always just scraping by on a day to day basis, never completely destitute yet some seemingly unshiftable debts that do weigh me down and i want to be debt free as well as having a sure steady reliable income that allows for a bit of spontaneity and extras from time to time.

    I think the difficulty lies in wisely investing what I have available to me whilst determining what is perhaps unnecessary indulgence because let’s face it, hardly anyone in the western world actually needs yet another pair of shoes!!!

    I seem to remember Neville has an interesting lecture quoting from the bible about our obligation to be well clothed…think I would like to revisit that one, just cannot find it – any ideas on that please?

    Lastly, yes, living a very much NOW existence is a huge plus, albeit I have to admit I haven’t nailed that totally yet, there is this fear underneath…how do I pay those debts, I really want to move on and fully become this new person who does not owe anyone and instead brings and generates value in this world.

    I look forward to your thoughts on this, have a wonderful day, blessings, Zarah

    PS I did the manifesting money course and the manifesting mastery one, am re-visiting both frequently but somehow don’t seem to get it….and if you check back on past emails there is a rather sad ps to the X5 story, too…it broke down last week and is sitting in a garage with problem after problem since…

  11. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Roberto,

    That often happens when the focus is on “manifesting the money”, instead of being one – who always has a enough.

    Notice we moved from manifesting a “thing”, to a whole new YOU.

    And the other courses, they could be teaching you the exact opposite of what we are sharing here. Most of the ones we’ve peeked at do.

    Time to stop manifesting “golden eggs” and manifest YOU as the golden goose.


    TT and V

  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Zarah!

    You mentioned, “it’s the fear underneath”….

    That’s it.

    Peek around on the site here, use the search box and look up “fear”.

    The fear will be what causes “problem after problem” and barely getting by.


    TT and V

    PS: This is why we put out both the “fear” and the “guilt” and the “anxiety” programs. (Which are totally different programs.) You can manifest like crazy, have heaps of success, and also create heaps of problems at the same time – if “fear” and “guilt” and “anxiety” aren’t taken care of.

  13. Zarah says:

    I got to exactly the same conclusion whilst re-reading my comment! And I do feel confident that investing some$$ in you and me will bring me only good stuff….may my credit card forgive me!!

    Appreciation to you guys

  14. Zarah says:

    Love the golden goose transformation, brilliant!!

  15. lisa says:

    This is so interesting to me today and I want to share this: my partner and I have a healthier and healthier understanding of money, income. Of Plenty. Then, of Abundance. Then, of creation of abundance.
    A year ago we were still saying…”when we have plenty of money we will….”
    On that short list was – buy organics, 100%.

    We have done that. With zero thought to cost we focused and continue to focus only on
    1. how good we feel making the shift to environment and self great and free we feel to NOT LOOK at and COMPARE pricing…

    we…..have our entire house from good to toothpaste to all organic, healthy intake. And the thing I forgot to “imagine”….is how I FEEL WHEN I AM BEING THE PERSON WHO BELIEVES IN THESE THINGS.
    It rocks.

    Also, now we are looking at Kentucky Farms looking for our house/land – that we see and describe. NOT looking within a price range, or what we may settle for whenever after the Sabbath we are complete…. no now it is with joy, freedom, confidence that we search for the photo and feeling of the home/land as we describe to to one another…and prices range from 180k to 1.8M as we view…and it make NO DIFFERENCE to us. We will see the exact home, and we willbuy it.
    it is already done. Very Powerful to remember we are the Operant Power.

    Thanks Guys!

  16. Llisa says:

    Well here I am again, as my email spits forth another lesson and jewel…and I read it anew. You know, I had a friend ask me: if this (neville) is so great in the lessons… how come you “need” to keep reading them….
    Well, firstly, this person is dreadfully =unhappy, and in a world where money is INDEED hard earned…even though I have gifted her, showed her…how her new bathroom could just appear in her life (remember my share about that?)
    anyway anyway – I read you, read neville, come here, share here..because it feels so good. the reminder(s) for me until I am 100% living in that state of understanding this power..and accepting this power..I slip from time to time. I know…what the lesson is. It is that sometimes my emotions and old habits pull me into a current of drama that is familiar. the cool thing, right now – is not that I worry about it happening etc… but that I am able to see how quickly, and how completely, I re-cover from something and choose again.
    Accepting the responsibility of ALL of my still a practice in action, but not in thought.

    Plus: I can always appreciate a higher mind in action. I can always enjoy a superior conversation and sharing as I decide to…make it my benchmark for participation in my life. I love your new car, your dog, your camera, your life…. as I love all my own too. So few people REALLY….know that.

  17. Mary Ann says:

    Thank You! I loved the cool attitude about how money treats you and vice versa. The “golden goose” analogy just felt perfect. I can shift to manifesting my new self and all the goodness is for me and my life – not something far away that I’m trying to bring to me. I’m sure we all love your response regarding hard earned money. This is helping my heart around money and life in general. Love

  18. Llisa says:

    I also love this…change on the proverb of laying the golden eggs. I can so identify with that. I have always….made the manifestation of the thing/the money/the opportunity… and I have grown into a comfort of that. I also have decided to “make a lot of money once and for all” – and although I have read this is right on time. Not focusing on the “making of the money” but rather, assuming the state of one that always has abundance in all ways.
    I am trying that on now, very deliberately.
    Hmmm.. expecting a great shift!

  19. SFV says:

    I agree with the part where people ‘want it free’ but should pay for some stuff. They have the money to pay for their net usage or their Iphones. So they must have money to buy your products too.

    I live in India. I had been thinking that for my products and stuff like that there might not be so many people willing to pay as much as I think is a fair price. Market price. Then I was told that the number of people who have Rs25 Crores free cash in the bank is growing. This is about 37 MILLION US Dollars! That shocked me! When I was told that, it took me time to realise that if there are so many people willing to pay (approx $200) for even a ticket then asking fair price for my products should not be such a hard thing for me. But it is still taking me time to accept this fact.

    It is my mindset about it that needs to change. It has for those people who have 37 Million dollars free cash in their bank accounts! And this is in India! They have the money because somewhere they changed their mindsets about how much they could receive. If they did it then so can the rest of us. Again it is not about the large amount of money. It is about how much I am willing to receive for my work. where I thought there were not many people who had the money to pay fair price, now I know there are many. It is I who have to change it within.

  20. SFV says:

    37 million is actually: 4 Million dollars to hundreds of millions after all the selling and buying of businesses! Some people even gamble with $10,000 at a time. A whole write up was about these ultra rich in India Today magazine.

  21. Doug says:

    Jesus said at Matthew 10:8, “Freely you received, freely give.”

  22. Well, my recycling here on Union Square has aways been ‘for free’, but over these past years as I have embraced more and more of Neville’s ideas and concepts, weaving them snugly through the fibers of my life, I not only have ‘cool stuff still showing up’..but I am now getting paid for my volunteering to pass along good, usable items. For example, my group, FLOTSAM, RECONSIDERED, creates links between things disposed of – and the people who need them. In this case, the “bridge of incident” me, myself. For example, a longtime client always gets first choice on my items. Yesterday, we received a ‘pass along’, a lovely designer dress with tags still on it – like $75. And after the I sent the client a foto text, the woman said, “Oh, I’m going to pay you for this, no problem. What a great dress!” The mantra Neville uses in more than one of his lectures: “I have a lavish, steady, dependable income consistent with integrity and mutual benefit” It is on my lips, and in my head, often. These cool people are now paying customers! What is my point? Volunteering, with open hands is important in our world, and doing it gives me such a buzz, I can’t even tell you. But then following it up with, “What I do is create value in the world. Then if I create has (of course!) as I said…VALUE IN THE WORLD. Dollars and cents. I do not always charge a fee, but nowadays – more often than not money ‘just turns up..” along with lots of freebies. Yesterday I went to my favorite vitamin store to stock up on an herbal remedy I like to use. And this is the place where we always bought supplements/homeo-pathics for my late mom, when we were home caring her. (Those of you who know my family, are aware mother peacefully passed at home, at 95 in June, 2017) The vitamin store clerk, as I was checking out, waved my money away, saying, “You took such great care of your mother – please, these are a gift, from the store to your family..” ($25 worth of vitamins? Boom!!) Catch the mood, Neville also says. The mood being “I create it, from my own wonderful human imagination..”

  23. Update: October 2017 – Last evening I attended an alumni dinner on the Upper East Side. Later as I walked to the Avenue, I hailed a taxi, instead of riding the subway. It was after dark, but I did not worry for one second ‘being out alone at night”, I simply enjoyed the sights, the sounds and the glittering, enchanted perspective of a NY evening, after a delightful catered buffet. When the cab pulled up near my home, I got out and handed the driver a $20. He said, “I cannot give you change, Miss..”. I smiled, “No worry, keep it, my friend, THERE’S PLENTY MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM!!” This is the way I manifest, and live in my world. FROM that perspective. So it goes. it FLOWS!! Feel it real, pass it along… and watch cool stuff happen!!

  24. Neville Check In: Hi all – I just stopped in an hour ago, at the VERIZON store where I got my cellphone, and chatted with the amazing guy who always helps me. He looked up my records, and said, “You know, you are eligible for an upgrade.” Instead of being nervous about ‘spending more money”, I said, setting my current cellphone on the counter,” Transfer my data…let’s make it happen..” He looked everything up and first said, “By the way you pay only half price for this. Discounts…I’ll also throw in a Tablet, which makes writing easier, and that’s free..” Getting into the manual now for my jazzy new cellphone. Bottom line, the whole deal, soup to nuts, actual laid out money: about $60.00. A slightly higher bill this next month (I am totally cool with that), and then in fact, only a modest charge, for the next few months. Again, it’s NOT: I can’t afford to upgrade/spend more/pay a higher fee.. but instead, “I am the “Conjure Woman” who creates value in the world, the Pocket Philanthropist/ Community Advocate. And this improved technology? It allows me to do all that cool stuff even MORE!!