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UPDATED: How To Feel It Real For Money – Part 11 – Free Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_quote_neville_goddard_homeTODAY’S LESSON:  THE POWER OF BEING AT HOME.

Hey mate,

By request, we are continuing this series on How To Feel It Real For Money on Fridays. Your feedback is amazing, and your testimonials are wonderful.

Thank you for sending them, you can find them in the Success Story section of the site.

So today as we continue to dive in, sit back, take notes, apply wildly so you can FIND REAL FREEDOM!

Because when you slowly take apart the lectures…

…and dive DEEP into them – like we did in the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack – you can’t help but manifest more money in your life.  (If you took just 5 minutes a day and applied 1 of the 59 lessons from the Prosperity Pack to your life – imagine how wonderful your life would become.)

Let’s take this story from lesson 36 of the 59 – and explore some of it’s POWER POINTS today so you can manifest as you wish.

LESSON 36: WHAT NOT TO FOCUS ON – (The Point In Time That Works – The Point in Time That Doesn’t.)

“Do not judge the problem – rather ask yourself what its solution would be. Suppose you were in jail. The solution would be to be out of jail, pardoned, and sleeping in your own home.”

“So, while still confronted with the problem, and lying on your cot in jail, you would close your eyes to the cell and feel you are now home, as a free man. Then fall asleep allowing the maker of all things to create that which will be seen out of that which does not appear.” – Neville Goddard


Notice how Neville doesn’t focus on, EITHER the judge letting you be free, or “the judge saying you are free”, and that he doesn’t focus on “the key turning in the lock of the cell”, or anything like that.

  • Neville focuses on BEING HOME.  
  • Neville has you FEELING as if you are HOME already.

It’s NOT about getting OUT of the jail cell, and it’s NOT about GOING HOME.

Neville TEACHES, it’s about ALREADY – BEING home.  

Let’s see how this applies to your daily life and MANIFESTING MONEY!


(We keep finding beginners who struggle to do their sessions – are making this mistake)

  • “I imagine that I had the money to pay bills” is being stuck on the problem. Because soon again – you’ll be wanting more money – to pay more bills. (Notice the focus is on the bills – again.)

Let’s compare that with what works, “FEELING financially secure already”.

  • “Feeling financially secure” is focused FROM the solution. It’s a general state of being, one that isn’t upset by “the bills”.

how_to_feel_it_real_for_money_fall_asleepDO WHAT VICTORIA AND I DO – EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Take a few moments – every single day – and IMAGINE YOUR IDEAL DAY – but make sure you do it EXACTLY THIS WAY….

POWER POINT:  Imagine the EVENTS OF YOUR DAY ahead – already – having gone your way. 

DON’T SKIP THAT – Here’s why….

Our ideal day (THIS IS EXACTLY how we NOW LIVE, once only imagined, now our reality)has us going to the dog park with Bruce and Emmett in the morning.

Then we come home, do a little work on our projects or on clients projects – stuff we love to do.

Then have lunch.  Do some work around our lovely home and garden (where all our photos and videos come from).  Do a little “work or trading”.   Then Take the dogs for a walk, eat a light lovely dinner, settle in for the evening.

Did you notice?  Our ideal day has money – in the background – it’s already taken care of.  Its a lovely story, and it’s now our reality – because we keep diving deeper into Neville.  We stopped focusing ON “the jail” and started living – FROM home – our chosen state.


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neville goddard prosperity pack

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Did you notice…

That feeling at HOME has no focus of “the jail” in it, not one bit.

(Did you notice feeling financially secure has no mention of “the bills”.)

And then…  did you notice we are truly living in THE CHOSEN END, not in the steps of getting there.  ISN’T THAT SWEET!  (That’s why it works!)

If you have been focused on “ending a negative”, stop that.   Move your focus just a tiny bit to being focused from “living the wish”.  

Today’s lesson is a subtle one, one that we weren’t sure we could share without the Prosperity Pack recordings, but we think it’s one that everyone truly needs – if you are to truly manifest more money and manifest the level of wealth you desire.

Today’s lesson was inspired by Lesson 36 of the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack.

…and you can get all 59 lessons TODAY, along with the bonus audio recordings and the rest of the massive handbook and amazing package below.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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Hi TT and V,

I have an update for you. 

After reaching session 74 of Manifesting Mastery my life is totally changing.

Recently I decided my business, which is currently in its infancy and only done part-time, would grow to be a multi-million pound concern. I did my sessions around it and started to feel like I needed to do nothing because my vision was already true even though the outer world does not yet reflect that belief.

I was a little concerned that I felt no real drive to “do things” to push my business forward but I just continued as normal and then in a flash it came to me … 

… I opened an Excel sheet and the idea poured from my mind effortlessly in minute detail and soon I had a 5 year plan for turning my business in something that will produce £2.5 million PER MONTH. And…….I will not need to do any real work to generate that money. The structure already exists and with the introduction of employees it will take care of itself, with only supervisory input from me.

It is so simple I don’t know how I never seen it before,  as I have already, and I am currently, proving that the system works – its just about building it up.

Although it is possible for me to start this process towards the ultimate 5 year goal myself, by doing specific things, I still do not feel the need to DO anything. So it was no surprise to me that another idea came to me. I had the thought, “all I need is £55,000 to complete the first phase and the rest will be self-funding”. 

So … right now I am asking myself, “I wonder how that £55,000 will come”, as I am sure it is on the way. The process has already started (and I can do things myself to help it on its way) but when my £55,000 turns up in my life the whole thing will happen 100 times faster.

Before I started the MM course I would never have believed any of this was possible. Although I dreamed, I never really believed. Now I am 100% convinced. Thank you for these amazing teachings. You’re stars!

Feel free to use this email or you can wait for the one from me that tells you I got my £55,000. I plan to do a session around sending you that email after I send this one.  

Deepest thankful regards,

Mick – Day 74 – Manifesting Mastery

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  1. V says:

    Perfect timing! I was freaking out and worrying about a financial situation wondering about the ramifications and at the same time trying to switch my mind/imagination to the solution- not how the solution is going to come about but that it is. I’m reminded of the story of the girl on the tram crying and imagining her tears are the salt from the sea. I wish I knew a trick to stop my mind from going into a train wreck mode!

  2. Stacie Hester Moore says:

    Great article… Thanks for the insight. Every little tidbit is so powerful.

  3. Very on point. The key is shifting to fulfillment and trusting this process. In fact, I even thought of doing a feel it real for what it is like after I have faith and trust in this process… to not worry any more and know I am the creative force in my life, creating wholeness, love and prosperity :).

  4. LMARIE says:

    Yes, another perfect gem. The subtle difference is clearly so powerful, this focusing on the desired end. It reminds us the process, the HOW is not our job either. Thanks again for your beautiful clarity.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful , wonderful . We enjoyed your video thoroughly Mr Twenty Twenty. It gives us inspiration every single day and it's a beautiful
    reminder to us of what's truly important and possible! Thank you

  6. Sid Ghosh says:

    Thank you Mr Twenty Twenty for making the teachings of Neville simplified and easy to understand lessons in a segments . Doing a wonderful job . Thanks Again .

  7. Angel Light says:

    Thank you SO much for this wonderful reminder…

    Skip the steps to get there… that is NOT your job… It’s the job of the Maker of All Things…



  8. Lafayette says:

    Dear TT,
    The other day I found your answer to a message I sent in August. It surprised and delighted me.

    Since sending the message, I’ve risen to a higher level of understanding. My overall deposition has changed for the better, and I know now that, that’s an important aspect of feeling it real. The better one feels about themselves, the more confident they’ll be, which in turn leads to accomplishment of their goals. I have scores of Neville’s speech transcripts which I often read. I am confident all that I desire for my good is already mine and in due time I will manifest it into tangible reality.

    Thank you,


  9. Susan Gutt says:

    Very profound difference. Thanx Mr. twenty Twenty. This was like a subtle yet much needed whack on the side of the head. Great work!

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Blessings Susan!

    Keep coming back, we’ve got plenty more goodies on the way!

    TT and V

  11. Oren Farber says:

    Simple and helpful. Thank you

  12. Kevin says:

    Great vid! I LOVE Neville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. helen says:

    hi – this is just what i need to hear/see/feel – ya ya – BE at home (outa jail) BE in the relationship… oh man i been workin waaaay too hard. Love the physical anchor – close fist, close other fist, open fist, open othe fist – well! for kinesthetic me, that makes this so much easier to remember and BE xoxox 🙂 much appreciated as always 🙂

  14. Viv says:

    Great article and Video, TT! I like what you say about visualizing “doubling” your income, and then doubling again, and again. That sounds very workable! Thank you!

  15. lisa says:

    EVERYTHING – EVERYTHING I intake from you…everything I re-read from Neville… everytime I see that beautiful face on a coffee club – I am re-stored, re-minded, re-juvenated into my truest self.
    THIS is how I start my day.

    Much love and appreciation – a year later.

  16. lisa says:

    This is the best Mentorship and Teaching and Sharing there is available to us. Unfettered and uncluttered, you are a channel to my own source. Love that! Thank you a thousand times over. So gld I created you.

  17. Linda says:

    If I order this program will it down load to my mac computer so I can down load it to my iPod.

    Thank you

  18. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Linda!

    That’s what most people do. Download it to a computer, then use itunes etc to put it on the device they want to listen to it on.


  19. I felt/feel it real, (and it’s not about being paid for the story my editor just bought)…but on THE FEELING OF BEING AN AUTHOR WHOSE STORIES ARE SOLD. That feeling, and the thrill of it, which was heartwarming, empowering, freeing, groovy, you name it. I could feel a smile, starting at my toes, and joyfully rippling up my body, finally breaking loose, coming out of both sides of my mouth, then into my hair, which was smiling too. Bat-sh*t crazy? Yeah, but in such a cool way. Ka boom!!!

  20. Peter says:

    Thank you for this lovely lesson. Dive deeper so that you can soar higher. Love it!