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How To Feel It Real for More Money – Part 2

“My husband doesn’t believe. He says since we are older now, that my business idea doesn’t stand a chance. I want to go for it!  What do you think TT and V?”

Hey mate,


It doesn’t matter how old you are…

…who is in political office, or what’s going on in the news, or what your spouse thinks.


  • What you Feel Becomes Real, IF you Follow The Formula.

  • What REALLY matters is what you are going to learn TODAY.  

Let’s dive in!

how_to_feel_it_real_for_money_neville_goddard_2Today’s life changing lesson is inspired by Lesson 26 (of 59) from the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack. (If it blesses you, imagine how all 59 plus written and recorded lessons will TOTALLY transform your world – BIG TIME.)

Let’s dive DEEPER!

Notice how this next quote of Neville’s sets the stage for you to step IMMEDIATELY into the wealth and making more money – no matter what’s happening in your world TODAY.


How many people today can pinpoint their success or failure to their imagination?

“The average man will say: John Brown did it, or the storm, or the president. Only a few will confess that their success or failure was created in their imagination.” – Neville Goddard

You can’t admit that success was created in your imagination – unless you FULLY REALIZE that IMAGINATION is the source and the only source – of your failures and your success.

Maybe you have noticed…

Some people can ONLY make money when their POLITICAL party is in office. Or when ECONOMIC conditions are “just right”. Or when they have someone “bigger” than them to work with.  

Or when their spouse in on board.  (They don’t know what YOU are discovering today!)

And this is why they LOSE their money, when all those “conditions” they imagine are important (they aren’t) don’t line up just right.

Don’t fall ASLEEP and let success slip away!

Those who are asleep blame their success – and their failures – on STUFF in the physical world.   When what is actually causing their success or failure – is what they are imagining.


Remember – at all times – where the power actually is. Notice – at all times – if you are living from this truth.

POWERPOINT: If you want to make or manifest more money ANYTIME, anywhere – then you have to give credit where credit is due – the cause of your wealth and your increasing wealth is ONLY the wonderful human imagination.

Remember, it is your CONSCIOUSNESS that creates your wealth.

So learn how to use it EFFECTIVELY.   Internalize this lesson, and take the other 58 lessons (both the audio recordings and written handbook) in the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack – and your success, wealth and happiness are a done deal.

As Neville says…

…when it’s A DONE DEAL in imagination – it is a DONE deal.  All you have to do is Follow The Formula and give it credit.  Now dive deeper so you can walk in the faith it is done.


I started teaching rare and odd kung fu methods by VIDEO back on February 2, 2002.  I imagine in the world, there were probably more than a few thousand people who could have done that, teach something similar to what I knew – on video – to make money.

There were JUST THREE of us DOING IT….

I was one out of about 3 that I could find online.  THREE people in the whole world, who IMAGINED that teaching these kung fu methods this way was possible.  I BEGAN on ebay….

Now, it wasn’t Ebay that made me a success…

And it wasn’t the stack of new and used video recorders I used to make copies of my tapes. It was my wonderful, human imagination.

Taking what I had in the world of “stones”, facts, physical things, and creating a new reality with them with THE POWER of these teachings!

THOUSANDS of lives were impacted by those videos.

A handful of great friendships formed as well, and that’s what eventually got us HERE online, to create FreeNeville.

Remember:  Neville’s brother Victor?

He stood in front of a huge EMPTY building, he followed the formula, he lived these teachings, and he saw that building change! He saw it in his IMAGINATION with the Goddard name on it.

And you’ll be reading what happened next!  

His family was blessed, his NATION was blessed, Neville was blessed, and today – we are blessed too. And to this day – almost 100 years later – that empire is STILL GROWING!

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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“The average man will say: John Brown did it, or the storm, or the president. Only a few will confess that their success or failure was created in their imagination.” – Neville Goddard

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23 Comments on "How To Feel It Real for More Money – Part 2"

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  1. Jo Japa says:

    Thanks for this. Great simple clear reminder of it all. I stumbled a bit this weekend…recognizing where I was unable to give up last bits and pieces of Out There…(Thanking God for something in gratitude, as I learned… and I felt the tear of confusion: in here…out there…) Intellectually I understand, and agree(?) with it all… every single thing I read from Neville, and even more so when you so beautifully detail it out for us.
    And then, it makes it clear to me where perhaps I have not bought the single Pearl, for sure. Slight shadows shimmering in my mind…of who I ask for help from? Who do I reach out to (or in to) when in my foxhole? HMMMMM big thing to come across this weekend.
    Almost there…I have so much direct experience – conscious experience – of living the life I AM creating…. so, almost there! Thank you.

  2. DB says:

    I would suggest that this lovely lady work on her relationship with her husband. Feel it real that he is excited about her work, supporting it, and interested in learning himself. I tell my clients to write emails back and forth (to themselves) expressing these sentiments – (easier than long hand letters these days but whatever works) and read the email before bed a few times and then crawl under the covers excited about being in a relationship of support.

  3. Venessa Hart says:

    You are providing a wonderful service.

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Venessa!

    Blessings to you!

    TT and V

  5. Brenda Nelson says:

    God is within each of us and is looping the information we need “out” through people like Neville and TT and V . But truly ALL IS WITHIN.
    We are meant to eventually release all outside sources and just turn within for all we seek. Our God – Self has all the answers. ..and better ones than we can get from any looped out source.

  6. Brenda Nelson says:

    Trying to change her husband is not the answer. I disagree with Neville on this sort of thing. It would be better if the woman went within to find the doubts in herself that her husband is reflecting to her. Then ask her God – Self if that part of her recommends starting the business or not. Then act with confidence and full imagination on wha

  7. Brenda Nelson says:

    On whatever she gets.

  8. requin says:

    Thanks Brenda. This is profound and very true.

  9. Denis O'Brien says:

    Once again a 20-20 look into life. Thanks.

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    You are welcome Denis!

    Blessings mate!

  11. Angel Light says:

    To; Brenda
    I don’t think Neville means that one should work on the other person/ie.the husband. In fact, Neville tells to disregard outer appearances (and the husband could be one of them) and turn within to imagine what you’d like to experience. Disregard all outer circumstances and imagine how you’d like it to be!

  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one Angel!

    Nicely done.

    TT and V

  13. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Side note; Imagining someone agreeing with you – so you can feel better – or so that it will work – isn’t really all that great of an approach to life. That implies that the power is outside of you.

    But imagining lovingly for a seeming other – is one of the most powerful things you can do.

    Generally, doubters don’t just doubt one thing, like “the biz”, they tend to have doubt about just about everything. That’s a tough way to live.

    A very loving act could be to imagine for a loved one, who is a doubter – that they have a much more lovely and empowering mindset. Don’t do it for YOU, do it for them. Imagining them as happy, productive and doing what they have doubted that they can do – that’s a priceless gift.

    And it seems to be true in almost every session we do around stuff like this.

    Enjoy and be blessed!

    TT and V

  14. Guy says:

    Yes, spot on Twenty Twenty! I’m on Day 8 of The Manifesting Mastery program and lovin’ it! Guy.

  15. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Guy!

    Keep rocking it mate, and reach out ANYTIME!


    TT and V

  16. lisa says:

    Twenty – again, fabulous lesson and exchanges here. I really enjoyed the spot on clarification within your own story – that YOUR imagination as operative power, not Ebay etc and the tools/people you sought out. Very cool.
    I am just pointedly experimenting with and for a friend over these holidays; she is very sad, heartbroken, lover left etc… and we are doing our first really all-out intention…to feel it real for someone else. (per the conversation above) will keep you posted!

  17. Emily says:

    What an awesome article ! Thank you !

  18. lisa marie says:

    Alright – posting and updating…from the holidays. I am deliberately working with, for, this friend noted above. And she has moved along quite a bit – yet I can report that she has not left her foundational tendencies, at all. Now, the most recent iteration of her perceived demise is her truck is literally about to break down in its final cough – and she uses it for dog rescue, much more important to her than the fact it is also has she gets to her job!
    So we have stepped in, have a successful fund raising to help get a new truck/new engine/new situation – and I am finding, as you mention above- the doing…without the attachment of HOW she gets it…. is doing just great things for me.
    I am walking…in the power of the knowing…I am limitless.

    It is not my job for anyone else to “get” it… but totally my opportunity to express, demonstrate, offer and live by… what I offer.
    So, I have only a slight report on my friend and a huge awareness leap for me!

    I love all you do. I love you.

  19. Cindy in NYC says:

    Walk in faith. Live the example. And feel it real. My sister was overworked at her job, had to leave – but she was concerned about that loss of income. She is a fine musician and singer and she been imagining a music gig, doing what she loved – to replace the teaching job she gave up due to stress. And 24 hours later she got a text from someone she had not heard from in awhile, saying, “Your name just came up for this singing job. I suddenly remembered what an incredible show you did for us last year…I was wondering, would you be interested in a regular weekly performing gig?”

  20. Nat says:

    Wonderful Cindy! Blessings to you and your sis. What a great way to start the new year. So important to share these stories. Thank you.i

  21. Odong Mike Lo'Asio says:

    Hi Twenty Twenty and Victoria,
    I trust that you are aware i am an ardent student of Neville Goddard and your teachings.My amazing contract is ending Feb 2017 and i have been looking around for another job.I have done one great interview and my gut tells me it will work out.My turning point was yesterday…My former BOSS (Supervisor) asked me to email my Resume/CV…..AND Bingo.Its DONE…So how can i calm down and get this job? Some Neville teaching upon this.
    Greetings from Uganda,


  22. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Mike!

    You already know mate. 😉

    It’s not about calming down, it’s about Following The Formula.

    What could you imagine – that would imply – you have that job – and love it – and that they love you?

    Employee of the year?

    Have fun exploring, and dive into THE TOOLBOX for more ways to use the tools.

    Imagining lovingly for you!

    TT and V and the pups!

  23. Gadzookies, how surreal!! I am actually REPLYING TO MYSELF!! Well, some members of our beloved Neville worldwide family know how I recently manifested a check from my father’s estate for close to $60,000. And more monies have begun to arrive in the mail. My husband Ricardo was not exactly a DISCOUNTER or disagree-er, he simply wasn’t engaged or involved (or, clear about) what I was doing. Then, came the check. At the time he happened to have some outstanding small debts, which I told him I would help pay. I had done the feel it reals, including him in the process, without him knowing that! He is, I should add, the most kindly, non selfish of guys. But..when I handed HIM a check for $5,000, and as he toddled off to the bank he grinned, “Honey, bless your imagination…I’m now a made this happen!!” These days, he eagerly says things like, “Let’s manifest this..” And I’ll say, “Time to feel it real? I’ll seal the deal..”