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Making Manifesting Easy – Manifesting Momentum – Free Neville Goddard

neville_goddard_feel_it_realHey mate,

Today you are going to learn how FAST and EASY you can manifest what you want in life – by creating MANIFESTING MOMENTUM.

Let’s dive in and SPEED UP!

I was working with coaching client last week, and I challenged them to give me 10 quick testimonials during our call to help them build their confidence as a manifestor…

At first they stuttered. Then they stammered. Then they asked me to name 10 quick manifestations for them, just to prove that it could be done.

So I did, I named 10 successes that showed up THAT DAY, which I did…  easily… even though it wasn’t even lunch time yet!

And then they did too, it just took them a little bit longer – to do what they thought was IMPOSSIBLE – just a few minutes before.   And once they did that, they experienced a massive shift – one that will bless them forever.

Note: If the thought of giving 10 quick verbal testimonials sounds like a challenge…

…lets read this life changing lesson of Neville’s in a new way.

“Knowing what you want, gear yourself towards it, for the act was committed in the wanting. Faith must now be added, for without faith it is impossible to please God. Can you imagine a state and feel that your imaginal act is now a fact? It costs you nothing to imagine; in fact you are imagining every moment in time, but not consciously.” – Neville Goddard

Neville says you are…

….in fact imagining EVERY moment in time, but for most of us – until you work with what we teach here – you aren’t going to notice how much you imagine – how often it comes true and it’s not going to be consciously.

taijiQuick Example: I was working on THIS very article, and got a little stuck.

I so I geared my self toward getting it done and I imagined being the writer – who is in the flow, and enjoying wRiting effortlessly.

I imagined being the down to earth – simple writer who shares what he loves and what he knows works.

Then for a moment – I sat in the silence – in the faith – knowing – feeling – THIS ARTICLE  is done.

Then – AFTER my session – my mind “wandered” just a little bit…

,.. and I spontaneously imagined – I felt like practicing some kung fu out in the garden. Then I noticed “I” was beginning to stand up and reach for my practice sticks – so I could practice some kung fu stick fighting methods.  Those are always good fun for me and get the blood pumping.

As you can imagine, I naturally ended up in the garden…

…and I found my body doing some wonderful feeling kung fu drills that got me “back in the flow” and here I am writing this article for you.


Manifestation #1 – I manifested what I wanted, being a writer in the state of flow, by not DEFINING what it took to get into the state of flow. (I DISCOVERED it…. instead of DEFINING it.)

Manifestation # 2– I SPONTANEOUSLY IMAGINED – and manifested the body doing kung fu exercises.   Imagining effectively “the body” (part of the universe doing something) created the state – of the body doing it.  This led to the state of flow.

Manifestation #3 – That created BOTH the SPACE and the STATE – for this article – which was already DONE in my mind – to get done – in the physical world.  So I manifested this article – done.   (No force, no will power required.)

learn_how_to_feel_it_realPower Point:  Study The Sequence!

  • I geared up as Neville says to do, when I first imagined being in the flow – as the writer – who had a FINISHED article.
  • I sat in silence – in FAITH – actually knowing it was done.
  • Then the imagination on it’s own – after my session – wandered- just a little bit – and I found it focused on – IMAGINING – some kung fu.  Which I “geared up” to do.
  • Letting the imagination lead my behavior – took my body outside – got my blood flowing with great feel good neuropeptides – and got me in the state to write.

And what comes NEXT is what makes it EASY…

BECAUSE, the more you notice that you can manifest DOZENS OF tiny seeming things a day, the more you will truly get into “the flow” of manifesting – the “big seeming” things in life become easy too.

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SOLID GOLD NUGGET:   I didn’t have to force myself, or motivate myself or struggle and use “will power” to write, do kung fu, etc.  Doing all that will exhaust you.   Instead  – get into FLOW.

If you are using WILL POWER instead of getting into FLOW…

…and want more flow and ease in your life, get this very special program of ours –  Manifesting To The Max.

We went behind the scenes in Manifesting To The Max, and shared with you EXACTLY how we are playing with this stuff – FULL ON – right now.  If you want more of that, dive in to MAX TODAY.

Many blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS: I remember when I didn’t have much of ANY flow in my life.

Every day was as struggle. Every time the phone rang, I held my breath. Every time I thought I was getting ahead – I fell further behind. And FLOW made changed all that – and made every day delightful.

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  1. Conni Lewis says:

    Very cool Twenty, thanks

  2. I have been imagining my salons have motivated stylists coming to work. Trying to not project that or say what is the obvious. But to see the salon busy stylist working everybody happy. This last week I got a stylist she worked for 3 hours never showed up again and wrote me saying that another stylist scared her n she didn't want to come back. It was clear she wasnt right and the other stylist may have stepped out of line. So how do u become successful at feel it real thoughts when others in your inviorment or around you don't

  3. Victor Nnaji says:

    Excellent post. Whatever we are experiencing now, we had already imagined it. Imagining creates reality 🙂

  4. Donna says:

    Thanks Mr. Twenty Twenty. This post was really helpful, although I’m not sure about the meaning of one statement you make: “So today just notice, are you resisting being part of the natural flow of how it needs to happen or are you letting your BODY participate in the series of events needed – for your wish to be fulfilled?”

    What do you mean by resisting being part of the natural flow? Does this have to do with following our instinct? I’m not sure.

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Donna,

    Great question. Resisting part of the natural flow of being a teacher / writer would be resisting answering this question, for example. Or refusing to teach and write in general. Imagining myself being an amazing martial artist drew me to train quite a bit when younger, and to this day – draws me to train and explore martial arts.

    Blessings to you,

    TT and V too

  6. Roxana Muise says:

    How does one protect their property when they cannot remain on it 24//7?

  7. theodora says:

    I like very much your article… i would like to ask something.. i follow the same procedure that is described above.. i imagine and i feel that my desire have already been fulfied… i follow this procedure for two years and more for one particular desire(particularly i want to meet the perfect partner) but i always find my self attracting the wrong men…

    Can you tell me what is going wrong with this…

    Thank you

  8. eno says:

    Hi Mr.20 20 :-). Please can you help me on something? First of all sorry for the language because it’s not my native language and SORRY for bothering you on this. I’m doing an application to get a green card to join my wife who lives in another country. I’d like to get there this year.So ,i have to imagine the day after i get there or the day i get the green card or something else?

    Thank you in advance.
    Have a nice day

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Eno,

    Imagine living with her mate. We suspect that is what you really want.


    TT and V

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Roxana,

    Stop imagining that you need to protect your property 24/7.

    That should shift some things.


    TT and V

  11. Mae Dae… Hello Mr 20/20… over and over I have been searching for neville's wonderful explanation of Song of Solomon in your materials where I first read it… please assist… I have not relocated it… thanks

  12. requin says:

    Neville talks about this in his book “Feeling is the Secret”– “What more beautiful description of this romance of the conscious and subconscious is there than that told in the Song of Solomon..By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loveth, I found him whom my soul loveth, I held him and I did not let him go, until I had brought him into my mother’s house, and into the chamber of her that conceived me.” Is that what you want?

  13. Momo says:

    @Theodora-Neville Goddard always says that we become what we are and not what we want. Are you following that statement? It is not only imagining. We do not have or become what we want, rather what we are. A true desire is not to have but to be. You want a true love, you have to become a loving person. A true loving person who does not pretend.
    It took me some time to understand that statement. Imagining will do the rest when you become first the thing you want. I think people just think they could imagine good things
    and those things would pop up right there forgetting about the Divine qualities that are humility, self-sacrifice, love, compassion, etc.

  14. Taking Neville’s ideas everywhere I go, and I mean EVERYWHERE. Many of you know my mom passed away in June 2017. Before she left us, I had promised her I’d start taking care of MYSELF, after she was gone.(Caregiver burnout, really common, guys) So, yesterday I was having a long overdue eye examination at the clinic, and the Dr and I got to talking. I did a revision, ahead of time imagining any medical procedures they had to do (which sometimes make me uneasy), would be positive, upbeat, and fun. I am the kind of person who reacts to these medical procedures with humor, grace and calm. So I did. As I sat there in the exam chair, with her looking closely at my eyes, I got to telling her the way I create/manifest, as a writer. I said, “Even as I begin outlining a story – I feel it done….imagining I have the completed piece in front of me. I am reading it, feeling thrilled at how beautifully written it is, imagining other people reading my work, and enjoying it, too. Then she asked how I get my ideas. I said, “I will think something like,..’hey wouldn’t it be cool if..’, or ‘I wonder what would happen..’ And her answer? Wow, Cindy…You have such a wonderful IMAGINATION. I smiled, “That’s the real key, Doc…the wonderful human imagination..!”