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HOW TO FEEL IT REAL“Manifesting just doesn’t feel natural for me.  When I construct my imaginal scenes – they just don’t feel natural.  What can I do?”

feel it realHey mate,

Last week, we explored what Silence is and why we need to explore it as manifestors in Moving from Struggle into Silence.  Today we take it a step further and explore the power of manifesting naturally

Let’s dive into how to make manifesting a much more natural power and part of your life, instead of something you work on separate from life.

Lets begin making your manifesting easy…

“So when you walk in the feeling I am so and so, it is not seen as yet, but that is something you are bringing to the Lord, and the more you feel it to be real, the more natural it becomes; then it clothes itself in external facts.” – Neville Goddard

Notice how Neville says “the more you feel it to be real, the more natural it becomes“.

“Expecting the new state to happen now, you don’t remain faithful to it. But if you will remain there until it becomes natural to think from that state, it will be born in your world.”

“There is a period of time between your entrance into the invisible state and its visibility, and it has to come. Everything has an interval of time. The vision has its own appointed hour. If it seems long, wait. It is sure and it will not be late” – Neville Goddard

Your job is to remain faithful, and know, it is done – you are the man / woman you choose to be – and to react to the world, as that person.

learn_how_to_feel_it_realTAKE TODAY’S ACTION STEP:

This is why we focus on Congratulatory Conversations (watch this video) and the other proven methods we share in the Feel It Real Power Pack.  As Neville says:

“By actually feeling that you are being congratulated, your imagination will go to work to bring about that state in your outer world.”

“You need not be concerned about how this will be accomplished. Your imagination will use whatever natural means are necessary to bring it about.” – Neville Goddard

Today’s Take Away:  Once you feel that your wish is…

…a NATURAL part of your world, your imagination will THEN go to work, to bring that state into your outer world as well.

Remember PLAYING with the tools…

…until it FEELS NATURAL natural is the key.   Forcing it to happen will create force in your world.  Resting and relaxing into it – letting it bathe you – invites it in – in the most gentle loving way.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS:   Read this short AMAZING SUPER SUCCESS SHARE below

 from one of our Manifesting Mastery members Marietta, who is ONLY on day 22 of the program  Totally awesome!

feel it real - live boldyHello Twenty Twenty

I just want to share with you the miracle…

….that happened to me today. I am still on the moon about.

This morning I was on my laptop and decided to download something, then suddenly my laptop made some funny noise and I could not do stop it because it became frozen.

While it’s happening I was speaking with…

….my friend and because of the noise from my laptop was so loud I left the room and spoke to my friend on another room.

After talking to my friend I went back to see my laptop and was so shock with the message “Need boot disk”.

As my laptop was old I don’t have it and suddenly I started imagining meaning like… I don’t have a back up, it’s going to cost me to fix it and started getting worried and then I became aware of the meaning I was giving to the situation and I suddenly got myself out of it and started to listening to Neville recording “Feeling is the Secret” while washing the dishes.

After that I decided to do a session of “Feel it Real” and…

…I imagined that I send a text to my friend saying that “I sent her the download I have promised her and I also imagine I am in front of my laptop seeing the picture theme.

I stayed with the feeling of joy and gratitude…

…until the meditation music ended which was half hour. Near the end of my feel real session I was saying out loud, thank you, thank you repeatedly and my body was having movement of excitement to turn on the the laptop.

My laptop came on perfectly like nothing bad happened!

When I got up I was jumping like a child full joy and saying thank you at loud(luckily I was alone my daughters and husband might think I am going crazy) and I continue with this state and then I turn on my laptop while I was waiting I continue with my state and guess what happened, my laptop came on perfectly like nothing bad did happen.

What I noticed was, when I was doing the “feeling real session”

…,was that when doubt was creeping in, I did not allow it at all and I start imagining the scene of outcome that I want and stay with the feeling full of faith.

This is the most powerful one I’ve ever done with Neville’s work and and it will stay with me for a long time as an example how to do it.

Thank you.

Marietta in Manifesting Mastery

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This past week I had so much better sleep.

I’ve felt more at peace with the people and situations in my life. Not finding reasons why things are( I am healthy because I am healthy) helps me to stop searching for reasons why things aren’t they way I want them to be..ahhhhhhhh that feels liberating.

I keep going back lesson 1 and have been catching myself attaching meaning to things and stopping myself before I go any further. This changes how I feel and it changes the outcome to the best case scenario, it’s almost like magic! 

I always look for the big win, for the breakthrough. it is amazing to realize that all the little wins matter so much, they add up and they change you.

Excited for week 3!

Joelle – Day 14 – Manifesting Mastery

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  1. S says:

    ‘Today’s take away’ always sums up all of it very well. Thank you.

  2. Melissa says:

    Beautifully put…thank you.

  3. sally says:

    To be superior to doubt and detached from it is a marvelous skill. Marietta’s story reminds me once again of that pivot point, life saving, indeed.
    Thank you for sharing her note to you.

  4. Pooja says:

    Dear TT & V,

    Reading any article from this website is like a soothing balm.Whatever situation I am facing , whatever state I am in , reading even a line like ” Resting and relaxing into it – letting it bathe you – invites it in – in the most gentle loving way.” just changes my state instantly.It helps me staying in the state of wish fulfilled.Reading testimonials of people manifesting from the smallest to the biggest things keeps making faith stronger.
    My current problem that looks huge to me dissappers by reading Neville & doing Feel It Real sessions. It is a blessing to be a part of this community.God Bless

  5. Paula says:

    Good stuff! I think one thing, too, is that you have to remember that you are not your body, you are not what is happening around you. That is only a state. You are not the state, any more than if you are in the state of New York would you say that you are New York. You wouldn’t consider yourself to be New York, only in New York. And if you wanted to be in Florida, you wouldn’t try to somehow force the state of New York to change to Florida. You would move yourself to the state of Florida, and leave New York behind. This is why Neville says that there has to be a movement. Not a physical movement, but a moving of you, the real you, by doing those Feel it Real sessions and moving you into the state you wish to be.

  6. Marilyn Rippee says:

    Loved Marietta’s note because it reminds me when something goes wrong, I have to catch myself from go into “disaster” mode. Still comes up, but I interrupt and think the positive side of it. Usually this occurs when I am really busy trying to accomplish something – I need to take deep breathes and calm down. Thanks for the wonderful information.

  7. How great and, sisterly: I am reading – that many “Neville ladies doing the lessons’, bring him into the kitchen!! I can’t tell you how many times Neville has ‘helped with the dishes’. I take the laptop, put on one of his lectures, really think deeply on it as I’m listening, tho’ doing something mindless like filling the suds bin, and keeping my “gratitude attitude” while dropping dirty dishes into the washing pan. Gives it all a kind of..sacredness..sounds odd but it’s true. And my other thought, about intervals of time: I am an accomplished cook, love to do my fave recipes, old ones tried and true, and new ones as well. Often in the recipe, there is a step, where you must marinate/soak/ferment/set side ingredients to blend and absorb. It is my ‘real life, hands-on interpretation’ of interval of time’…and reminds me that everything has a calendar, season…or a time frame of its own. I know from my own personal experience, this is absolutely spot on!