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feel it real - live boldyDear Mr. 2020 and Victoria,

I hope you’re ok and everything is great in your life and related to the teaching.

“I’m on my way to change cities and career…”

I am on my way to change cities and career and I was thinking how everything began with you. If it hasn’t been for my ex I’d have never found you, learn about Neville, manifesting, read more and go to a new level of consciousness, learn about success, reality, psychology and everything.

“It’s unreal how limited my….”

I still revisit all the recordings I’ve bought from you. It’s so unreal how limited my consciousness was before I found you and how patient you were as a teacher. It took like 3 years for me to get this far and it’s a whole new world of self – knowing and following my calling in life without the previous anxiousness and self – sabotaging, loneliness, clinging to symbols of success. This improved not only me but my relationships with people, my parents, men, friends.

“I am FREE!”

Basically I’m free from all limitations I was imposing on myself and of all the ways I was bringing myself down, rejecting life. In a way I can see now that life happened the way it did for me to wake up and realize all of this was my manifestation and I wouldn’t exchange this experience for the peaceful ignorance.

Thank you again!

Kind regards,

Geri – Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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