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You’d Be Crazy Not To Do This Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

Dear Mr. 2020 and Victoria,

I finished the Manifesting Mastery Program.

Words are not enough to express how grateful I am to you. I enjoy my life like never before. I no longer bother about the senses, instead I am happy on the inside all day long.

Something happened to me at the end of the program, is not like I forced it or the end of the program forced it. Suddenly the truth about me and life hit me, I started feeling it. I don’t need to repeat i to myself anymore, I don’t need to say a word about anything I learned because I feel it.

In the beginning of the program I was impatient every day to hear the new lesson as if it’s another possible solution to what I thought was my problem. Now I enjoy reading to the articles and listening to some lessons just for the sake of them, for celebrating the truth.

leadlightLife is amazing, we are all God on the adventure of a lifetime and I am stunned how I found not only the truth with Neville but also friends. What a unique way to meet such great people like you and Victoria! Never before did I expect that to happen, that something in my life can lead me in a direction I never aimed for but was meant to find.

I will keep you updated for any happy events in my life and might have questions once in a while. Thank you for all the time you devoted to helping me and everyone else. As a teacher and person you did more than anyone would ever expect or could require from you.

What you do is priceless, you share the miracle of life. Anyone would be crazy to wonder if they should join the program because of the money. What I got out of it no money can buy.

I wish you to always do what you love and send you all my love,gratitude and appreciation! The rest that I can’t express with words I hope that you can feel.

Kind regards,

Geri from Manifesting Mastery


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