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pearl of great price neville goddardHey mate,

Back when I was a young man, I felt odd, even weird…

….letting people know I was reading “self help books” and “make money books” – because I thought only poor people did that.

So I tried to keep it a secret – so they wouldn’t think I was poor.
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Here’s something that TOTALLY transformed my life…

…that I am VERY glad I learned from a man who became a mentor to me.

  • “Poverty programming” makes you “feel bad” when reading about making money (or improving your life), because you IMAGINE you are reading about making money – or transforming your life, because you are poor.
  • Wealth CREATING STATES have you “enjoy learning” while reading about making more and more money – because you are doing what wealthy people do – enjoyably learning how to take what you have – and use it so you have even more.

One day, I made the shift, when Edwin, a very wealthy man on my newspaper route…

…and I had a quick conversation about Think and Grow Rich. I was also doing odd jobs for him, when I saw he was reading it too.  (I was shocked, why would this multi millionaire be reading Think and Grow Rich?)

That conversation with Edwin…

…changed my life, because I got it. I wasn’t showing the world I was poor by reading TAGR, I was doing what rich people do, what Edwin did.  I was reading books that create more wealth attitude in my life.

(I began investing – not spending – just like Neville said to do.)

On Sunday morning, April 12th, my wife woke from what was really a deep, profound sleep and as she was waking a voice distinctly spoke to her; and the voice spoke to her; and the voice spoke with great authority and it said to her:

“You must stop spending your thoughts, your time and your money; everything in life must be an investment.”

So she quickly wrote it down and went straight to the dictionary to look up the two important words in the sentence, ‘spending’ and ‘investing’: the dictionary defines ‘spending’ as “to waste, to squander, to layout without return.” To ‘invest’ is to “layout for a purpose, for which a profit is expected.” – Neville Goddard

Let’s apply this to your sessions and your life..

neville goddard prosperity packPOWER POINT: If you imagine only poor people do Feel It Real Sessions….

…you will resist doing them, and probably find all kinds of ways to distract yourself FROM life.  On the other hand, when you realize that FEEL IT REAL is EXACTLY what the most wealthy people in the world are doing every day, you’ll find it easy to start doing your sessions.

Because you will be doing, exactly what wealthy people do.

Most of them may not call them Feel It Real Sessions…

….and they may have never even HEARD of Neville, but what they are doing is turning off the tv, resting by the pool or on the sofa, reading something that OPTIMIZES THEIR THINKING, and then…   they take the time to relax – and IMAGINE having what they want.

Meanwhile, average people take the same amount of time and watch reruns – that’s why their lives are like reruns.

  • Time to get off the fence.  
  • Time to DIVE IN.
  • Do what Neville says.  

Invest your time, your money, your thoughts and your feelings.

Don’t waste time and money on distractions.

Dive in. Dive Deeper!

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Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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Hi TT and V!

I just noticed that I am not the same.

I used to be addicted to my favorite TV shows and on a politic radio show.

At the end of the first week I was annoyed every time I tried to listen to the radio or to the TV shows. it was a lot more interesting to stay with myself, learning to experience and discovering me.

At week 2, working was not anymore a painful task, I began to feel extremely happy and joyful in whatever the task I had to accomplish.

I am in a great expectation for the next lessons but for the first time in my life, I am not in a hurry, the pathway of progress is so delighting, that I do not want to run to the finish line as I used to do. 

Thank you so much dude.

From São Paulo/ Brazil

Florent – Day 14 – Manifesting Mastery

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  1. murray says:

    Hi 20-20 and Victoria
    Your analogies are Great about spending==squandering rather than INVESTING IN!!!!After all we are always investing if we say we are! And then getting rich rewards in any of the forms we need.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Murray!

    I remind myself with questions…

    “How well am I investing right now?”
    “With this decision – am I investing (diving into life) or am I spending (wasting the gift of life)?”
    “What is the MOST IMPORTANT investments I can make – right now – with time / money / imagination?”

    Have fun with those mate!

    TT and V

  3. lm says:

    Spending…. Investing – yes, in all things. Even a mediocre cup of coffee is spending not investing.. unless of course, it is SPENT with a good friend… or a good morning..
    this is all so interesting, so right on, so powerful
    thanks, as always – TT and V

  4. lm says:

    I agree!! Great thoughts to hold in mind… if sad, I am INVESTING in sadness and deferring my JOY.
    This becomes habit. YES!

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Excellent LM!

  6. Hallo says:

    Hi, I really liked what you wrote. May I ask a question?
    I was wondering that if all this works why do you charge for the lessons package? I am asking out of curiosity 🙂

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Hallo,

    I charge, because Neville charged….
    We both choose to get paid – for our time.

    I do that with the other 7 projects I am working on too mate. Stuff TOTALLY unrelated to this….

    Now try this on, what does being curious about this – reveal about the state and programming you are currently living from? I’m not picking on you, I’m just inviting you to notice….

    I guarantee – exploring THAT, will give heaps to you.

    BTW, if you peek at my personal success stories here…. I’ve changed my entire life with this stuff. Healed myself of over a dozen health conditions, moved around the world, and help the lives of thousands. Dive in Hallo. Don’t let me charging VERY LITTLE be a stumbling block for you. There are over 1,000 FREE resources here, change your life with them mate. 🙂



  8. Cindy in NYC says:

    There is a rich family in the house next door, For a long time I had invested energy in disliking them. Now, as I think more about them in a different way, I realize that wishing them well, imagining good things for them, instead of snarking at them for ‘being those snotty rich guys”..might actually teach me something. They are probably dwelling on creating more wealth. How about, instead of wasting energy resenting them, I take a lesson from what they do, and use it in my own life? Wouldn’t that be liberating, not to mention healthier (and more life enhancing) than “I am poor (over HERE) and they are richer than me (over THERE)..blah bah blah..” Yup..I got it!

  9. Dick Whitfield says:

    Hi TT and V,

    That many folks don’t understand that nothing of any value is free doesn’t surprise me. That speaks loudly of our education system and not just here in the states. Our worth is determined by the value we bring to the marketplace. You are an exception in that you bring a ton of value and charge only a pittance for your effort.

    I would recommend to Hallo that she embark on a solid reading program and begin with Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and Napolean Hill’s classic, “Think and Grow Rich”. Of course she needs to dive deep into your works. Many thanks and a ton of blessings……Dick

  10. I also find that my voluntary efforts, over the years, offered to my circle, with a solid, caring intent — do in fact ‘pay off’, although I am moved forward by a genuine desire to CREATE value in the world. And this does actually translate as extra work, unexpected windfalls of money, or goods, more treasures uncovered, and the strongest energy to keep on track. So, even though that may appear ‘intangible’..there is still substantial value. Which I joyfully and gratefully accept. And keep investing, as I put it back OUT into the world!! Also, those of you who know me well, understand my name Queen of Flotsam is a title I wear – proudly, in my recycling and repurposing work!!