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“Hi Mr 2020! Just looked at the Neville Goddard Bonus Photo Lessons and I get that , wondering though about having a physical photo and adding oneself into it , layering, say vision board style , do you think this also creates emotional distance ? Cheers, Anita ”

Hi Anita,

You ask a great question. Often you can get amazing results (instead of years of frustration) by changing just one little thing.

So let me ask you two questions:

  • What is a Vision Board for?
  • What does looking at it remind you of?

Most people we have talked to when giving our Truth About Neville talk,  they say:

I use a Vision Board to bring something into their life. (That intent tends to keep in in the future, because if you are intending to bring it into your life, your imaginational power knows it isn’t REAL or here yet.)

neville_goddard_mistakesMy Vision Board reminds me that “it is coming” or that “it will manifest”.  (Again, that puts it in the Future, just like this Neville Goddard Mistake Photo.)

What most people do and what to do instead right now.

If you wanted to go to Disney World for example.

You could do the Vision Board experience, and take a photo of the disney castle, and put you and your family in the scene by cutting out photos and placing them on the castle – but in a way – this would reinforce that you want this to happen, in the future.  Remember, putting it in the future can create a sense of anticipation (which can be exciting at first, but later it tends to become frustrating) and keeping it in “the future” doesn’t tend to work all that well, because it is NOT what Neville did or taught.

Remember, anticipating the pizza man coming to the door is not the same as enjoying having eaten a pizza.   

Neville teaches to create a state that implies – you have eaten the pizza.   Now, let’s apply this teaching to your life.

On the other hand, you could see that same photo IN YOUR MIND, on your desk or table, of you and your family in front of the Disney Castle, and HAVE A CONVERSATION about how great that week in Disney was for the whole family. Spin it up until the MEMORY that is triggered by that imaginal photo – FEELS REAL.

I remembered having WON my Karate Matches, before I ever went to a Karate tournament. I even remembered me and my Dad reading the newspaper articles about the “Local Karate Kid Does Good For the Community” long before I was in the papers.

Remembering When, and having Congratulatory Conversations moves the imaginal experience into what we call a Resource State, by putting it into your HISTORY. Vision Boards on the other hand, tend to remind most folks that “they don’t have it yet”.

Hope you gleaned a Solid Gold Nugget from today’s article. Feel free to apply wildly and have fun. Details like this are why we love teaching the True Teachings of Neville Goddard, because they work.

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Yelitza Orta says:

    I'm going to claim it instead of waiting 🙂
    Thanks Mr Twenty Twenty.

  2. Me encanta Neville Goddard. Has leído alguno de sus libros?

  3. The congratulatory comments were definitely a part of the methodology; but both Neville Goddard and Rev. Ike said you were to go into a dream like state, possibly just before going to bed, when your conscious mind is not so vigilant, and feel (imagine) yourself being, doing, having that you wished to be, do or have – see your self in it, hear yourself making the comments inside the state – then drop off to sleep in that state, and allow the subconscious mind to feel it and take over making it real; then, as he stated, a bridge of incident would bring it to pass. You have to add texture to your wish fulfilled by fully imagining it to its fullest extent. I.e., if you want to live by the beach, hear the waves, smell the sea air, see the gulls flying over; what does your home look like; walk in it; do something in the home; you have to occupy your dream, and become full of the feel of fulfillment. Ike said: "Full Feelment brings fulfillment." Thanks for the lessons. Stay Blessed – still working on Nevillizing my life. Gloria

  4. Thank you. I imagine showing someone my scrapbook that I have put together of all the wonderful things I have done with my family since I manifested my desire.