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I’m Confused – What do I need to do? – Free Neville Goddard

“I am confused Mr TT.  What do I need to do to make my dream my reality?  Many people say do nothing at all, but Neville DID things to make it happen.  Please help.” Loren

freeneville_present_tenseHi Loren,

Often a surface listening or reading of Neville leads to confusion, and this is an area that produces much confusion and frustration for many people, when they are working on Feeling It Real.

This is why we write the articles and put together the Power Packs – so you can save heaps of time and get into the meat of the teachings – so you can get the results you want quickly.

The short answer is this:  Know you can do NOTHING here on earth to MAKE your dream happen.

The CAUSE of your successes is you – your imagination in action – that’s it.   And remember, your body and your behavior will FOLLOW your imaginal act – as will the rest of the universe – if the act was done correctly.

  • So it might appear as if you are “making something happen” with your body – to someone who doesn’t understand the law – and to people who still think they are “the body” – but you know the real cause – and how to use it effectively.

Neville gives us a great example of how transformation like this works in you life.   Here, Neville was asked, “Can an uneducated person educate himself by assuming the feeling of being educated?”

“Yes.  An aroused interest is awarded information from every side.  You must sincerely desire to be well schooled.  The desire to be well read, followed by the assumption that you are, makes you selective in your reading.  As you progress in your education, you automatically become more selective, more discriminating in all that you do.” – Neville Goddard

Notice that there are 3 levels to this teaching of Neville’s.

First, you will be “awarded information from every side.”   Everything – everyone – everywhere – –  will respond to your wish of being educated.  Notice Neville said,  “You will – be awarded – information – from every side.”

  • Once you FEEL it real, you open yourself up to the potential that is all around you.   Just like how when I decided to be a Martial Arts Master, I had teachers literally fall into my lap for years, giving me exactly what I needed – at exactly the right time.

Second, Neville says that that the assumption of being educated makes you more selective in your reading.

Reading is an activity that is directly related to the state of “being one who is educated” – the example state Neville used above.

Neville states that your specific behaviors WILL change.   You will read more selectively.  (When your actions and reactions in the world change – you know you have imagined effectively.)

  • Remember, behaviors are of the BODY.  The body is part of the universe, it’s not you.  So not only will the universe bring you what you want, but your specific behaviors – what to do with what is brought to you – will optimize.

learn how to feel it real - click hereThird, Neville says, “you will become more discriminating in ALL that you do.”  

Having assumed the state of your ideal, changes in your behavior spread into all parts of your life.  When all your behaviors begin to transform into what the idealized you would do – you have embodied a shift in IDENTITY.

  • Once you do that – there is no stopping it – it is done!

POWER POINT:  So it’s easy to see, that it’s not only okay to participate in the miracle / shift that is blossoming in your life, but really can’t help it, because it’s also is great fun – being and becoming who you have chosen to be in the world!

Enjoy, for you are God Having The Adventure of A Lifetime!

In my life, I imagined me as a kung fu master.  As the potential Master, I loved to train – and got plenty of great trainers to work with me, to teach me what I needed.   Literally, people from around the world, came to my little town – “for some reason” to share with me what I wanted to learn.

Dive in, dive deeper, your dreams get to be – your reality.  

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Lisa says:

    Okay, this should be a bumpersticker! “When you fully allow yourself to be POSSESSED by the dream you wish to be – you can’t help but delightfully take part in it.”

    Thank you, Mr. TT!!

  2. Jovan says:

    This might be the most powerful article I have read on this site so far. Thanks brother!

  3. Yelitza says:

    Hi, this explanation made more clear the process. Thanks Mr. 2020!

  4. Nat says:

    Love this. Thank you TT. All these facets you present so clearly combine into a single sparkling diamond.

  5. LMARIE says:

    Re-reading this as I come through the course again and the mailings… and I am re-minded of the depth of this teaching, and the simple clarity with which you teach it, show it, share it with us. Thank you so much – I feel greatly changed from only a month or two ago when I began this journey.

  6. lisa says:

    OMG here I am again!
    Still loving this..still sending it to people I love reminding them as I remind me… this is the clear pathway to understand our life as evidenced. I love you more every year, and honestly this is the only regular mail I get in my box that I open no matter what, and read with relish that my mind is about to be expanded, again.
    Big Love, every day.

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you for being you, sharing us, and diving deeper and deeper Lisa!


    TT and V and E

  8. Nat says:

    This is so profound, it has such an inexorable logic to it. I am reading it again after two years of “inhabiting” Neville and your great site, and it just gives back more meaning; broader, richer, deeper.
    Thanks TT! Big love to V and Emmitt and now Bruce (pics please)

  9. Hamida says:

    Thank you. This was a good explanation. I now have more clarity.

    Thanks TT and V

  10. Llisa says:

    Again, clarity and pure pure excellence. Thank you Twenty.

  11. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Blessings Hamida!

    Thank YOU for being here and being YOU!

  12. Cindy in NYC says:

    I ‘feel it real” as a person who manifests clothing and items for needy neighbors to use. I walk completely in the faith that it is done. Those items are out there waiting – and I have merely to pass, step up, and they will be there, waiting for me to pick them up. And, indeed they are! No matter where I go, as I proceed in the faith that I AM THAT PERSON, ‘stuff shows up”. This morning at six, while bringing my wash to the laundry in the pre dawn… to clean this day’s donations, I saw a wonderful, nearly new woman’s coat, lying across a trash can. I could see right away this was a high end garment, and I recognized it; as pricey as another one I’d pay two hundred dollars for, if I were to buy it new. (I keep turning these up – three weeks ago, one on a construction site that now belongs to a needy client) In fact, this morning there was one of our local homeless guys sleeping there, with his shopping cart. I asked him, “Hey buddy — this belong to you?” “No,” he smiled, “it was waiting on YOU to come by and grab it!!”. I washed it, and it already has found a home with a grateful lady who needed exactly that type of coat!