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I Left My Wheel Chair Behind AND Kept My House! – Feel It Real Power Pack Success Story


I stepped out of my wheelchair for the last time November 29, 2017…

…but my story only begins there. For so many months, even years, of living from the “I deserve this crap” state, I had fallen months behind on my mortgage. In February of this year I applied for mortgage mitigation in the hopes of stalling the mortgage company from foreclosing on my house. For a couple months I would imagine scenes that Implied I got to keep the house long enough to sell it.

Things completely changed when I purchased the Feel It Real Power Pack in April.

I began applying the formula you so perfectly teach to the house / no house situation. Instead of doing my usual ambiguous feel it real sessions, I began using the steps you teach.


I created a scene that implies I’m not just stalling foreclosure but keeping the house! I love how you explain how to include as many senses as possible and that’s what I did. I imagined feeling the phone against my ear as I answered the call from Alex, my mortgage modification specialist (knowing his voice added to this too!), he said, “Mike, I have good news. You’re keeping your house.” I ended the session with me telling my wife, “This is awesome!”

I only did this specific feel it real session once…

…but any time I realized I was bumped, I would get back into state by getting back into a state akin to sleep and repeat, “This is awesome!”

Echo world would say there’s no way I’m keeping the house since all we had was my wife’s income, but I continued getting back into state for over two months.

“I’ve got GREAT news!”

On June 24, the mortgage company rep, Alex, called me and said, “Mike, I’ve got great news. You’ve been approved for the modification. You’ll be able to stay in your house.”

Not only do we keep the house, but my interest rate dropped from 6.6% to 4.2%.

Thank you, TT

Mike. B from Louisiana

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PS. Feel free to use this in whole or a portion in any way you want.

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