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I imagined and created the worst. Now what can I do?

Hey mate,

Today’s article and Neville Goddard quote focus on what to do after you have manifested the worst case scenerio.  Neville shares with us what to do, so that we can minimize or eliminate the damage done – and move on to a more positive and productive use of our imaginal activities.  Here is the letter that inspired today’s article:

“I’ve created a huge lack of peace in my life.  I met a woman a few months ago, and from day one I FELT that I couldn’t be with her.  But I continually THOUGHT of what it would be like if we were in love.  Though I’ve treated her with nothing but absolute love and kindness, my feelings of not being able to have her won out and I’ve created my current reality of not having her.  I couldn’t be less happy or less content.  Going forward, how can I find a way to change my feelings from negative by default to positive by default?”

First, you did good mate, just by noticing what has happened – your imaginal activity created your reality.  We all have imagined less than ideal conditions into our lives, and as we awaken to what we truly are and how powerful our imaginal activities are – we can apply this lesson of Neville’s to our lives.  We get to REVOKE what we did, by using the steps Neville shares below.

This lesson is from the Core Teaching Lectures and is referenced in the God Lectures available on our site below.

I must have within me the power to consume that which I now dislike. I, in my ignorance, brought to birth certain things I now dislike and would like to leave behind me. Were there not within me the flames that would consume it, I would be condemned forever to live in a world of all my mistakes. But there is a SHIN, or flame, within the name of the Son, which allows that Son to become detached from states He formerly expressed within the world…

I would not like to keep alive within my world all of my mistakes. So I, in my infinite mercy gave to myself, when I became man, the power to become detached from these things that I, in my ignorance, brought to birth in my world.  – Neville Goddard.

The first step is to DETACH from the situation you have created – first in your imagination and then in the physical world.   We do that by turning within, withdrawing our attention from the world of the senses.   Remember, your attention is like a flashlight, you can shine it on the physical world of EFFECT, or you can move the beam around and shine it on the world of cause – the imagination.    Shine it on your imagination and take control of it with the next step.

Then I would REPENT by actually persuading myself that I am seeing you in the perfect embodiment of health, and so persuade myself of this fact that when I think of you I can see only health.” – Neville Goddard – God Only Acts

The second step is to REPENT,   Neville shares with us that repenting is to turn your back on what happened, and to now feel your ideal as real.   So what is your ideal?  Your ideal is to have done a different kind of imagining in the past, so that your relationship is strong and healthy.

Use the Power of Revision.  to REWRITE the “history” inside your mind, to the point that you COMPLETELY accept your ideal as real.  In this case – you would imagine that IN THE PAST, you have FELT AND THOUGHT that you two are together – and you are the kind of man who uses his imagination positively and has gotten the results wanted.

You are using the power of UNDOING what was previously done, by IMAGINING – by feeling it real – that you did imagine you two together – and that it happened.

You will know once you have done that – because your state will move from a desperate kind of feeling – to the positively destined feeling.   Here is the key, no matter what happens in the physical world from here on out, you are learning to  FREE YOUR MIND from the regrets of the past, and the fear of repeating mistakes – by REVISING what you had done – and creating inside your mind YOUR IDEAL.

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  1. Nahla says:

    Can we use these steps to revise things we regret we did which have damaged a relationship, to feel real to feel freed from these regrets? (And not repeat these mistakes?)