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I feel fear – What do do when you feel fear

Hey mate,

Today we will be using Neville’s teachings to help you stop feeling afraid, and how to walk with confidence.

“Hello. What do you do when you are not feeling anything real but your fear? It seems like trying to do all these things is work & I feel like I am not getting anywhere… I am confused. Help me!” – Donald

Let’s start with this quote from Neville:

“Every moment must be invested, and our inner talking reveals whether we are spending or investing. Be more interested in what you are inwardly saying now than what you have said (in the past) by choosing wisely what you think and what you feel now.” – Neville Goddard

Here are three steps we use to eliminate fear. You can use them to take control back of your mind and to walk (and manifest) with confidence.

First, move your fearful feelings into the past – by controlling your inner conversations – by changing your STATE.


Let’s continue with Neville’s I Remember When method…


POWERPOINT:  Stop trying to imagine stuff or change in your circumstances – just for a tiny bit – maybe a week or two – if that has been frustrating.  Instead for now – ENVISION – IMAGINE and create inside your mind – the NEW IDEAL YOU first – who feels confident – has clarity – and who helps others – get beyond their fears too – and create change in their world.

So instead of trying to create a car, some cash  or a circumstance that would make you feel confident – create and manifest first – the feeling of confidence – the vision of the confident you – first.

You will be amazed at how well this works.   Thank you for writing Donald, and may every reader have an amazing day today!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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7 Comments on "I feel fear – What do do when you feel fear"

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  1. leonard says:

    great question and great answer. Very relevant to my own life at the moment.

  2. gautham says:

    Hi TT,

    Just thinking how wonderful it be to see Neville talk about Imagination! 🙂 i so ache to watch him but not able to find a clip of his. i’m sure he must have been featured on television atleast once in his lifespan. it would be so exciting to watch him! it should be lurking somewhere in the internet!:(


  3. Ed says:

    Hello TT,
    I am not one to play the lottery games because I have always thought that it is rigged in some way that keeps people from really winning the Big Bucks. So I never play opting to keep my money in my pocket, rather then give it to Caesar and his money game.

    I have been studying and listening to Nevell for sometime now and consider it a wonderful Blessing that this mystery of the ages has been made known to me. This answers the age old questions of the creation of the universe, the earth and man, and the parts that man must and have played in the creation.

    I will forever be thankful and eternally grateful that it was revealed to me at this point in my life, and a heart felt thanks to you for all that you are doing to spread this truth.

    I would like to share my testimonial with you and the group.

    On Sunday Dec.15th 2013 while I was sitting in contemplation the thought came to me to play the lottery, now normally I would just dismiss that thought. But this time I entertained the ideal and thought, what if I use what Nevell and yourself teach to win the lottery, then I did my feel it real session.

    So the next day Mon. Dec.16 without any hesitation I went and bought tickets for the two big games here in the US, Mega Millions and Powerball.

    Then I went back home and I did my feel it real sessions of winning the lottery. I did two sessions on Mon. Dec. 16th one around noon time and another before going to sleep that night, then
    I drop it.

    The Mega game was drawn on Tuesday Dec. 17th, I did not think about the lottery again once I drop it the day before on Monday.

    On Wednesday the 18th I was out and about my daily business when the thought of the lottery occurred to me to check my tickets.
    I bought three tickets for the Mega game, and upon checking the tickets guess what, two of the tickets were in fact winners.
    Now they were not the Jack Pot win I had imagined but a win non the less. I was very excited to Feel what it is like to Create Reality.

    I used those winnings to invest in more tickets for the Powerball Game drawing later that night.

    Now as I’m writing to you it is Thursday Dec. 19th I have checked the Powerball game and find that the game rolled over with no winners. I will continue my Aim of winning the Grand Prize Jack Pot of either of these games. Or should I just focus on just one game in particular?

    I will use the revision method to revise the days events to hear the lottery clerk tell me that I have won the Jack Pot.


    Thanks Twenty twenty and Bless you and your Home this holiday season. Ed

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one mate.

    Success is success mate. Keep playing, exploring and keep feeling it real.

    And just focus on being “the winner”. Move your attention to being the winner most of the time and spontaneously let it move to any particular game when it shows up – from the state of being “the winner”.

    Go for it mate!

    TT and V

  5. Sribhaktid says:

    THANK you for your sincere love beloved!

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Sribhaktid,

    Love and blessings to you!

    TT and V

  7. Cathy says:

    This is how Cynthia Stafford won her lottery of $112 million. As far as the world of Cesar, why would this bother anybody? Everything belongs to God, including all those dollars. Look up Cynthia Stafford’s story and look at all the good she has done. BTW, her winnings totaled $63 million after taxes, She also helped family, donated and then invested. This was Mother’s Day 2007 that she won, and as of the end of 2013 — the last article I read — she was on her way to becoming a billion-dollar woman, and she is considered one of LA’s big philanthropists.

    In all the other lottery stories I’ve read it is very obvious that these people won by belief and intention — whether deliberately or not — they knew they were going to win. Most won the jackpot on literally a “dollar (or two), a quickpick and faith.”

    Dollars are dollars. They are tolls, and when someone wins the lottery with intention and good will you are money is transferred from Cesar back to the people.

    We are both fine and the jackpots belong to us. In the last two months I managed to win back everything I had spent on the lottery in each of those two months — that’s new.