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How To Reinvent You – Part 3 – Free Neville Goddard

feel it real - live boldy

Hey mate,

Let me ask you a question as we dive into today’s lesson.  It’s a short but powerful – life changer.

“Who would you be if you were FULLY living up to your true potential?”

  • Every day – ENJOYING your passions.
  • Giving life to ONLY the lovely…
  • Being the blessing that YOU know – you were born to be?

Teaching Karate at the Scottdale YMCAToday, we dedicate this article to YOU – and to you living up to your full potential.

And that’s also why we are here – together with you.

At heart, I am a teacher.

I am a teacher who got started teaching Karate and Meditation at the local YMCA as a teenager.

Who later taught workshops in the backwoods of Pennsylvania, helping people find their “TRUE NATURE” in nature.

And in my 30’s, to have a much bigger impact, I started filming THE GOOOD STUFF, and selling my videos online, first on eBay, then on Amazon.

I wanted to share – the RARE SOLID GOLD stuff I found along the way – of healing myself.

My first products were martial arts and self development related.   Because that is what I was passionate about, and there was NOTHING out there, that had the quality of information that I wanted.

Video tapes, that went all over the world!

So I took seminars, worked with mentors, and produced some very cutting edge at the time products.   Some of them are still out there today – doing their jobs – transforming lives.

And that is why we do what we do here, because YOU and your life – your freedom – MATTERS.


We noticed people were confused by Neville…

…really confused – making this COMPLICATED so we wrote a few books that explain Neville in some very easy to understand ways that you can download:

Freedom – Neville Goddard Simplified – Volume 3.

Power – Neville Goddard Simplified

We noticed too many soldiers with PTSD…

…being lost in the system – so we wrote a book on how to heal your mind and transform your life – based on how I got over PTSD.

PTSD FREE – Click Here

And we created a whole bunch of way cool cutting edge crash courses on how to Feel It Real EFFECTIVELY.


(And a ton of others that you can find here as you peek around.)

And it’s all driven by you and for you.  Your emails, your questions, your love and support. is a project that keeps touching people like you and transforming their lives.

And it all started with imagining you….

“Who would you be – if you were TODAY living up to your true potential?”

You would find freedom, by finding THE TRUTH about YOU sets you free. We did!  And we are so happy YOU are here!

It’s a pleasure to serve you.

Thank you for being you, thank you for being here.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

“You must stop spending your thoughts, your time and your money; everything in life must be an investment.” – Neville Goddard

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4 Comments on "How To Reinvent You – Part 3 – Free Neville Goddard"

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  1. Helo Twenty Twenty..thisz my 1st comment. I rd ur lessons most Xz. Im now wher u were. Im finding it hard to digest Nevillez teaching about us n God..but im keeping on reading.

    In my heart im a translator. Thisz sumthing i can do from home. I'd love to translate Neville into my mother tongue – Afrikaans. Ive read Googlz translations n i was appalled by it..i could understand the English version much better. Marie-Louise

  2. Brian says:

    Wow, I see a lot of similarities in my life with your story. As you were telling us of your stages of personal growth, I found myself saying “this sounds eerily familiar”! I found it hard to jump to the “end” as well, even though there was a part of me that knew that was where I was going to eventually end up anyway. I knew it completely. Past programming and beliefs that have been taught to us by well meaning people sometimes cloud the skies and take time to clear for us to see another possibility. I knew I had found something life changing when one of Neville’s books found my hands. I could not have been more accurate! Thanks TT for sharing your story with us. It really helped me to see that all of the challenges I’ve had were a valid and necessary part of my understanding and growth. Thanks for all you do and helping us take Neville’s teachings to a whole new place of understanding and how to take responsibility for our own joy!
    Many blessings to you and Victoria.

  3. Todd Lee says:

    Great information. The true power is in the application.

  4. Dominique Dawn Ray says:

    Hello Marie! I am also from SA (for now, I am in the Free State) and would love to have like-minded friends, here. May I add you on FB? I spent most of last year in Hawaii, and being exposed to Unity Church (based on Charles & Myrtle Fillmore's teachings) I learned so much. (Thanks to TT & V, too!) <3