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How To Raise Your Vibration – Free Neville Goddard

“Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria.  I keep trying to raise my vibration so I make more money and attract my mate, but I can’t sustain it.   What is the secret?  What am I missing?” – Frustrated in Fernando Valley

Hey mate,

Thank you for writing.   As you can imagine, we get emails like this daily, and it is a pleasure to explore the answer with you.  Remember, your question helps us bless many, so good on you for writing.

Let’s dive in – to answer your question with today’s Neville Goddard quote:

“Seven is a stillness, a rest, the Sabbath. It is the state when man is completely unmoved in his conviction that the thing is.”

“When I can assume the feeling of my wish fulfilled and go to sleep, unconcerned, undisturbed, I am at rest mentally, and am keeping the Sabbath or am blowing the trumpet seven times. And when I reach that point the walls crumble.”

“Circumstances alter then remold themselves in harmony with my assumption. As they crumble I resurrect that which I have appropriated within. The walls, the obstacles, the problems, crumble of their own weight if I can reach the point of stillness within me.” – Neville Goddard


Notice Neville doesn’t talk about “raising your vibration” to manifest anything.

What Neville says to do INSTEAD of raising your vibration is ROCK SOLID GOLD.

He says ASSUME THE FEELING of the wish fulfilled, to the point where you are STILL within.

When you fully assume the feeling that you are what you choose to be in life – you naturally become still.

You become still in the fact you are it.  It is done.

When you become still and silent – there are no counter arguments – do doubts.  You don’t wonder, what will my friends think.  You don’t worry anymore about failure.  There is no inner tug of war.

There is no need to “raise your vibe” to match anything on the outside – because you ARE what you have chosen to be.    You are struck silent – and you know that it is done.

You rest – in the state – of your wish – fulfilled. 

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Daisy Boo says:

    Thank you

  2. Marina says:

    Thank you so much! This is really helpful. I just keep coming back, coming back, and yes, coming back to Neville. There is so much “stuff” and “fluff” out there that at times I’ve just wanted to throw in the towel. Because by the time you try to keep up with all the stuff you’re supposed to do that everybody else tells you, it’s just too much and I still get no where. I know on some level that it’s just not that hard, especially if you “follow the formula”. Neville’s teachings are straightforward and I really appreciate the work you and Victoria do in helping others to understand Neville better. Thanks!

  3. Gayle says:

    Well said. Thank you for always taking the time to assist us. I’ve also read about raising vibrations in order to be positive/be in the right state of mind to manifest what you want. But if you assume the state/feeling that you already have what you want, then your “vibration” is already raised, right? Because you’re joyful and at peace, resting assured that it is done. Or am I lost, here?

  4. Conni Lewis says:

    Twenty always love to hear a new question and love to see the answer is the same. You know before I found this knowledge I went down all those rabbit holes seeking searching trying only to become confused, frustrated sad,now I am deeply at peace and more and more each day with this knowledge have the confidence I have looked for through all the other teachings.
    I see my desires coming to me. I watch my thoughts feel it real and have faith.It’s exciting.
    Big hugs.
    Conni ~

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Gayle,

    It just keeps being confusing – when “vibration” is used to me.

    “Your” vibration can’t be changed. You don’t have a vibration. You are that “stillness” of God. You (the operant power) (consciousness) (awareness of being) can enter into a state – which has qualities – and you can even identify with that state. But what you are – is ALWAYS the “stillness – the silence – the peace”.

    From what I personally notice (TT) peace and love – are very close to “stillness”. I can sit and hold Victoria – or just sit silently in the garden – for hours. We just sit, being what we are – the love – the power – the wisdom of God.

    This is where knowing comes from.

    Blessings and big love Gayle,

    TT and V

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Big hugs back to you Conni!

    TT and V

  7. Milla says:

    This was so good! I’ve heard you say it before but everytime it syncs deeper. So much easier than everything else! Thank you!
    For me it is easy to assume the realness. But what about when I think about it too much.. wanting to be in this new state all the time. Which makes it a roller coaster sometimes. This point of stillness where you accept it already here, done, happened.. is it just about practicing the state and leaving the old one behind? Or am I missing something?

    Thank you again for the whole site and all the help!

  8. Harsha says:

    Wonderful article again! Thanks 20-20.

    Just my 2-cents, while it is true that raising one’s vibration is not essential to achieving a desired end because a persistent focus that results in assuming the state of wish fulfilled does that, I still prefer to “ascend” vibrationally because the state of a “higher” vibration is a reward in itself. Further, a good vibration does equate with a smoother path in GENERAL for all things, because a bad vibration normally reflects inner resistance to something we’d like, and this is usually because of something else we’d like i.e. inner conflict.
    Also, the state of wish fulfilled i.e. a kind of stillness and knowing, is actually a very high vibration. I’ve heard that at very high vibrations we are pretty much still. Perhaps that’s where “Be Still, and know that I am God” comes from. It’s not only pleasurable excitement or enthusiastic joy that is a higher vibration, stillness and serenity in knowing of our eternal well-being is perhaps the highest vibration because that is a state of grace.

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Harsha,

    Thank you for your comments mate. Greatly appreciated. My guess from reading this comment is that the way you and I experience the universe in this area is very different. From what I notice we are “stillness”, many mystics agree. What is created by us has vibration.

    We can move from one “state” / location to another – and those have vibratory qualities – but what we are is the stillness – that is greater than any state.


    TT and V too

    TT and V

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Milla,

    The being “still” in the state we have desired = it is done.

    Thinking about it, wanting it removes you from it.

    When you truly feel from it – there is a “quietness”. No need to prove. No need for proof. For it is “known as true”.

    Big love and blessings,

    TT and V

  11. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Gayle,

    I don’t experience it as “vibration”. Neither did Neville, according the the lectures.

    From what I notice, once we reside in a state – we are truly “still” inside of it.

    We are the stillness that perceives all motion, and that is beyond any state. That is why we can choose / create states.

    Blessings to you,

    TT and V

  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Marina!

    You are spot on!

    We stopped “taking in more and more” so we could do “more and more”.

    That’s how we got to this very high level of success and knowing of Neville.


    TT and V

  13. Ruth Collis says:

    Now what is wrong with vision boards? These HIGHLY help me visualize a scene IN ORDER TO put myself in the end result, truly make me FEEL being there, AND make it very believable. An artist also sees by mental visual pictures that aren’t often quite as elaborate unless seen in a picture or drawn out to explain. I also believe in this so much, I want to do a series on “painting my dreams” instead of doing what I have to. This also adds to the very blueprints that will be VISUALLY needed for making my dream house.

    VERY excited to hear, though, that I don’t have to force myself to be all bubbly like I have to be on drugs in the highest happiest state, than just be myself, who IS calm, quiet, and peaceful being still. Very glad to know this as it just felt not myself to be someone I’m not. Thank you.

  14. Lora says:

    This is truly great. I really ‘got it’ today. Thank you!

  15. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Ruth!

    The problem with vision boards is they have no power – and heaps of people stay stuck – thinking they do.

    If using one helps you FEEL it real, it’s helpful for you.

    Just like how listening to the Theme From Rocky helped support me FEELING my old dreams as real.

    The problem happens when… people put the power in the vision board or in the song, or when they get dependant on them, because they forget – or have never ever learned – feeling is the secret.

    Have a great day!

    TT and V

  16. Ruth Collis says:

    Ohh, it can help assist, but focus on the feeling and imagining your wish fulfilled… Thank you for explaining people tend to rely on the picture and make the picture do the creating work for them.

  17. My vibrations are always wonderful when I'm peaceful, happy, 'at home' with myself.

  18. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one Ruth.

    It’s sort of like “smelling money”

    For some people, smelling physical money – helps them enter into a STATE.

    But it’s not the “smelling money” that matters, it’s the STATE they create.

    So many people “lose it” when they lose their physical anchors and activators, so we keep reminding them – it’s the STATE THAT CREATES.

    Blessings to you!
    (Love your smile!)

    TT and V

  19. Ben Hamberg says:

    That was perhaps the best explanation that I have heard to date explaining why "raising your vibration" is pointless and counter productive. To desire to "raise" must mean your viewpoint is not from where you want to be

  20. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Nicely put Ben!

    Good one mate!

  21. We are selling our house in France, so are you saying I just sit still and assume it sold

  22. Excellent as always

  23. you are very helpful with these reminders!

  24. Vivian says:

    Excellent! Thanks for another great lesson, TT and V!

  25. valvacious says:

    Everything has a vibration. Science has proven this.look under a microscope and see that particles in a:gas vibrate and move freely at high speeds. liquids vibrate, move about, and slide past each other. solids vibrate (jiggle) but generally do not move from place to place.

    An emotion is energy in motion or a vibration. It is the result of what you are feeling. You focus or concentrate on a situation. You have an emotional response to it or a feeling about it.

    Love, Peace (stillness), Faith, Joy are feelings that have high vibrations. Anger, Rage, jealousy, fear,are lower energy vibrations. Each feeling vibrates at a different intensity. This means that some emotions are stronger than others. For example, you may get angry. If you do not clear this up, it can fer-mate and turn into rage until you explode and do something harmful.

    God and his angels are pure love and vibrate at very high speeds an emit blinding Light. Satan and his demons are evil and vibrate at a lower energy level. They have no light and only emit darkness.

  26. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Valvacious!

    So, sounds like what you are saying is that you are is a thing – that vibrates?

    That God is a thing – that vibrates?

    Keep going…..

    There are levels way WAY beyond, assuming “you are a thing – that vibrates”.

    THINGS are created. Of course, they can vibrate.

    What YOU are – isn’t a thing – and it doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with vibration.

    Science studies stuff in the world of EFFECT – the shadow world.

    What you are – what God is – gives life to all that – by being conscious of it.

    Pure stillness.


  27. valvacious says:

    No, man is a spiritual being. Not a thing.We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We live in a spiritual world that is governed by spiritual laws. We are mind, body, and spirit.

    Desire or Intention requires energy to bring it into manifestation. Energy is required for creation and attraction. When you feel joyful or happy, the Universe picks up on this dominate energy and reflects this same energy back.

    The energy in motion is the Emotion. The more emotion you feel, the more energy you have to move things in the supernatural realm. Intention without strong emotion of desire is a weak intention. Or as Neville states….A word or thought without a strong feeling behind it (EMOTION), will not produce anything.

    That is why Neville always says to CONCENTRATE ON THE FEELING…it is not the words that you speak BUT How you feel about the words you are speaking.

    If you state your Desire without conviction, authority ,or like you don’t mean it(nonchalantly,indifferent, or unexcited), guess what…it has no emotion behind it to propel it out into the Universe. It is not going to produce anything. It is just a vain repetition. Example:You have seen it before. People who recite prayers like a robot with no enthusiasm. or maybe a lover who was like a dead piece of meat who is just going through the act.Their body is there but their mind is somewhere else.

    All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, BELIEVE that ye have received.( have Faith-Feeling and Acting as If the Thing Has Happened) Mark 11:24.

  28. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Valvacious,

    Of course “man is a spiritual being” – we are GOD THE FATHER.

    But you are attributing to “man and god” (in your comments) qualities of the physical – like “vibration” – in your comments, and creating a whole other order of muck to complicate things up with with assertions about “satan and his demons”. Forget about VIBRATION. The only thing that can vibrate – is a created thing.

    NEXT, Do a search here for what Neville says “satan” is, you’ll find something far more empowering that the fiction that satan and the devils are “low vibratory beings”.

    And you don’t “propel it out into the universe” – it’s all YOU PUSHED OUT. Assume the state of the wish fulfilled, and you will be MOVED across bridges of incident.

    It’s all these “half truths” that are taught that make manifesting tough.

    Drop them, or at least don’t post them here.

    Side note: What works – is that QUIET KNOWING – that it is DONE. That’s CONVICTION. STILLNESS.

    STUDY NEVILLE. Drop all the other crap.


  29. Llisa says:

    I so love this answer and explanation and invitation.

  30. Llisa says:

    Again, Boom, the clarity of your words. Love this!

  31. Llisa says:

    I really love it when you answer our notes and questions in these threads. They are the most spot on…for we drift…we…don’t quite get it…until we do.
    Like you.
    Thanks for the brilliance and fun all mixed together.

  32. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Love you Lisa!