UPDATED: Neville Goddard was an ASTROLOGER? PLUS – How To Predict Your Future – 100% Success Rate!

how_to_feel_it_real_predict_futureHey mate,

In just a moment you are going to discover:

  • How speed up your manifesting.
  • How to predict your own future – 100% right – every time!.
  • And how a friend of mine let her future be predicted by someone else, by NOT doing what we share here today.

She’s been “under the influence” of a spell she let be cast about her life – for over 24 years now.


  • I did what Neville teaches and have done really well.  
  • My friend didn’t and has had a lifetime of disappointment.

The good news is…

….you get to pick which one of these is the life you get to live from this moment forward.   Let’s dive in.

“If you apply this law you can predict your future. Feel a new mood rise within you. Sustain it and soon you will meet people who embody this new state.” – Neville Goddard

When I was 12 years old, I decided to become a black belt in Kempo Karate.

I also wanted to learn rare kung fu systems…

and be a world famous full contact champion.

“For some reason”, out of the blue, people who could help me started showing up at the local YMCA where I practically lived as a teenager.

This included people who knew rare kung fu systems, an Aikido master, and a man who was number #7 in the world in his full contact fighting weight class and so on.  It was truly magical.  Anything I wanted to learn, showed up in a body rather quickly – because I was Feeling It Real.

Let’s keep going…

“Even inanimate objects are under the sway of these affinities. In a certain mood I have gone to my library and removed a book I have not touched in years. And when I casually open it, I find confirmation of my mood.” – Neville Goddard

Last week, my friend Cope…

…(who showed up in my life just like the people above) sent me an article that had a goodie looking book mentioned in it.

Within minutes…

I had THAT book downloaded into my kindle.

(When it comes to  making investments – I dive in fast – Just like every one of my mentors.)  But what happened next is what’s REALLY COOL.

Amazon then showed me books that “other people who have bought this book – also bought” and one of them REALLY stood out.  

I FELT that I just had to get this NOW!

So I bought it, even though the write up didn’t impress my logical mind all that much at first.

I haven’t been able to put it down since.  

THAT BOOK, had in it very specific research that supports one of our projects here, and has already saved me over 100 hours of research time.

podcastI found – confirmation of my mood.

(My mood btw tends to include one of Fascination and Curiosity and EFFECTIVE use of time.   This book, not only gave me what I wanted, but also saved me heaps of time.   That’s MOOD in action!)

Get this…

Everything and everyone responds to your moods.   Be CERTAIN with them.

(Notice I didn’t use the word SPECIFIC, but used the word CERTAIN – just like Neville.   They both have very different feelings….)

“A table, though remaining the same, will be seen differently based upon your momentary mood, for everything reflects it. It is your mood which decides your fortune, not your fortune that decides your mood. People feeling poor attract poverty, not knowing that if they felt rich they would attract wealth.” – Neville Goddard

Neville says time and time again that your mood decides your fortune.  And we Feel It Real so that we LIVE FROM the mood – that gives us the fortune we have chosen.

Now to the story about my friend, I mentioned earlier.  

Years ago I went with a lovely friend of mine to a psychic, who told her that “she has challenges with men”.

The psychic said this to her in a very CERTAIN tone of voice.    My friend – then FELT this was true.  Since then, she hasn’t had a decent relationship with a guy.   Not one.  (Imagine how tough her life has been.)

What’s tragic is that she doesn’t realize…

…(and she doesn’t want to hear) that she’s been “under the influence” of the psychic’s certainty for over 20 years now.   BECAUSE she made the psychic’s certainty her own, so it keeps happening in her world.

feel_it_realThe Good News is…

All she has to do to FREE HERSELF AT LAST – so she can PREDICT HER FUTURE (and make it a lovely one) – is to change her mood like Neville says.

And the way to COMPLETELY change your mood into the Rock Solid State you desire is to Follow-The-Formula.

Today’s Take Away:   Follow-The-Formula.    

If you do this, you will change your mood so completely and so deeply that “all that is” follows your lead.

This stuff works, and it works wonderfully (just read the success stories)!   And all you have to do is follow the formula.

Many blessings to you!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Keep going!

PS:  If you are in Manifesting Mastery – and you want to explore this much deeper, REALLY EXPLORE the The Pearl Lessons that we did in middle of the program.   (There are over 25 great take aways we shared in that module.)  

REMEMBER:  Neville WAS an astrologer.

He  was well known for the powerful readings he gave.   Then he suddenly stopped.   And if you study those lessons, you’ll know why.   Many blessings!

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Hi TT and V!

Here’s my week 2 update

It’s been ups and downs and insides out. Another week which has brought something more to the table. 

I feel like the old me is dying and the feeling of it’s already done is growing on me, in me and as me. There’s a calming curiosity occupying the places where worries and fears used to reside.

I’ve had some moments of confusion but clarity is always close when I realize that I, and only I, give meaning to whatever it is in the moment that takes my attention away from how I would like life to be. 

It’s been a most intresting adventure so far and I feel anticipation for road ahead of me. 

I must admit that I have some trouble with lesson 15. I can see like I am the participant and not an onlooker but it’s so blurry. Do you have any pointers for me regarding seeing the vision clearer? Practice, practice, practice?

I am so grateful that you guys have put together this course and I feel like, in only 2 weeks, it has already changed me so much for the better and given me a whole new outlook on life.

Much Love to You both!


Day 14 MM

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  1. Ansu Aronsson says:

    Just want to write to thank you for the service you are providing!

  2. Robert Clarke says:

    Hi, Mr 220/20
    Since being informed by Neville and Dr. Joseph Murphy about ,prayers being answered;
    Check out Mark Chapter 11 vs. 24. I have been practising what they preached in regard
    To my prostate problems. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May this year and have been suffering the usual symptoms with the water-works. Two weeks ago I started practising
    And I now only get up once a night if that.
    You can quote me on that it is truly miraculous.
    Cheers James A Child (of God )

  3. RHONYC says:

    & you kind TT & V (along w/ Neville) are apart of the future ‘i’ predicted. blessings eternal. R <3 🙂 <3

  4. Angel Light says:

    Good One Guyz!

    Thumbs Up!


  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you for being here Ansu!!!

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Cheers James,

    ROCK ON mate.

    Good job.

    This stuff is SO powerful. And simple. Just STUDY and FOLLOW the formula.

    Good on you for doing that!

    TT and V

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Whoo yah!

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Double thumbs up!

    Big love Angel!

  9. Nat says:

    Reading this has been like discovering a little chest of richly colored gems while walking through the woods. Thank you for the precious words TT & V!

  10. lisa says:

    Hey there – yes, I loved the words – mood decides your future.
    I keep reading, keep being here, keep knowing you… and I keep getting happier, more certain, more full. You are a jewel, and your sharing of Neville with us all is…well, Nevillicious!

  11. Suzanne says:

    Love Nevillicious!

  12. Stacy says:

    I always like reading this article. As a former psychic and tarot card reader, I definitely have a special interest in this subject. My life changed so much when I stopped waiting for my destiny and made my own outcomes. 🙂

  13. Cliff says:

    Hey Dude,

    We can also break your lady friend’s curse for her by representing her to ourselves as being in a happy mutually beneficial relationship with a good man. I’m looking forward to reading that update from you. 🙂

    Great post as well. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Cliff!

    We sure can. And she can also reject the pattern she’s been living – or reject the blessing she is being invited to.

    At some point – she’ll choose to wake up a bit. And the “relationship cycle” she has had – will be most likely part of the bridge of incident for that to happen.

    Blessings mate, always great to hear from you!

  15. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Big time right with you Stacy!

    We all have our mix of stuff we get to give up. Most of it’s “good fun” and makes us “feel special”.

    Good on you!

  16. Marilyn Rippee says:

    I like the word “mood” – seems more descriptive than “state”

  17. lisa says:

    Excellent, yes. Reading again as the mails and the lessons pop up and each time they are vibrant and relevant. Nevillicious indeed.
    Thanks for the consistency you are.

  18. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


  19. S says:

    in general, wanted to drop a message to lovely V and TT…
    you are beautiful people 🙂
    I regulalry follow your posts… and strongly recommend all reader to get the “Feel it real” pack…
    I am a newbie.. still learning… but it has definitely helped me become MUCH better from a previous state… and I know for sure… that its getting better.

  20. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank You S!

    We really love sharing our lives, and what makes life worth living.

    Tiny little investments do create massive change and transformation.

    big love to you!

    TT and V and E toooo

  21. Cindy in NYC says:

    In the words of that old tv commercial, “Try it..you’ll LIKE it!!” Because I walk around in a particular mood of, “What cool thing will I run into, what adventure is awaiting me today, will happen next?” I am forever having these great episodes on the street, in my personal life, on the Net..gifts from ‘out there’, encounters where I get to learn/serve/receive blessings..and on and on it goes. Once in a while, however, someone will say to me, one neighbor in particular, with real annoyance, “Oh, you’re such a Pollyanna!!”. And I always wish her well and walk away. Choose not to stay and listen to her ‘down tales..” So, funny enough when I see her again, ALWAYS she will tell me about a quarrel she had with someone, an ugly exchange on the bank line, trouble on the bus..you get the drift. But she has not been able to make that connection between her state, her feeling, her mood..and what shows up in her life. Talk about a vicious circle! Choosing another state, walking from the state of that wish fulfilled…can literally recreate you life, and in ways you cannot even imagine are possible!! Try it – you’ll like it!

  22. Over a year has passed since I wrote my last entry to you all, and now I am ‘The Book Lady” for a Lower East Side School. It is one of my first pocket-philanthropic projects…I totally and completely occupy the mood. Well, as I finished up at the post office mailing some items today, I went by the local discount book store (Strand Books here in downtown NYC), and “knew’ some cool new books were there on the racks for ‘my kids’. Not only were there good books at a superb price, in great condition, but each had a kind of lesson: one was about a shy little kid with dyslexia who grew up to play professional football, after a teacher encouraged and worked with him when he was young. The second book was about single parents in, ‘non traditional’ families. I just donned the mood, felt the feeling as real, and ‘out of the blue’..there were the perfect books. I even tell the Teacher’s Assistant who will gets these, “Let me ‘see some new books for you’!!”. Of course she looks at me funny. But that’s fine – ’cause I know, EXACTLY what I’m doing. And by the way, the kids are loving their library corner in their classroom. It is such a special place for them to enjoy story hour.