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Free Neville Goddard – How to manifest within 24 hours?

“Dear FreeNeville, I realize we are God thanks to you but how can I accomplish my dreams within a 24hr turn around?” – Carlos

Hi Carlos,

Your question helps us realize something very important – if  you want Neville’s methods to work in your life.  Is it more important to have a date in mind – or more effective to live FROM THE END.

Wanting to accomplish your dreams within 24 hours – IMPLIES that they haven’t happened yet – that you haven’t assumed the state of the wish fulfilled – that you are not coming from the end.  This is why you need to eliminate ANY date from your manifesting – and simply assume the state HAS already happened – and you will notice that it will happen more quickly in your life – than almost anyone could imagine.   Here is a related article, that will help.

Is Having A Date In Time Blocking Your Blessing? = Click here.

How to Eliminate The Danger of Attachment to Outcome.

Anytime you define HOW it will happen, or WHEN it will happen by, you create an attachment to outcome.  You become attached to how the outcome will have to happen – or when the outcome will have to happen by. If you create an attachment to outcome, you will often delay your creation from appearing in your world – by losing faith that it isn’t happening according to the plans of your rational mind.   This is why Neville says to remain faithful to the state – knowing that it will become physical in it’s own appointed hour.

You want to keep your rational mind that want’s to figure it all out – and have a deadline – out of the process – because that interferes with THE RELEASE. Here is a method we have personally used that we call CONGRATULATORY CONVERSATION, that seems to ALSO invite the manifestation within a specific time frame – by removing the pressure of having a date attached to it.

Do not concern yourself as to how it is going to happen; simply go to the end. The most creative thing in you is your power to imagine a thing into existence.  Neville Goddard – The Lord Our Potter

Our Real Life Example.

Before Victoria and I could be married, we needed legal paperwork to arrive at our home, from overseas.  So we had what most people would consider a deadline. Instead of imagining receiving the paperwork we needed before the wedding and feeling anxious or demanding about it, I envisioned it in my Feel It Real Sessions arriving with the mail man celebrating with me, laughing and smiling. And that is EXACTLY what happened.

TAKE AWAY:  To me, the laughing and smiling IMPLIED that we got it AT THE PERFECT TIME – AND it removed all anxiety around it in the vision. Here is the key: it felt CELEBRATORY, and it did not feel FORCED at all. The paperwork arrived at the perfect time, and yes – the mailman and I shared a handshake, a high five, and a great moment together.

So the key from what we can tell is this: remove all feeling of force – the feeling of having a deadline – and the best way we have found to do that is to have a CONGRATULATORY CONVERSATION or event that feels good in your session.  Look for more about Congratulatory Conversations in our next Neville Goddard Book, and also in the December Neville Goddard Mastermind below. Congratulatory Conversations act as lightning rods in our Feel It Real sessions, because they remove hidden resistance – that often remains below the surface of your mind.

Have a great day, and remember to Feel Your Ideal As Real – now – not with a date – which keeps it in the future.

Mr Twenty Twenty


AUDIO: The Official December Neville Goddard Mastermind Recordings
ARTICLE: Is Having A Date In Time Blocking Your Blessing? = Click here.

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  1. Htweelr says:

    That has proven true with my life. Anytime Ive attached a deadline to manifistation, it always produced anxiety for and I never got what is was I was wanting. Just take up the feeling that its yours and go on with life. There’s a definate shift in awarness when you suceed in aquiring the right feeling.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Deadlines…. are a great way to manifest anxiety. Just the word “deadlines” tells you something.

    Have a great day Htweeir.

  3. For me it seems the mind works better whenever I use a deadline. That way there is no scope for procrastination for me. If I set a deadline, I know that I have to do Imagination twice a day and affirmations all day long, that way my Subconcious is pruned to do the needful. If I don't set a deadline, I tend to postpone my part of the exercise. Anyways , if things don't manifest within the stipulated time, I extend my deadline, and I keep asking for signs regarding deadlines, especially dream information, deadlines which come in dreams are true, I set the dream information as deadline and work on programming my subconcious mind accordingly. Common Sense, Intuition and dream information play a great role in setting deadlines and deadlines should be flexible and extendable.

  4. Soji says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your site, it’s fantastic and I get the daily email at a perfect time (early in the morning – I’m in England)

    I’ve got two questions/requests

    1) Daily – I’ve noticed that your emails come only during the week, i.e. Monday to Friday. I know this is how we in the western world work, however isn’t that just another illusion we’ve created in our Imaginations, i.e. a Working Week. Our Imaginations are working 24/7. Surely we can get your emails everyday as well. I know it will require a lot more work on your part but it will really be useful for me ( I AM everyone else anyway). This way we get our focus on a daily basis not just a working week basis. My imagination/mind doesn’t stop working and needs constant motivation not just on working week days.

    2) Examples – Just to help me (notice I’m being quite selfish – in actual fact I don’t think I AM as I said earlier, I AM everyone and since all is within, I am actually writing this to myself, in the form of Mr Twenty Twenty.

    By examples, I mean help expand my thinking my giving examples for instance of Congratulatory Conversations or lines along which to pure the golden liquid of mind/imagination.

    I hope I haven’t asked for too much and these may indeed become reality. I’m expressing my imagination here.

    Many thanks for keeping the site going. It is excellent.

  5. In a state of appreciation there is no resistance, no hard work. Just ease.

  6. Amrit says:

    Hi Celestineremo Nathan,

    Yes what you say is so very true but only in a way.
    Can you get your dream girl through a dead line.No
    Can you make your dream girl tell you that she loves you by a dead line. No.
    Be intelligent and see what a stupendous occult truth Neville is disclosing; Probably you have not read enough otherwise you would know that in past THIS TRUTH was guarded very jealously and the masters very hesitatingly passed on this knowledge by explaining how to do it even to their best disciples . Because they do not want to create another Lucifer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you understand what i say.
    To your beautiful future


  7. Thank you Daya. Blessings.

  8. Gratitude is the attitude – the open doors – and the floodgates of positive possibility. Thank you Christine.

  9. Great share mate. There are elements of both Goals and Vision in your posting that help them support each other. I will be writing an article on how they work together this week, inspired by your post. Blessings.

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    Thank you for the feedback, questions and requests.

    We will be writing more articles on Congratulatory Conversations and other parts of the teachings (and how we use them) – and we always bump requests up to the top of the list.

    Keep your eyes peeled. Daily emails, that would be tough right now, but we also have HEAPS of articles on that you can find – a great way to do that is to use the search bar on the RIGHT, and just type in something you are looking for, and odds are you will get a few goodies from the archive that will make your day.

    Many blessings,

    TT and V