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How To Manifest A Man – 3 Manifesting Masterkeys – Free Neville Goddard

neville_goddard_karma_purpose_feel_it_real“Are you the kind of person who likes to make things simple and easy?”

Hey mate,

Today’s Free Neville Goddard quote and lesson is focused on manifesting a man – but what you will learn, can be applied anywhere in life – where you desire a change. Let’s dive in.

“I would like to be married, but have not found the right man. How do I imagine a husband?” (Question asked of Neville) 

Notice how Neville answers the question – and shares with us when to be specific and precise – and when we should be more general and open ended.

“Do not confine the state of marriage to a certain man, but a full, rich and overflowing life. You desire to experience the joy of marriage. Do not modify your dream, but enhance it by making it lovelier. Then condense your desire into a single sensation, or act which implies its fulfillment.” – Neville Goddard

Neville starts with a more “general state of life”.

He suggests not confining to a specific person, but more of a general state of being. “The joy of marriage.” He continues to teach the importance of anchoring or condensing the power into a single sensation or act – that IMPLIES fulfillment.

“In this western world a woman wears a wedding ring on the third finger of her left hand. Motherhood need not imply marriage; intimacy need not imply marriage, but a wedding ring does.” – Neville Goddard

Notice how Neville arrives at the most powerful and precise SINGLE ACT…

…the wedding ring itself. Intimacy could imply a close relationship. Motherhood as well, does not fully imply marriage – but being a mother. But “the ring” is unique to marriage itself.

What single act or event – do you need to include in your FEEL IT REAL sessions…

…that would imply precisely what you choose to manifest in your life? (Make sure that it implies what you want, and not something else – use the example above as a guide.)

“Relax in a comfortable arm chair, or lie flat on your back and induce a state akin to sleep. Then assume the feeling of being married. Imagine a wedding band on your finger. Touch it. Turn it around the finger. Pull it off over the knuckle. Keep the action going until the ring has the distinctness and feeling of reality. Become so lost in feeling the ring on your finger that when you open your eyes, you will be surprised that it is not there.” – Neville Goddard

When we assume the state akin to sleep – we generate a very fascinating range of brainwaves…

…in the Alpha / Theta range. Those are very useful for creating and healing. Normal every day activity keeps us in the Beta range – where we think about what we want – and try to figure it out. The state akin to sleep makes it much easier to get lost in the feeling of the wish fulfilled – and that is why Neville suggested it’s use so often.

“If you are a man who does not wear a ring, you could assume greater responsibility. How would you feel if you had a wife to care for? Assume the feeling of being a happily married man right now.” – Neville Goddard

manifesting_love_neville_goddardThis part of the teaching brings it home NOW.

The man he mentions, could assume greater responsibility in his daily life, as if he had a wife to care for. He would be REACTING in life – as the married man does.

  • How would you feel, behave, and react in the world TODAY, if your wish was fulfilled?
  • Would you get upset less?
  • Would you be giving more?

Notice if you are coming from that state – and if you are not in any moment – realign yourself with that state.

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And remember, the few minutes each day you commit to Feel It Real moves mountains.

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Amy says:

    This is amazing stuff! It’s so true about the Beta state-that we think too much and are always trying to figure things out! Neville was wired:) Thanks Mr. TT and Victoria. Many blessings!

  2. Gail Moe says:

    Great to see this information again Mr. TT! This is the EXACT formula I used to manifest Jimmy, the love of my life, and I have never been so happy. The Feel It Real session with the wedding band worked so well that I at one point my left ring finger began to throb. Not long after he walked into my life 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Matt Clark says:

    Thank you for this and all other lessons!