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how to manifest loveHello Twenty and Victoria,

As you can see my last email sent you guys was about 2 months ago. I wanted to send an update.

If you remember I first contacted you because I wanted to be with a specific person.

I have been your client for most of your major programs and books that you offer. I gave it my best try everyday in and out. I was struggling in love department for 8 long years.

I was really really desperate about a specific person and…

…was not even 1% willing to open my heart to other possibilities. I was not willing to compromise or even go on the general feeling as I knew it deep down that this is the guy that I want. Nothing else. I had been waiting for this guy for over a year .

Anyways, 4 months into Neville and…

…guess what the specific partner that I did feel it real sessions for finally came to surface and told me he likes me. But this is not it, this is where the real story starts…..

Guess what, I do not want it to be him any more.

The guy that i have  yearned for 2 Years did everything to make sure I get him when I finally revive an advancement from him I didn’t want that guy.

I did the session with the guy in mind…

…but feeling of pure joy , pure love, feeling loved, respected, and I got better than that.  I have manifested another incredible amazing awesome gentleman who is beyond my wildest imagination perfect.

He has got all the qualities and more that I…

…could ever imagine in a partner. He is handsome, super intelligent , super successful, kind, man of principals, considerate, openminded , nonjudgmental, loves kids, super fun to be around with , totally into me , treats me like his queen,

( Remember I said I love the way you and Victoria  look at each other ? That’s what I got…. love oozing out from everywhere!)

Our families love each other…

I could go on and on but I’m sure you got the point! He has got everything So yes we are getting married in less than 2 months !!!! ️️️️️  I’m on cloud 9 and never ever felt happier and pure joy and love !

Do you RememBer the honeymoon in Australia comment you sent me 4 months ago?

Mary – Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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