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How to Fully Use Your Power – The Saving Grace of Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

“Why does Nevillizing work – how did you get it to work everyday in your life?”

Nevillizing – Feeling It Real works because there is only one Mind, one Imagination.  You will find it works even more effectively, once you stop buying into the illusion of separation (and the struggle that the illusion of separation guarantees in your life).  Then, you no longer have to try to force anything to happen.  This is why we share the message, and this is why Neville shared it too.

“Well then, I tell it and ask everyone who will listen to me and believe it to try it. See if you can’t exercise that same power in you. It’s not a different power, there is only one Christ (mind / imagination). There aren’t numberless little Christs running around the earth – only one Christ. And that Christ is your own wonderful human imagination.” – Neville Goddard – Power

You have a choice to make today.  Because your imaginal experience and YOUR PHYSICAL LIFE can either be led or it can be used to LEAD. Most people are content to let their imaginations be led by the mass media and gossip – and to let it run wild with wacky worry. On the other hand, using the tools and insights we share here at – you can choose everyday to more completely LEAD the wonderful human imagination – for the blessing and benefit (saving grace) of all.

“So, if I exercise my imagination and it proves itself in performance, and then you exercise your imagination and it proves itself in performance, it’s the same imagination — individualized as Neville, individualized as you, regardless of your name; then you share it with another, and they tell it to others. Well, if I can tell it to the point where they are persuaded to try it, and in trying it, it proves itself in the testing, we have found him…” – Neville Goddard – Power

This is how you discover that you are one with God – that you never need feel weak, powerless, isolated, fearful or alone.

“So, when you read in Scripture, “I have found him” — found whom? “I have found the one of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets did write, “Jesus of Nazareth.” Well, the word JESUS simply means what JEHOVAH means, it means salvation. It means to save. If I save some one from poverty by putting him into a state of affluence, well then, that’s Jesus. I am exercising the same power. If someone is unwell and I represent him to myself as bein the embodiment of health and he conforms to it – then that’s Jesus. He saved him — from what? From being unwell.” – Neville Goddard – Power

So today, imagine the best for those you meet, those you love, and for you – yourself – as well.

  • Anytime you “bless another”, you are really BLESSING YOU.  (This is why we also avoid judging.  “Judge not,lest ye be jugded.  You can judge – or you can create – that is the choice you get to make today.)

So feel your ideal as real. See those who have been struggling – doing well – being strong – experiencing abundance. Feel the wealth and the wonder that truly is – all around you – in your cells – in the very fiber of your being.

And TODAY, choose to take TOTAL CONTROL of your mind – the conversations in your head – the focus you choose to embody and manifest in the world. And remember – we are of one mind – one imagination – one love.

So live your life to the fullest, and feel your ideal as real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Bill says:

    It’s hard for us to grasp the concept of everything being made from the same “stuff” because we’ve been blessed with the power of creative thought… I think having that power leads us into thinking that we are somehow separate from God, Stuff, Jesus, etc. But, in reality, we’re all just a slice of the same pie! How’s that? I reduced to secret of the universe to a food reference. lol

    Happy New Year 20 and Victoria!


  2. Wonderful Mr. TT & Victoria.

  3. Conni Laine says:

    Twenty Twenty Happy New Year to you and Victoria. Love the post I am in love with Life ~.

  4. Conni Laine says:

    Twenty Twenty Happy New Year to you and Victoria. Love the post I am in love with Life ~.

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Pumpkin pie mate.

    We are all part of the Big Pumpkin.

    Be well Bill,

    TT and V

  6. Nat says:

    Much Love and Happy New Year TT & V & E. Heartfelt thanks for the continuous blessings you bestow.