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UPDATED: How To Feel It Real Faster Just Like Neville Goddard

“I am loving your Feel It Real Video Podcasts, but have a question.  I keep imagining what I want, but it isn’t happening.  For example for you, I am imagining my new car (a BMW like yours), you got yours in a week, but nothing is happening for me.  Why?” – Susan

Hey mate,

It’s the TINY SEEMING things, that matter most.

“And most people miss these “tiny things”, because tend to be SKIMMING Neville, instead of diving deep like we do here and in the trainings.”

Nail these little tiny things by DIVING DEEPER AND DEEPER so you can SOAR HIGHER AND HIGHER.

Let’s dive into this quote of Neville’s and get you your new car:

“You must have a frame of reference by which you can detect movement. Memory is such a frame. Perhaps your friends remember you as poor and unknown. You can move by assuming you have changed so much that they no longer recognize you, and from that frame of reference you can observe the expression on their faces.” – Neville Goddard

how_to_feel_it_real_faster_neville_goddard_movementSo part of what I imagined, when I imagined up my BMW, was the reactions of my friends, and I also imagined the reactions of my not so “friends”.

I imagined my friends, looking at my car, respecting my decision…

Enjoying how nice it is, being happy for me – and commenting how it’s a nice leap from my old Volkswagen.

(Take note of the LAST BIT…)


I also imagined, the reactions of others – who aren’t so “friendly”.  

The looks they gave me when seeing me drive up to the dog park, in my nice shiny BMW, seeing their not so nice – reaction.  Their envy.  Their resentment.  Here’s why – notice what Neville has to say…

“Those who love you will empathize. Those who do not will show envy. If you see envy don’t try to change it, for their envy will become a resisting force which will help you move forward. Everything needs resistance in order to move. I couldn’t leave this platform without it.” – Neville Goddard

Here’s the deal….

(Here’s why we have so many MM SUCCESS STORIES.)

Most people – make the mistake of just imagining what they want – “the car”. That’s NOT what we do.

We do what Neville says to do instead.  Neville says to imagine what implies you have the car.   And he say to imagine that in a way, that shows there was MOVEMENT.

(Did you miss that before?)

Since you know this now – your life will NEVER be the same.

And – to dial it up a level higher…

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Remember “the envy” part from today’s lesson.

POWER POINT:  Most people who haven’t done Manifesting Mastery with us – avoid “bad emotions” like “envy” – thinking they will cause bad things or block their blessings.   


THEY tend not to get much at all, except FRUSTRATED.  Because they are trying to mix in – what doesn’t matter – and what doesn’t work.


We get what we want – because we KEEP DIVING DEEPER into NEVILLE’s works.

Go go go and DRIVE YOUR DREAM!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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Hi TT and V,I have updates!

Generally, I am more relaxed in everyday life. I react less and worry less.

l have that relaxed, happy, satisfied ‘ahh’ moment multiple times a day.  I love drinking coffee and love living life.

Specifically, I knew earlier in the summer that I would need to pay tuition come September. 

Due to COVID, I had lost the job that I used to pay for school previously. I literally did not have any money in my account for school. In the past, I would stress and ruminate on how in the hell I was going to pay for everything without a job.

BUT this time I felt at ease. I knew that my tuition was already paid off. 

I imagined myself already finished the school year and how stress-free, fun, and fulfilling it was. I imagined telling my friends how easy school was for me.

Then one day, out of curiosity I went on a government student loan website to see what it would give me if I applied. The application was less than 15 minutes to fill out, and when the calculator spat out my numbers…

$6500 in GRANT money! 

Not a loan, but a grant that I do not have to pay back! FREE MONEY, HELL YEAH!I feel so good every day, I can’t wait to see how else I will transform as the MM sessions go on.

Mary – Day 21 – Manifesting Mastery 

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