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How to Begin When You are at Wit’s end?

“Help me!  I am stuck.  I am in almost homeless, in a bad relationship that is getting worse, and I don’t have any way out?   I am at wit’s end. Can you help me?”

Hey mate,

What if it were true, what if you could change your circumstances – what if you could change your life – by changing how you saw it in your mind?  How would you do that? Neville gives us a way, and it begins with remembering that no matter what we think – the state we have been stuck in is ONLY a role that we have adopted. Let’s examine the words of Neville today, and find a clue:

“You can play any part – be it a rich man or a poor man, a beggar or a thief, the known or unknown – once you know they are only parts, only states of consciousness. But if you don’t know this, and are not willing to give up your present state, you will remain there, looking at your desire and not from it. You can become what you would like to be in the twinkle of an eye by the simple act of assumption.” – Neville Goddard – I Am The Cause

There are three things we need to remember from that quote of Neville’s today – to get things moving.

  • Realize, that YOU can play ANY PART – Once you KNOW that they are ONLY parts.
  • Then, all you have to do is give up your present state.  (Stop holding onto the BENEFITS of your limited state.
  • And begin to see FROM the state you intend to live from.  Nevile Calls this the Act Of Assumption.

Let’s explore how to do each of those steps, real quick – so you can experiment with this WILDLY this weekend.

First, realize that you have been playing a part – a part that you have become so familiar with – that you have probably made the mistake of thinking that it is you.  Remember, nothing can be farther from the truth.  You can play any part.   Single or married.  Poor or rich.   Sad or happy.  The first step is to realize what part you INTEND to play. We call this your Primary Position.

Then, you get to give up the benefits of the old state – to give up your old state.    We had a woman write to us, and tell us that the hardest part she had when it came to assuming HEALTH in her life, was that she had to stop TALKING ABOUT her sickly ways – both inside her mind and in her conversations with friends and family.  A good friend of mine started succeeding wildly in business again – after he stopped talking with his friends about the recession.   And me, when I was a child, I stopped getting picked on, when I stopped whining to my parents about it – and focused on my ideal – getting fit and becoming a black belt.  (I actually manifested my first instructor, he started teaching at the local YMCA – AFTER I decided I was going to take martial arts classes.

Finally, you have to remember to always come FROM the state of your IDEAL YOU – the man or woman you choose to be.   “I am healthy and I eat healthy”, became our one readers mantra.  “People are still spending money – and they are spending more of it with me”, became part of my friends daily conversation.  And I started seeing the world, as a black belt trainer does – someone with confidence and skills – who takes the time – to help people help themselves”.    And that vision continues to drive me to this day – many black belts later.

So remember to feel your ideal as real, abandon the old states that no longer serve you, and live daily FROM the state of the wishes fulfilled.   If you want to know how to tell if you are living FROM the state, read this article – Am I coming FROM the state of the wish fulfilled?

Have an amazing day,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


Today’s lesson was based on the lecture, I Am The Cause.  You can find the I AM lecture series in Neville Goddard – In His Own Voice – The I AM Lectures – by clicking here.

Do you like how we make Neville Goddard Simple?  You’ll love our quick read – Neville Goddard Simplified – Click here!



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  1. My husband Chris and I WERE homeless, not almost but homeless. We kept believing there was, is a better way and THE better way revealed ITSELF in a perfect way. We didn't concern ourselves with the HOW but what can we do. We kept focusing on staying focused on getting gigs and what we could do and LISTENING to the steps we must take to thrive, not survive. Trusting in the Universal supply and abundance for us we didn't claim we were homeless or hopeless. Each day brought us closer and closer to indoor dwellings, food stamps, gigs, equipment, used car and then the first of 3 homes and now the one we live in has a pool (Florida), patio, deck and lots of space for our teenager to enjoy having friends over. I AM THE CAUSE – ALWAYS.

  2. Great lesson Mr. Twenty Twenty.

  3. can you please explain in detail. as to what exactly you were doing..the steps you did day in and day out..which created this change.It will help a lot of people like us

  4. Wrigint a book on that as we speak mate. Thank you for asking. You are right, details matter.

  5. Thank you Daya. Blessings.