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Are You Coming FROM the State Of The Wish Fulfilled?

Hey mate,

Today we are going to answer a readers email about what to do – so that you are creative – and not delusional in your Nevillizing.  Here is an email from K.

” I just got into Neville Goddard’s stuff- and I could hardly understand ANYTHING. But then I found your website!! Seeing real people actually being able to use the techniques instead of just reading a book from over 50 years ago has really helped me. I have just a few questions though, because I don’t understand some things – like if you believe something, then it comes real right? It said if you really think something is true, then it “hardens into fact”… I know plenty of people who believe things, like really believe them with all their heart- but it’s not true! And I don’t mean personal beliefs or anything – I mean like people that might have some reality problems and really do think they have a newborn baby that they don’t, think they are in Holland but they aren’t, etc. So really my question here is is believing and feeling the wish fulfilled the ONLY thing to having your “vision” let’s call it come true – or do you have to do more?” – K

Let’s begin with this thought K, Neville tells us to define an aim, and that aim is to be a specific state to live FROM – a specific kind of individual to be.   To see if we are being faithful to that aim – coming FROM it, by noticing our REACTIONS to life.

I defined my aim as the kind of man who is a bestselling author, who writes in a way that it touches countless lives around the world.  I assumed that I am a bestselling author – constructed a scene which implies that for me – and I notice if I am coming from that perspective.

That CREATIVE IMAGINING creates within me and my world – THE STATE that I need to come from, and I see if I am being faithful to that aim, by noticing if I am REACTING to the world – like the best selling author.   So today, I notice that even though my head was in a fog earlier, I chose to come from the state of the AUTHOR, and write this article, and several others today.

It seems as if the “Neville Attitude of Practical Faith” just might be this, “Knowing it is inevitable, because I have fully assumed it on the inside – and it shows up in all that I do.”  No delusions with reality, just assuming reality begins INSIDE and flows to the outside.

Here are the words of Neville from Foundations:

If you define your aim as a noble, generous, secure, kindly individual – knowing that all things are states of consciousness – you can easily tell whether you are faithful to your aim in life by watching your reactions to the daily events of life. If you are faithful to your ideal, your reactions will conform to your aim, for you will be identified with your aim and, therefore, will be thinking from your aim.  – Neville Goddard 

Here are the take aways from today’s lesson:

  • Imagine as if – you are the person now – you have defined in your AIM.   Fully feel it.
  • Notice your REACTIONS to life.  Are you coming from your AIM, the state – of the wish fulfilled?
  • If not, turn your back on the old you, and step more fully into your AIM.

Feel Your Ideal As Real – and the physical universe follows.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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5 Comments on "Are You Coming FROM the State Of The Wish Fulfilled?"

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  1. Clara Davis says:

    I am so grateful for the Neville teachings and the wonderful work you are doing to bring these truths to the world. Keep up the good work.

  2. m says:

    The more I re-read some of Neville’s lessons and your articles, the more I learn. I just sort of had the “aha” moment. I’ve been struggling with “acting as if I already had my wish in the real world”–thats what I thought was necessary and I was confusing myself, “How do I ‘act in the state like I am this awesome girlfriend of someone that isn’t my boyfriend, yet…should I be sending ‘I love you’ texts to him every morning?” That’s just crazy…and a bit creepy. After reading this article, I realize its not about pretending you have something in your reality that you don’t have yet, its about being the person you would be IF you had your desire in the present moment. When you’re in love you notice how awesome other people are, you talk about people as if they are the greatest people in the world. You FEEL lucky, and lovely, and beautiful! That’s what brings what you desire into your reality! You don’t have to go about your daily life pretending to hold your newborn baby if you don’t have one…that’s…not okay. But the way you react to life will bring about what you truly desire. You start acting like a loving mother that cares about others, you start noticing other people’s children because you know you’re destined to be that mother. You notice the opportunities that bring you closer to what you want because you bring about those opportunities by being that person! I know this has been written over and over and over again in the articles posted but I’m finally getting it! Thanks so much!

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Bingo M!

    Totally spot on.

    You are getting it in the most beautiful way.

    Glad to have you here.

    TT and V

  4. I am so so delighted and thrilled to have come accross you TT, and I can't get enough of practicing and learning, knowing and believing in the most extraordinary outcomes. One of my big visions is to help as many people as would like to do this wonderful work, and become who they are. Many of these formulas and ideas I have never come accross. So thank you so much, and may you have all the golden wishes fulfilled. I too am a Forex Trader, and loved what you said about being an Excellen Trader. High Five!!

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Susannah!

    Good one. These things work, all we have to do is work them – and not add in “other stuff”.

    High five to you!

    TT and V