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How many Feel It Real Sessions should I do Neville Goddard?

“I am worried now that I am doing too many Feel It Real sessions, how many sessions should I do?”

Hey mate,

Let’s dive in with Lesson 68 from our lovely $7 ebook – Freedom.

FREEDOM – Lesson: 68:

“You don’t have to raise one finger to make it so. You plant the seed. What do you do after you plant the seed? You leave it. You don’t dig it up every morning to see if it has a root, you leave it.”

“A seed must fall into the ground and die before it is made alive. And if it dies (to being just a seed), it bears much fruit and so you put it into the seed into the ground of your own wonderful human imagination.” – Neville Goddard – Freedom


Take the time, to feel it real until it feels fully real.

  • Sometimes, one session is all it takes.
  • Sometimes it takes a few sessions.
  • Sometimes it takes a few sessions a day.

Especially if you are around “normally negative” people, or have had a habit of worry in the past.

Remember, you do your sessions to…

…give yourself the GIFT – of the feeling of the wish fulfilled NOW.

(You don’t do them to “make something happen – in the FUTURE.)

Give yourself “the gift” as often as you would like to experience the gift “that great feeling”, so that you live your daily life from the state of the wish fulfilled.


The full on EXPERIENCE of that state in your sessions, gives you the specific ENERGY that you need to live your daily life – to act and react in the world as the man who has that ideal – from the wish fulfilled.

Remember, Neville teaches to remain faithful to your aim, and to tell if you are being faithful to that aim, notice if you are reacting from that state.   Do your sessions as often as you need to – to eliminate doubt – to eliminate anxiety – to eliminate any “what if” thinking – that brings you down – out of the state of the wish fulfilled.

Look for a special video later this week…

…one that brings home some really cool lessons that we shared in Freedom and in the Feel it Real Power Pack.   And remember to walk in faith, knowing – feeling that your ideal is real.

Many Blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Patricia says:

    Thank you very much for this clarification as I was rather confused by earlier statements. This was explained beautifully. The key for me ( besides allowing myself to feel real) is to detach from my desire once it has been planted. I always want to be a part of the process and I constantly have to remind myself to ” trust the process”. When I learn to let go… Magic happens!!!