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How I Manifested Our Ideal Home – Free Neville Goddard Success Story

Hey mate,

Today’s Neville Goddard Success Story is full rock solid goodies.  Let’s dive into Peter’s success story and peek under the hood and see EXACTLY why it worked so well.


Hey TT and V,

Due to certain problems we were forced to look for a new place to was unfortunate as my wife just had our second baby we had settled in our apartment quite nicely and weren’t in the mood for house hunting again let alone the costs that came with a new move.

Anyhow the searching commenced and we couldn’t find anything that we liked and that which we did were way over our budget. After about 5 months of unsuccessful house searching and the date that we had to empty the apartment approaching I had an epiphany and realized I was ‘waiting’ to find a place.

Free Neville GoddardI relaxed took a deep breath and did a session. I imagined that I was in my new living room enjoying coffee with my wife and we were discussing about how we did it again, how great the new place is and how lucky we were.

I am going to be honest.  I didn’t imagine consciously exactly everything I wanted in the house I knew that I wanted a garden fireplace and beautiful sunshine throughout the house.. so I used that..

TT and V Note:   Peter did EXACTLY the right thing here.  You don’t have to imagine all the details, because the details that matter most are YOU experiencing what would imply your wish fulfilled.  Related article:  Which Details Matter – Which Details Don’t – Click Here

I imagined sitting enjoying coffee in the living room looking onto a beautiful garden fireplace in the background feeling the sunshine on my face. I combined seeing my hand bringing the coffee cup to my mouth and the fact that my wife and I were looking back remembering how great it all happened.

I must have done that session a couple of times, leaving the session I was much more relaxed and I made an effort not to think about not actually having a place yet.

About ten days later I lay down to enjoy a little siesta and my mind immediately brought up the images I had been feeling in my session. I couldn’t sleep… I had an urge to check an online classifieds for apartments website and the urge was just to enter garden and fireplace in the search engine.

Low and behold the first apartment that popped up had just been entered about five minutes before I logged in. It was beautiful and had everything we wanted. I called the number on the ad and a man answered my call took my number and said he would be in touch. Well about five days went by and the apartment ad had over 2000 viewings.

I was starting to doubt but continued to feel that we were moving. The call came in and we had an appointment to see the place. Upon arriving a lady who was still living in the place welcomed us by saying ‘ Welcome to your new home! ‘

TT and V Note:  Even when Peter started to doubt, he still did the right thing – he created the feeling – that they were moving.   Related Article:  Destroy Doubt – Click Here

We made our offer and I completely let everything go saying that I have done my work. In the meantime we started packing up the house so we were in move-mode..and then kinda out of the blue a couple of days later I received a call from the owner saying that he accepted our offer and we’re moving on Saturday!

The funny thing is that the lady who was living in the place called the owner and told him that he should pick us! The owner also showed me a list of missed calls he had for the place but he had saved my number because I was the first to have called him on the day he entered the house in the classifieds section.

So I am thinking on Sunday morning I will be enjoying coffee in my new living room looking onto the garden.

Yet again we live in the world of shadow. Everything was stirred up in my imagination and as Neville says it all came in the most unpredictable way.

Twenty Twenty thank you for all your help and daily insights. Practice makes perfect.   I am not perfect but your site is and the valuable daily input and advice is the best practice anyone could get.

Thanks again will be back with more!


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  1. KJ Kroha says:

    Thanks – really needed this today!

  2. Zarah says:

    Congratulations, wonderfully done!

  3. Nat says:

    Congratulations! Very instructive. Used elements in my sessions today. Thank you.

  4. Theodosia says:

    Congratulations Peter and Family:
    Enjoy your New Home and Especially The Fire Place and The Garden! Keep Manifesting Your Desires. Peace