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How detailed do I REALLY need to make it? Free Neville Goddard

“Hi Mr. 2020! Thanks so much for the Neville website. I have a question, when you use your imagination do you need to be descriptive or detailed about what you want…? Good job on the video today. Thanks J R”

neville goddardHi JR,

Great question mate.

This is an area where many people don’t get it just right.

Or they do in a way that actually DISTANCES them from their blessing. Let’s look at a few ways people use more and more detail that creates stress and blocks their blessing.

NOTICE what these two have in common?

  • “I make $1,000 a week doing what I love, and get paid great bonuses from my clients every 3 months. I drive my Jaguar XF 3.0D 240 Premium. It’s painted black, with all the options and it great seeing it parked in the premium parking spot at my condo.”
  • “It’s 7:30 on a friday night, and I see my love walking toward me in the outfit I have been imagining. He is just under six foot tall, muscular, and even though he is 45 years old, he moves like a man in his twenties.”

This level of detail is generated by the head.

This level of detail has lots of stuff to “think about”.

Thinking about something – with this kind of DETAIL keeps you DISTANT from it.  It ACTUALLY STOPS YOU from REALLY FEELING IT.


Head detail won’t move your manifesting forward, because it’s more data oriented – instead of ENERGY oriented. Head detail will often frustrate you, because this kind of detail keeps you in the “beta brainwave” range – where you create and solve problems.

Here’s how to Manifest Much Easier and Faster…

…we would suggest doing a few moments of the State Akin To Sleep – and then putting your attention on the details of how you FEEL, like we dive deep into in the courses.

Let’s take a peek at the words of Neville…

…followed by two examples of doing Feel It Real much more effectively:

“You must always participate in the imaginary action; not merely stand back and look on, but feel that you are actually performing the action so that the imaginary sensation is real to you.”

“It is important always to remember that the proposed action must be one which FOLLOWS the fulfillment of your desire. Also you must feel yourself into the action until it has all the vividness and distinctness of reality.” – Neville Goddard

Notice how we BOTH teach and apply the teachings…

….of Neville to the two situations above and how much more real these examples below are:

  • “I feel her hand in mine…  as I drive our Jaguar through the night – heading on our next holiday.”
  • “When I look into his eyes – I am shaken to my soul.”


Notice THOSE are simple… and they have FEELING!

POWER POINT:  It’s the TINY SEEMING differences like this, that make HUGE changes in your results. So take what you are learning here at and apply wildly and wonderfully.

And if too are ready to DIAL it up WAY higher, dive into the programs below. Read the testimonials and dive in. You are worth it mate.

Many blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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“The First Seven Days Have Been AMAZING!”

Hi TT & V.

The changes that I have noticed in the past week have been amazing.

Here are what has changed:

  • Much calmer mind
  • Not making up stories up as much as I was a week ago that didn’t benefit me
  • More relaxed overall
  • Don’t panic as much as I used to
  • Actually speaking up (i.e. wanting to change gym session times)
  • No longer doing things that don’t serve me
  • Everyone around me is so much happier, and if they aren’t, I’m not there for it
  • I actually want to now meet and marry someone (that has never happened before – old me would come up with a divorce before I even started)
  • Other people’s outbursts affect me less and less
  • I am starting to care more about what I want with less and less negative thoughts from others (i.e. imagining that people wouldn’t approve of what I wanted – now I imagine them congratulating me with ease)
  • I swear less
  • I actually want to take care of myself now
  • I am not taking on others negative energy. I just wish them well, and move on.

With all the changes from only 7 days, I am so excited to see what the next 83 days bring 


Nat – Day 7 – Manifesting Mastery

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  1. adriana says:

    hello! i have for some time been reading and practicing the excercises not everyday but and today i realize that one of the reasons nothing has happen of what i especificlly want (my husband left me never again to be seen and just send me an email saying i will hear from his lawyer for the divorce wich he didnt finalize the process, i was fired from a job i really love put my own bussiness and my pacients dont show up to the apointments and mmy family since im the first divorce in the family push me out of the family not inviting to reunions i spend holidays on my own and dont get me wrong i keep a good attitude but i dont see changes today i realize after my friends canceled because of other plans that i realize that i dont give tha most importance to me and my proyects could this be keeping me from manifesting the keeping me in second place?thank you for listening!big hugs for you and victoria!

  2. Yelitza Orta says:


  3. Daisy Boo says:

    This was clear and helpful, and also a relief, details don't matter but feelingdoes. Many thanks

  4. Diana says:

    Wonderful, I usually manifest half or quarter of what I wish, but now I see that focusing and changing the words to the spiritual (feeling) and not on the material (things) may bring to manifest a complete wish.
    Thank you
    A Million Blessings

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Adriana,

    You betcha. Just reading your note, there isn’t much of any mention about what you choose to have in your life, just what happened on the outside / in the past. The more you focus on / actually focus from what you choose to have – you will discover it more and more in your life.

    Just do the lessons, Follow The Formula.

    Big blessings and love to you,

    TT and V

  6. Linda Bolden says:

    Thank you for this reminder. I thought it was just me. Happy manifesting!!!

  7. Daisy Boo says:

    Many Thanks!

  8. Hey Mr TT !! Thank you for your mails and all the wonderful teachings of Neville.lots of things are happening for others and also for me,that's Great…Thank you

  9. Lisa Marie says:

    Excellence in teaching and demonstrating a way for understanding. Thank you so much for the quality and consistency of you.

  10. Lisa Marie says:

    Even as I read this again 5 months later… I close my eyes and take it in anew. It is so clear how your break out Neville for us into everyday examples. Yes, I love this teaching – and now read it more for starting my day and sustenance than pure learning curve… like a best friend that always guides me to my best.

  11. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Big love to you Lisa!