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Hi Twenty Twenty and Victoria,

I love receiving your insightful posts each morning so thank you. Just one question: I have great health, a loving family and good friends but when it comes to money and my business it just doesn’t seem to match up. I find it difficult to imagine a congratulatory end. Any advice?

Thank you so much


“That experience taught me a lesson I have used throughout my life. When people ask me about my success, I must say, that I believe it is because I have never made ‘making money’ my goal: ‘My goal is the wise, productive use of money’.” This man’s inner conversations are based on the premise that he already has money, his constant inner question: the proper use of it.” – Neville Goddard

Hey Paul!

Just the other day, we were talking with a member of Manifesting Mastery about this very thing. In my family, growing up we never talked about money – and if we did, the feeling was awkward or TENSE. Money was the topic to avoid – that and religion – so imagining a Congratulatory Conversation around it wasn’t the easiest thing possible.

lovely_emmettSo do this instead….

Imagine a friend, who respects and admires you, asking you for money / business / investment advice – because they respect you and your success. Notice how they look up to you. Notice how you feel, being able and comfortable – helping them make the right decisions for themselves. Notice how you come from the place of experience – of rock solid success. Notice how THAT feels.

POWER POINT: Neville says to imagine something that IMPLIES your wish has been fulfilled. This kind of scene implies a few things. Financial success is one of them. Feeling confident is another. And the big one is that your tribe (your friends and family) still love you being successful and respect you as “an advisor” for tribe members.

Enjoy Paul, and if you want to dive even deeper with lessons like this – join us in Manifesting Mastery – Click Here. All sorts of cool terrain to explore while mastering this stuff. It’s great having you here and sharing this Adventure Of A Lifetime.


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Note:  This is one way we eliminate Hidden Fears – and Hidden Anxieties – around manifesting.  And that’s important, because many people seem to have a fear that’s been with them for so long that they don’t consciously feel it.    What they do notice is that at the end of the day, they are overly tired, or can’t think, or find it hard to take action.   If that sounds familiar – peek at this:  The Anxiety Eliminator  – Blessings!

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  1. Sukhi says:

    Hi Mr TT and V

    Assumptions turn into fact, right? So, if I assume that a certain number combination is the one which will enable me to win the lottery jackpot without focusing on any amount or date of the win. This assumption would turn into fact, right? Am I correct in my thinking?

    The imaginal act could be me telling my sister that these were the winning numbers.


  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Sukhi!

    What’s the difference between that approach, and these two:

    We’d suggest moving more in the direction that those two articles suggest.

    Let us know what you notice, and we can do some fine tuning.


    TT and V

  3. Innocent says:

    Hi 20 20 & V,

    Thanks for your insightful advice on following the formula.The example you gave today of the ”feeling of the wish fulfilled” is to the point. Sometimes one wonders how to build up the scene but this example can be adapted to suit any situation.


  4. Scott says:

    I deserve the BEST life has to offer !! say this until you believe it and know it to your very core self as it is TRUE!! and watch Spirit do its stuff!! in a Cosmically large way!! Blessings to you all !! with huge gratitude for all this great stuff on here …!!

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one Scott!

    YOU are the operant power.
    YOU are what gives live.
    YOU are the wisdom and the power of God.

    Of course, you deserve the best you have to offer.


    TT and V

  6. Dave says:

    Dear TT & V,

    I had been having difficulty “meditating” and then finding a way for me to Feel it Real–until this afternoon.

    I want to have enough money to be considered wealthy and own a large yacht on which to entertain friends and family, plus the money to have a crew, maintainance, and still have millions of dollars left over.

    So I envisioned receiving letters of thanks from various family members on how the cruise on my yacht affected their children; how the kids were mature in their selection of things to take home (because I gave everyone on the cruise a gift card for $10,000). As I ‘read” each letter, tears welled up in my eyes and I found that I was writing return mail to each person, giving them more money–and I was thrilled to do it.

    They told me that me giving each of the $250,000 to attend nearly any school, or as a payment for their first home. When I write the return letter, I enclosed a check to the parents for one million dollars, and told them that there is more of that to come.

    This is the first time that I was able to Feel it Real, and I hope that I can continue this amazing feeling.

    I will keep you posted.


  7. ajay says:

    I find it very difficult to feel it real with single act,should I have inner conversation of wishfulfilled or concentrate on single act.